Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021
Sports Provision

Salwan-  a treasure trove of Sports and Games

  • The achievement of the school in the field of games and sports speak the volumes of the glorious galas written by the students by winning medals at zonal and national levels.

  • The students are groomed in various sports & games such as Cricket, Badminton, Gymnastics, Athletics, Yoga, Aerobics ,Taekwondo, Volleyball and Skating etc.

  • The role of special instructors appointed by the school is to teach, guide and personally ensure that the children thoroughly master the sport under safe supervision.

  • Bestowed with a huge and lush green track of 400 metres,the school constantly hosts various sports meets at Zonal, State and National Levels.

  • New clubs have been introduced i.e. Carrom Club for the Senior students and Volleyball club for girls.

  • The constant visits of renowned sports personalities in the school i.e. Seema Antil Punia (Bhim Awardee) and Gotam Gambhir (former captain of Indian Cricket Team) encourged the students to fly the skies of glory in sports.
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