Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021

Laurels in Inter-Commerce Fest: 2018-19                 21stAugust 2018

Salwanians reached yet another landmark of success by winning the first position in ‘Inter School Commerce Fest: Yothopia’ on 21st August, 2018 at DPS Ghaziabad International, Dasna. This highly contested competition by the prominent schools of Delhi-NCR gave a platform to the students to demonstrate their inherent talents in diverse faculties. From business to almost every imaginable aspect of life, the students Dev Mittal(XII) and Aviral Jain(XI) grasped the opportunity by their velocity of responsiveness and their ability to bell the cat before others in Ups and Downs Competition based on the sale and purchase of securities. The event undoubtedly unlocked the doors of imagination, creativity and infused in them the competitive market tactics to survive in contemporary scenario.

District Annual Athletic Meet 2018-19                 30thOctober 2018

Twenty students participated in DISTRICT ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEET, 2018-19 on 30th October, 2018 at Mahamaya Stadium, Ghaziabad. They fascinated everyone by outstanding display of speed, agility, endurance, strength and stamina in all track and field events. Through this glorious feat, they set an example for the young sports-persons of the school to come ahead with a positive vision in mind and prove their mettle. The students showcased commendable sportsmanship and bagged 21 medals for the school.

Kachra Samadhan Mahotsav                  22nd & 23rdApril 2018

Kachra Smadhan Mahotsav, a flagship programme of Ghaziabad District Administration was organized at Ramlila Ground, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. The programme aimed at managing waste effectively and turning it into useful products. 50 students from the Classes VI-XI wholeheartedly participated in the same.
The event was flagged off with a Green marathon followed by a series of competitions like Art Installation, Best out of waste, Kabbad se jugaad, Poster Making, Collage Making, Eco melody and others.
The school was awarded for its Art Installation put up by Aakash Singh(XII-A), Mahendra Pratap Singh(XII-A) & Shubham Rawat(XI-A) and declared as second runner up.
The Chief Guest Hon’ble MP & Union Minister, Gen. VK Singh (retd), Smt. Asha Sharma(Mayor Ghaziabad), Smt. Ritu Maheshwari(DM Ghaziabad) and Shri Nand Kishor Gurjar(MLA, Loni Constituency) applauded Salwanians for taking up Green Initiatives and banning the use of plastic to restore the ecological balance.
In his address, the Chief Guest reiterated that ‘Best Out of Waste’ concept should be emulated by other districts to raise awareness among the masses about waste disposal and management so that the city remains green and clean.

Annual Inter School Students' Sports Championship
                                                  26th & 27thApril 2018

Forty Two students participated in 2nd Inter School Sports Championship at SPS Mayur Vihar in Cricket, Football and Athletics. The objective was to empower each individual student, revolutionize and prepare an altogether a new generation of sports leaders with knowledge, critical thinking, ethics, integrity, skills and the passion to succeed.1500 students from 44 schools participated in the same. The students were appreciated for their unstinted efforts and firm determination. Two students Yashika Choudhary(VIII-C) and Shivani Baisoya(IX-B) won bronze medal in 800 M and 200 M sprints respectively.

International Karate Champion                  28th & 29thDecember 2017

Tapish Rawat of Class X bagged a Gold Medal in 3rd South Asian International Karate Championship at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on 28th and 29th December, 2017. He has been internationally acclaimed for his stance, blocks, strikes and kicks in Taekwondo. He qualified for this event by winning Gold Medal in 7th Chitah Jeet Kune Do National Championship, 2017 organized by Chitah Jeet Kune Do Federation of India on 27th November, 2017 at Celebration Sports Club, Mumbai. His achievements serve as a yardstick for other students to follow.

Triumphant Taekwondo Tigers–The Trail Blazers at Nationals
                                                        24th December 2017

The energetic and enthusiastic Taekwondo Athletes of the school hit the headlines at 13th National Bruce Lee Gold Cup Taekwondo and Karate Championship organized by Victorious Martial Arts Society of India at Shalimar Garden, Ghaziabad by securing 9 Medals. The champion contingent made this record haul by displaying the perfect combination of expert moves such as Crescent Kick, Double Roundhouse Kick, Front Kick, Hook Kick, Flying Back Kick, Twisting Kick, etc. Medal Tally-

Green School Award

Green School Award by Center for Science & Environment The school has been a proud recipient of Green School Award for 2016 and 2015 by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) for taking an initiative in making a "pollution free school". With 100% involvement of students and teachers we do a complete analysis of the critical environmental issues, conduct special meetings, prepare a comprehensive layout and implement the required changes and thus making the school a “Green School” in Uttar Pradesh.
We are persistently contributing our efforts towards the environment initiative “Saving the Planet”. In this mission all our students are involved in a wide variety of activities and awareness drives such as Nukkad Natak, Painting Competitions, Slogan Writing, Movie Making, Powerpoint Presentations etc.

Education World Inda School Ranking 2017

The school ranked 11th in Ghaziabad and featured prominently among 1000 top schools across the country. The ranking is based on the parameters of educational excellence such as Teacher Welfare and Development, Competence of Faculty, Academic Reputation, Co-curricular and Sports Education etc. The school has shown remarkable improvement in comparison to rankings in the year 2016 and 2015.

Beautification of National Highwat Connecting Delhi to U.P.
                                                 22nd-23rd December 2017

The exuberant art team of the school comprising of students and teachers donned their creative hats to embark on a mission of embellishing the along sides of newly constructed highway from Delhi to U.P. under a project ‘Paint Ghaziabad’ as supported by Govt of U.P. Portraying the form ‘Warli Art’. The students poured out their imagination to create myriad images on the various hues of pastoral life- in all its beauty and bounty, aesthetic charm and vivacity on the themes such as Environment, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao,etc. It was an efficacious way of bringing out the best in students, to ignite their mystified minds, express their inner self and channelize their indomitable energy into constructive avenues for the painting of the highway which would be inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister in Jan 2018. The enthusiasm displayed by the art team exhibited the sense of belongingness to the country and the paintings well echoed the innermost desires and abilities of human life.

Apart from the academic sessions students were given a responsibility of organizing a cultural programme on 15th Dec 2017, which they successfully planned and executed with enactment, musical and dance performances.

The efforts of the students in creating such irresistible visual appeal and compelling every passer-by to stand and get immersed in their charm and profundity truly deserve plaudits.

NIIT Personality Development Programme
                                       11th-15th December 2017

With the objective to develop leaders with a global mindset, business skills, a sense of social responsibility and human touch, a “Personality Development Programme” was organized by Nanhi Chhaan Foundation in collaboration with NIIT University, at NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan. Twenty five students participated from eleven different schools of India. Three students from the school, Shalu Sharma(X), Swati Singh(XI) and Vidhi Jain(XI) participated in the same.The school has shown remarkable improvement in comparison to rankings in the year 2016 and 2015.

Apart from the academic sessions students were given a responsibility of organizing a cultural programme on 15th Dec 2017, which they successfully planned and executed with enactment, musical and dance performances.

Students attended presentations, sessions, debates, discussions and other innovative activities in order to groom their personality. They were groomed through digitalized learning by framing and editing audio visual clips and working of “Green Air Conditioner”.

Laurels in Speed Skating Championship     -   2nd December,2017

The passionate skaters ran on wheels with vigor and made their presence felt by their speed and skill in 8th NCR Inter School Speed Skating Championship at Yamuna Sports Complex,Delhi. In this highly contested tournament by 370 skaters from Delhi-NCR, the school won one Gold and one Bronze Medal.The Winners are

Salwanians, the National Yoga Champions-   1stto3rd Dec.,2017

In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind – is a saying that has been repeated since times immemorial, and is true at every level.
Taking forward this salubrious thought, the School has been encouraging mental and physical fitness to union of mind, body and spirit to help them attain a certain state of consciousness, both individual and universal, it is also a method to help one reach that goal.

Keeping the same vision in mind, students participated in 2nd National Yog Sport Championship , 2017 held from 1st to 3rd December 2017 at Mehrana, Panipat. They exhibited the true spirit of a Salwanian and brought in laurels by winning 5 Gold and 6 Bronze medals in this National Level Tournament in which 200 participants across the country participated.
This performance has led our Gold Medalists to spearhead India's sporting ambitions and develop the yoga culture in the world. Through the presentation of various asanas, such as forward bending, backward bending, lying postures synchronised in rhythmic dancing movements with music, the Guests of Honour Zhu Zhengdong and Zhi Liang from Weishi Lotus India International Institute, China were higly impressed and offered them an opportunity to perform at China.

Eclectic Experience at Math-e-Magician Competition, 2017        

“Mathematics is the knowledge with which God has written the universe"- Galileo.
The school has always displayed tremendous affinity to identify, encourage, promote and nurture the talent of students and also to reduce the fear of mathematics in them. Students got a wonderful opportunity through participation in the Math-e-Magician competition 2017- ’18. Around 800 students from 20 C.B.S.E. schools of the NCR participated in the event. An olympiad, covering different mathematical concepts was organised for different age groups.
The highlight of the competition was the 'Rhythm-o-meter' where in an interdisciplinary approach was adopted. Participants presented their songs based on the theme 'Mathematics'. The enthralling renditions evoked great appeal amongst the audience as they swayed to the rhythmic beats. The event culminated with the result declaration. Ansh Jain of Class VIII-B secured the third position in the category M.C.I.

Glorious Achievement at Science Film Festival
                                                                             - 11th November, 2017

Two teachers of the school, Ms. Swati Sharma and Ms. Priyanka Rana, participated in Ghaziabad Science Film Festival, 2017 organized by Regional science and Technology Centre, Ghaziabad hosted by D.P.S. Raj Nagar.
It was a moment of immense pride when the school gloriously won second position in the Category Teachers for the documentary titled ‘’Worthwhile Blooming….an approach to sustainable development’’ in a closely contested competition by topmost schools of the district.

Learning and Takeaways

  • The documentaries in the Film Festival encompassed influential information and involved extensive research and integrated group effort.
  • Through the rich mode of a documentary, the teachers were able to educate and enlighten themselves as well as others.
  • This venture was aimed at stimulating the minds of one and all in favour of the valuable role of Science in bringing a positive change in the world and to develop a universal scientific temperament.
  • The teachers learnt the art of making documentary via Cinematography, Graphic Effects, 3-d Animations, etc.

Blaze of Glory in UP State Championship
                                                            -   23rd - 25th October,2017

Eleven athletes of the school participated in UP State Junior Athletics Championship 2017 at Reliable Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad.
The event witnessed a great spirit of participation, healthy competition and joy of success. Two sprinters of the school meticulously put in every ounce of effort till the end and qualified for National Junior Athletics Championship.

Salwanians’ Glorious Feat at 15th Junior Athletic Meet, 2017-18                                                            -   16th October,2017

Forty Eight students participated in the 15th District Junior Athletics Meet 2017-18 at Mahamaya Stadium, Ghaziabad. They mesmerized everyone by outstanding display of speed, agility, endurance, strength and stamina in all track and field events.
Through this glorious feat, they set an example for the young sports-persons of the school to come ahead with a positive vision in mind and prove their mettle. The students showcasing commendable sportsmanship bagged 15 medals for the school.

The winners are- 

Best Teacher Award
                                                 - 1st September,2017

International Institute of Hotel Management awarded Teachers Day Award 2017, to Ms. Mamta Rani (PRT Math) – Her name was nominated by the school on the basis of continued good work and commitment to the institution”. She received a trophy from the Principal in an Award Ceremony organized at The Grand, Vasant Kunj.

35th U.P. State Yogasana Championship
                                                 - 12th - 13th June,2017

Three students Yash Tyagi(XI B), Vishwas Tyagi(XI B) and Adhyayan Pandey(VIII A) participated in Yoga Championship. With beautiful blend of body movements Adhyayan Pandey (VIII A) got selected for North India Yoga Championship.

Yoga Champions of Ghaziabad
                                                 - 12th May,2017

The Yoga performers of the school added one more feather to the cap of the school by emerging as overall Champions(Boys) in 9th District Yogasana Sports Championship organized by District Ghaziabad Yoga Association at Ram Kishan Institute, Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad. Thirteen students representing the school participated in the Championship and won accolades. All the events were closely contested and the participants were well trained. The presentation of various asanas forward bending, backward bending, lying postures shynchronised in rhythmic dancing movements with music enthralled the spectators.

Through this mesmerizing performance, the performers have qualified for the State Level Championship.

Laurels at Inter School Salwan Sports Meet 2017
                                                 - 27th & 28th April, 2017

Fifty students of the school participated in Inter-School Salwan Sports Meet at Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar wherein around 1500 students from 27 schools of Delhi/NCR participated enthusiastically under various categories such as Cricket, Football,Volleyball, Dualathon, Wall Climbing, Relay, Sprint Medley Relay and other Athletic events. The objective was to inculcate right sportsmanship among the younger generation, re-unite the students’ community through sports and create a culture of Sports promoting the community to learn its benefits. It also offered opportunities for the students to come forward, show their sporting skills, enhance their self-esteem to be physically and mentally fit, be well groomed personalities and become valuable assets for the nation.

The Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony was renowned IPL Player Kamran Khan from Rajsthan Royals.
The students proved their mettle by displaying their speed, agility and strength.The winners are-
S.No.Student NameClassCategoryEventMedal
1.Nisha GautamX AU-17200 M Silver
2.ArnavVIII BU-164X100 M Silver
3.Mansi SinghX ASprint
4.ShivaniVIII BMedley
5.UtkarshVIII BMedley
6.KashishIX BU-14200 M Bronze

When Learning is Purposeful, Progressive and Empowering
                                                 - 12th to 16th December,2016

With the objective to develop leaders with a global mindset, business skills, a sense of social responsibility and human touch, a “Personality Development Programme” was organized by Nanhi Chhaan Foundation in collaboration with NIIT University from Monday, at NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan. Four students of class X, Aditya Rawat, Aman Panchal , Swati Singh and Yashvi Tyagi got this wonderful opportunity to attend the programme and be among top Thirty students from ten renowned schools of India.

The five days programe included academic, co-curricular, extracurricular, cultural and sports activities. The students got the opportunity to attend interesting lectures on “NANOELECTRONICs” given by Prof. Vijay Madke in CR-112, “MOTHER EARTH” given by Air Cmde Kamal Singh (Retd.) in CR-112. The SOS (SCIENCE OF SOUL) referring to the connection of body, mind and spirit and real meaning of peace in an individual’s life was revealed to the students through an engaging discussion. Programmes such as these help the students gain the skills necessary for success in contemporary global world.

Salwanians Qualify For CBSE National Science Exhibition 2016-17
                                                 - 15th to 17th December,2016

With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper among the children of the country, CBSE organizes Science Exhibition every year where children showcase their talents in science and technology and their applications in different areas related with day-to-day life. Showing the academic sincerity, scientific aptitude and unmasked creativity, the four students of the school, Animesh Mavi    (XI-A),Riya Parashar (XI-A),Prabhat Singh(X-A) and Aastha Sharma(XI-A) presented two models – Blind Stick and Solar Grass Cutter in CBSE Science Exhibition 2016-17 at Uttam Girls School, Ghaziabad. In the exhibition,156 projects of six different categories were displayed by more than 90 schools.

The model Solar Grass Cutter was adjudged as one of the best models and selected for the CBSE Nationals.

Legendary Performance in C.B.S.E Athletics Cluster Tournament

All Salwanians celebrated the occasion with great enthusiasm and high spirits when Munfsar Choudhary of Class XII showed his remarkable grit, speed and strength at CBSE Athletics XIX Cluster at Blue Bird International School,Amroha , Uttar Pradesh and bagged a Gold in 800 M and Silver in 400 M. In this mega sporting event, 4000 Athletes from Dehradun region had participated. This performance has given him an entry in the prestigious CBSE Nationals.

Salwanians Coronated As Champions
in U-14 DPSG Cricket Tournament - 1st - 9th December 2016

Winning cricket tournaments has become a habit of young emerging cricketers of the school. In a keenly contested final encounter played at DPSG Cricket Ground, the students could manage to restrict hosts to only 114 runs and winning the match by 3 runs. The school had stormed into the final of the tournament which was played by winning all the previous matches of the tournament. Anshul Gaur was adjudged as Best Bowler of the Tournament whereas Yash Tripathi became the Best Batsman of the Tournament for their remarkable performances.

The win was highlighted in almost all the Hindi Newspapers and school has been rated as Cricket Champions of Ghaziabad.

Contouring Excellence in Education
                                                 - September 2016

The School is ranked as one of the best schools in Ghaziabad by Education World India School Rankings 2016 for its persistent efforts towards empowering and nurturing a community of thinkers and passionate leaders. The ranking is based on the parameters of educational excellence such as Teacher Welfare and Development, Faculty Competence, Leadership, Co-curricular and Sports Education etc.

Goenkan Grandeur 2016

The students are groomed to learn, reflect and prepare to surmount every challenge created by a swiftly changing and highly competitive world. Keeping in view the vision, the school participated in Goenkan Grandeur 2016 at G.D. Goenka Public School,Ghaziabad. The events with the theme Celebrating Diversity comprised of several competitions to tap the potential, creativity and good communication skills. Riya Parashar of Class XI-A won the third position in Rationa de debat- on ‘’Celebrating Diversity is limited only to intellectuals’’ and the students Shubham Mehta , Hammad, Prakhar, Shalu, Raina, Shivangi, ShubhamDubey, Aniket bagged the third position in enactment-‘’The world is a stage’’ category.

Nostalgic Moments at Compufest 2016

“Children are born with artistic sensibilities. It is the endorsement at a youthful age that kindles their ingenuity and chisels their talent.”

The students participated in an array of activities ranging from Encrypt, Sway Spiel, 16 Frames, Earth Crusader, Change Engage, Fan O Sekkei , Shuttle Bugs etc. in Compufest 2016 at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad. The aim was to unfasten doors of imagination, to hone the intrinsic abilities of the learners and demonstrate their inherent aptitude in diverse situations.

The students Piyush Rawat (VI-A) and Rohan Rawat(VIII-B) proved to be the pedestal of success in the category Shutter Bugs by attaining the second position.

Hosting the Nationals  - 27th August- 3rdDecember 2016

The school proudly hosted National Football Tournament in collaboration with Sports Authority of India. The league matches of the tournament were played in the school ground. Two students of the school Arsh Ahmed Siddiqui (IX-A) and Harshit Gosain (IX-B) represented Uttar Pradesh in the championship. The State reached up to semi-finals in this mega tournament.

Laurels at Kho-Kho CBSE Cluster XIX
                                                 - 13th - 15thOctober 2016

Thrilled with stamina and agility, 10 students of the school made a mark at CBSE Cluster XIX “KHO-KHO Championship 2016-17” by defeating Indraprastha School Ghaziabad in the first encounter. The event was held at R.R. Public School, Noorpur, Bijnor from 13th to 15th October,2016. The players were praised for their outstanding performances in the championship.

Thrilled Yoga Performers on Cloud Nine
                                                 - 30th September - 2ndOctober 2016

The school participated in 34th UP State Yoga Championship and 8th District Ghaziabad Yoga Championship from 30th September to 2nd October 2016 at HRIT College Ghaziabad. The students made the school proud by winning fifteen medals in total and mesmerized all through different postures and artistic movements.500 participants from different districts of UP were the part of this mega championship. The list of achievements with details is as under-

Result-8th District Ghaziabad Yoga Championship table
Result- 34th UP State Yoga Championship table

Students' overwhelming response to Cryptic Crossword Challenge
                                                 - 28th August 2016

As part of the Global Launch of IXL 2016, Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), in association with civil society initiative Extra-C, organized the 1st CSOI Crossword Challenge 2016 on September 11th on its premises, at Vinay Marg, New Delhi.
The contest involved a 45-minute written test of solving cryptic clues and was followed by an onstage Audience Crossword Round and the launch of IXL 2016.
Prayag Bhatnagar of Class XII-A proved his mettle by securing the third position in the contest in which 45 schools from the country participated. The school has already made its mark by being declared as ''School of the Month'' in June 2016.
Students are always encouraged and motivated to participate in online challenge of cryptic crossword to improve their analytical abilities and vocabulary which gives a child an edge over others in curricular as well as extra-curricular pursuits.A Clue-A-Day (ACAD) 2016, is an online challenge for all the students launched on January 20, 2016 by Bihar Governor, His Excellency Shri Ram NathKovind at DPS Patna on the website competition is still open and 11 students of the school are now on the champions gallery of top 100.

Students show prowess and agility at Taekwondo Cup
                                                 - 28th August 2016

The month of August was marked by the accolades brought to the school by the students who participated in Inter School Taekwondo Cup 2016 at Mothers Dream Land Junior High School, Ghaziabad on 28th August, 2016.Their mesmerizing performance charged with power and fervor came up with flying colours by securing one gold, two silvers and five bronze medals. 8 schools and 5 academies from various parts of Ghaziabad participated in the event. The names of the winners are as under-


School Strode into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records                                             -  4th August 2016

School has made a ‘momentous achievement’ by entering its name into the Guinness Book of World Records for participating in the World’s Largest Practical Science Session’ on December 7, 2015 Organised by Vijnana Bharati as part of the India International Science Festival (IISF) ,2015 at the sprawling lawns of IIT, Delhi . The award was conferred on 4th August, 2016, at CSIR, Mathura Road.

In the event, 2000 students from 40 schools across the National capital participated to take a shot at the world record for the highest number of students to conduct an experiment simultaneously at the same venue to beat the record of Northern Ireland with 1,339 students.

From our school, 50 students participated in the event. The record-setting event will foster greater interest among students for science not only as a body of knowledge but also a way of life. It will spur them to bring more glories not only for themselves but also for the country.

Students Bring Laurels in 3rd Challenger Cup Roller Skating Championship - 24th July 2016

The glory of shining sporting stars of the school reached yet another landmark by winning One Silver and Three Bronze medals at DPS International School, Dasna, Ghaziabad. 380 students from different schools, clubs and academies of the state Uttar Pradesh participated in the event. The names of the winners are as under-

Online Cross Word Puzzle – School of the Month
                                                 - 1st – 30th June 2016

The School was declared as “School of the Month” in the Online Cryptic Crossword Contest organized by CBSE in collaboration with Bihar Government. The four Students of the School , Prayag Bhatnagar (XII) ,Md. Waseem(VIII), Shazia Azra(X),Bhatnagar & Antik Guha Roy(XII) were ranked amongst top 100 participants on the Champions Gallary. The aim of the competition is to improve a student’s analytical abilities and vocabulary which gives a child an edge over others in curricular as well as extra-curricular pursuits. A Clue-A-Day is a kind of opportunity for students to compete with their counterparts all over India and in the process boost their vocabulary and reasoning power.

CBSE AISSCE Result 2015 - 16

In the CBSE AISSCE Results announced on Saturday, May 21st 2016, Shivani Khari Tops with 88.8% in Commerce Stream from Salwan Public School, Trans Delhi Signature City & Ankit Kothiyal with 82.2% in Science Stream. Students exhibits excellent performance in various subject- Devansh Bansal (Accountancy-98%, Economics-95% & Business Studies 93%), Archit Tripathi (Physics-95%) & Ankit Kothiyal (English-94%) with the school average aggregate percentage of 71%.

Feedback of the Satisfaction level of the Parents based on

Questionnaire by

School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA), CBSE

Ranked as one of the Best Schools in 2016 in Ghaziabad

The school is ranked as one of the best schools in Ghaziabad by Education World Survey 2015 based on parameters like: Academic reputation, co-curricular education, sports education, life skills education and conflict management, individual attention to students, leadership/management quality, parental involvement, infrastructure provision, community service, teacher welfare and development & competence faculty.

Salwanians shine in the International benchmark Test
conducted by ACER 2016

Our students have shown commendable performance in International Benchmark Test (IBT - 2015) conducted for classes III - X by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The scores of students in Maths for classes VI, IX & X, and in Science for classes IV, VI & X are above the National & International score in a report projection by ACER . The indicator shows that we are globally competitive and our teaching is relevant to current trends in education.
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