Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021

Computer Lab

Enterprising to map academic excellence with a paradigm shift in the high-tech world, the school has two well equipped and well maintained IT Labs for primary and senior students , with several computers on the network. They meet all the requirements for creating Techno-Vistas and trendsetter in educational landscape.
The newly constructed IT Lab has been designed on thin client architecture with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The laboratory cater to students learning C++ in classes XI and XII, database programming and instant gaming for the game developers and technocrats of this cutting edge generation.
PRIMARY IT LAB The trend-setting IT Lab To generate helps the junior classes learn the basics by making models with the help of LEGO Mindstorm Kits, Robots, etc. As they reach the senior classes, students become more confident of their inclinations towards the robotic field and begin to learn how to make robots from scratch, cutting and bending moulds from plastic sheets and even designing their own PCBs. Models made by students are kept on display in the Lab, as a source of encouragement to other students and to instill a sense of pride in those who created them.


Biology Lab

For Supporting and strengthening theoretical knowledge to experience the pleasure of discovery and development of their psycho-motor skills , Our well equipped Biology Lab teaches students how scientific knowledge is used in daily life.


Chemistry Lab

To cultivate the ability to measure and report uncertain quantities with appropriate precision. our Chemistry Lab is equipped with learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments. The students are given extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom and security checks have been implemented to avoid any mishappening in the lab..


Physics Lab

To imbibe the Understanding the Basis of Knowledge in Physics and the art of experimentation, the school has beautifully designed Physics Lab with all the modern amenities.The apparatus are fully functional and the aim is to achieve intellectual discoveries or develop experimental techniques on their own.


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