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February' 2014

Celebrating Matribhasha Diwas (Mother Tongue Day) - 21st February 2015

To promote interest and create awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions through different languages. The school celebrated Matribhasha Diwas as declared by UNESCO on 21st Feb’15. Various activities like poster designing, creative writing, medley of regional songs to show language diversity, poem recitation were conducted to develop the love of students for the mother tongues.


Blessings to students of Class XII

To invoke the blessings of Almighty for the excellent results in Board examinations, a ‘’Good Luck Ceremony’’ was organised for the first batch of the students of Class XII. The programme commenced with the melodious musical performance by Choir group followed by ’Hawan ‘. In the emotionally charged atmosphere, students also pledged to work very hard to excel in their board exams.

January' 2014

Ride on a Trail of Adventure…
… Thrill and Excitement to face Challenge

To get an exposure to the adventurours activities, the children explored new horizons and learnt new skills. Rocksport Adventure Camp on 24th Jan 2015 was a wide continuum of events aiming to create an environment with ample opportunities for a child to learn adventure.

The students performed adventurous activities with lot of zeal and zest. Plethora of events were conducted during the camp organized in the school ground such as Zipline, Rock Climbing, Zombing, Tug Of War, Burma Bridge, Commando Crawl, Commando Net, Hopscotch, Hamster Wheel, Tent Pitching, Three Tier Hurdle, Body Zorb and Rapid Run. Each activity at the camp was designed to give students an incredible experience and the opportunity to be challenged and to grow. Challenging tasks like Commando Net aimed at strengthening the stamina, confidence, coordination and team building. The camp also benefitted the students in testing their physical strength as it accentuated on the need of being fit and active all the time.

December' 2014

Leadership workshop

Christmas Day

NIIT Personality Development Programme, Neemrana, Rajasthan –  15th to 19th December' 2014

In the programme, the two students Devansh Bansal of Class XI and Pankaj Prajapati of Class X attended leadership programme from 15th to 19th of December 2014. The learning outcomes from the programme-

  • The Students gained confidence while presenting their papers.
  • Got a better insight of the issues related to the environment.
  • Visited the historical Neemrana Fort.
  • It helped them to develop Leadership and Management Skills.
  • It was a great opportunity for building relationship and interactions.

Special Assembly on Christmas –  24th December' 2014

To make students aware of significance of sacrifice a special assembly on the birth of Jesus Christ on 24th Dec.'2014 in which the students enacted various performances highlighting the noble deeds and thoughts associated with Christmas.

November' 2014

children's day

Guru Parv

Special Assembly on Children's Day –  14th November' 2014

On the exclusive occasssion of Children's Day, the teachers organized a wondrous assembly which was a pleasure for all the students to watch the teachers descricbing the real meaning behind the celebration of this special day and beautifully inspired the students about the same. Poems, Songs and Speeches added to the splendour of the assembly.

Montessori Activity
Guru Purab Celebrations –  3rd November' 2014

To educate the students about the significance of Guru Parv the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Ji was celebrated by the Tiny Tots of Montessori Classes with great passion and fervor.The Special Assembly was organized which commenced with 5 religious preaching on Smart Board . The students dressed up in beautiful attire and presented 5 Pyare of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The highlight of the day was the distribution of Prasada to the little ones.

National Talent Search Examination –  2nd November' 2014

To enhance the logical and analytical thinking amongst the students. the students appeared in NTSE at Seth Mukundlal Inter College, Hapur Road where in the stuudents were able to get the exposure to variety of questioins on mental, scholastic aptitude test as well as English Comprehension.

October' 2014

CLeanliness Drive

run for untiy

Talk Show


Appreciation Day

Diwali Celebrations

Cleaniness Drive –  31st October' 2014

Enamored with a great zeal and passion, our Montessori students wholeheartedly launched a massive Cleanliness drive. Hundreds of our little stars assembled and swept the school premises and picked up the wrappers to throw them in dustbin. The teachers also joined them in this campaign pledging to wipe out all the dirt and dust from the school. As per guidelines of CBSE 'Swatch Bharat Swatch Vidyalaya' the students raised slogans with posters and banners proclaiming 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'. They spread the message that cleanliness of the environment is good not only for health but also for the mind. On this occasion a video was shown to the students to imbibe the habit of cleanliness at an early age. A song containing 10 good habits was also played which the kids enjoyed a lot. Students also actively participated in the creative HAND BAND ACTIVITY. It was a step in the direction of making the vision of Clean India, Green India

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - Birthday of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel –  31st October' 2014

To mark the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, various activities were conducted in the School premises. To imbibe the spirit of Unity, Safety, Integrity and Security the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge was taken by all the students followed by the Run for Unity in the Morning Assembly. The Principal enlightened the students on the significance of the day and asked them to become responsible citizens of the country and respect India's Sovereignity. Activities like Poster Making, Collage Making, Painting and Jingle Competition were also organised on the day to make the students understand and appreciate the synergistic efforts made by Honourable Sardar Patel.

Talk Show on Noble Prize Winners - – 30th October'2014  

Noble Prize Winners and their research in respective field are mine of education for the students. To recognize the research area and current developments in the field of education – A Talk Show was conducted in the Morning Assembly. Eight students from different houses presented the information and their view points. Amongst them Aman Panchal , student of Class VIII was judged as the best speaker for his views on the ideology of Kailash Satyarthi

Appreciation Day - 21st October’2014 

To recognize and appreciate the efforts and hardwork put in by the students in their Summative Assessment 1 ,the school organized the Appreciation Day. On this day the Principal Mrs. Sonia Anil Verma presented a token of appreciation to 117 students from Classes I- XII for scoring overall A1 grade in SA1 and for 100% attendance till SA1.She in her address mentioned the secret of success is regularity , punctuality, discipline and hard work.Its aim was to make students understand the joy of putting extra efforts and to motivate other students also.The programme concluded with the Diwali celebration in a special manner .An awareness programme was conducted along the Yamuna river banks by the students of Class X- Yamuna Restoration Campaign.

Montessori Activities
Diwali  Celebrations –  21st October' 2014

With gleam of diyas and echo of chants , happiness was felt all around the air as the Montessori block had a sparkling Diwali celebration on 21st Oct, 14 where in the children cherished the shimmering dance, drama and music performances with a great zeal and passion. The celebration began with Mantra Uccharan, Story of Ramayana was followed by smart board presentation on Diwali to make students know about the significance of Diwali. A quiz was also held to assess their knowledge about Diwali followed by mellifluous rhyme recitation. Our tiny tots enjoyed dancing on the song 'HAPPY DIWALI'. To carve out the aesthetic sense of the kids, two creative activities were conducted for K.G.-I Colouring in Diya and K.G. - II Diya decoration. Children lit the Diyas on this auspicious occasion.

Dusshera  Celebrations –  1st October' 2014

The celebration began with the invocation of all the mighty with divine Gayatari Mantra. Students showcased their theatre skills through a play named ‘LAGHU RAMAYANA’ ,a play blend of rhyme recitation and expressive communication. In this play, children enacted the glorifying victory of Rama. This activity was conducted to create the confidence while speaking and creativity in playing the role of Rama and Sita and to educate them about the victory of good over evil.It helped them in carving and enhancing their presentation skill.

September' 2014

yamunarestoration campagn

yamuna restoration campaignyamuna









naming ceremony

teachers day

‘Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalay’

Supporting Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign of C.B.S.E., the school took a lead in Community Outreach Programme by creating awareness among the residents on the banks of Yamuna River on the occasion of Chatt festival. Students on 27th Oct, 2014 walked along the stretch to sensitize people about the cleanliness and Yamuna restoration. Residents and passers welcomed the initiative and the students were able to meet around thousands of residents of the area. In the presence of all the information about water pollution, still people throw solid waste in the river which is the main threat to the society. With a simple aim to create awareness and attitude to save environment, students distributed handouts sharing the consequences of polluting the river. Students also collected samples of water from the river and checked the impurity level in the labs at the School.

Salwan Public School , Tronica city held a special assembly wherein the students expressed their views about the need for maintaining cleanliness at home , school and their surroundings. Addressing the school, the Principal,Mrs.Sonia Anil Verma appealed to everyone to make a concerted effort to keep their surroundings clean.

Cleanliness Drive

‘Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalay’ in the country is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. The Mission has been launched to tackle sanitation and waste management issues in the country. During this time students of Class IX actively participated in the drive of cleaning the surroundings of the school ,this effort of theirs motivated the residents also to join the Abhiyaan The aim is to make cleanliness a habit, to promote awareness about good sanitary practices such as clean toilets, clean surroundings and impart information on health and hygiene to the students.

Community Outreach Programme

Supporting Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidalaya Campaign of C.B.S.E., Salwan Public School, Tronica City takes a lead in Community Outreach Programme by creating awareness among the residents of banks of Yamuna River on the occasion of Chatt festival. Students on 27th Oct, 2014 walked along the stretch to sensitize people about the cleanliness and Yamuna restoration. Residents and passers welcomed the initiative and the students were able to meet around thousand residents of the area.

In spite of all the information about water pollution, still people throw solid waste which is the main threat to the society. With a simple aim to create awareness and attitude to save environment, students distributed handouts sharing the consequences of the same.

Montessori Activities

1. International Dance Festival “ Twinkle Toes” - 24th September’2014.

To get world class exposure 12 students of KG II( Montessori)participated in International Dance Festival "Twinkle Toes” at Salwan Public school Rajender Nagar They presented ‘Spanish’Dance and mesmerized the audience with their scintillating performance . The aim of the show was to discover the joy movements and make kids fall in love with dancing. It helped the students to develop creative dance sequence and imbibe confidence among their personality.

2. Hindi Rhyme Recitation Activity - 29th September’2014

Students of Montessori wing dressed in the costumes of Animals & Birds in ‘ Hindi Rhyme Recitation’. They presented rhymes and and enacted different animals. The activity was organized to develop confidence to speak on stage and to face audience from the very beginning.also to imbibe speaking skills in the little ones. Efforts of tiny tots was worth appreciating. The spirit to perform better sparked off with the resonant performances of the tiny tots who performed with a beautiful blend of pronunciation, art and adoration in their recitation. Presentations were judged by the Parent Jury – Mrs. Surbhi Gupta and Mrs. Divya Tyagi.

Naming of Block A - 6th Sep'2014

The School Building - Block A is named as "Hon'ble Justice P.N. Khanna Block" in the memory of a Former Trustee on Saturday, 6th Sep'2014

Tribute to Mentors - 5th Sep'2014

A special assembly on 5th september’2014 on the eve of teacher’s day to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was organized by the students of class IX- XII.
Students expressed their heartfelt gratitude for their mentors through poem recitation,group song and a band performance . The day marked the distribution of medals and certificates to the winners of different activities. The award received from CBSE for the promotion of sports and games was handed over to the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school for their outstanding contributions.
The Principal, Mrs. Sonia A. Verma in her address to the students emphasized on moral and ethical values to be inculcated amongst the student. She also wanted the teachers to act as a role model for the students. In the end she thanked all the students and wished that the students should aim to build a better future tomorrow.

Students from class VIII- XII witnessed the live telecast of the Prime Minister’s address and interaction programme from2:30 pm to 5:00 pm which was followed by the discussion in the assembly and classrooms. Students had noted their learning outcomes and took keen interest in discussing the same.
August' 2014







sports day1

sports day2

independence day

sanskrit week

Sports Activities 

School conducted Inter Class Football , Cricket and Volleyball matches for Classes VI- XII

Class Event Winner

Football - Boys
Cricket Match – Boys
Volleyball - Girls

Football VI B won by 2-1
Cricket VI A won by 5 wickets
Volleyball VI A won by 2-1

Football - Boys
Cricket Match – Boys
Volleyball - Girls

Football – VIIB won by 3-1
Cricket – VIIB B won by 10 runs
Volleyball VII A won by 2-1
VIII A-VIII B Football - Boys
Cricket Match – Boys
Volleyball - Girls
Football – VIII A won by 3-1
Cricket – VIII A won by 13 runs
Volleyball – VIII B won by 2-0
IX A – IX B Football - boys
Cricket Match – Boys
Volleyball - Girls
Football – IX B won by 3-0
Cricket – IX A won by 9 wickets
Volleyball – IX B won by 2-1
X,XI Football - Boys Football – X won by 2-1
X,XI, XII Cricket Match – Boys Cricket – XII won by 7 wickets

The events aimed to inculcate the values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability.

National Sports Day Celebration in School, 29th August 2014

To honor the legendary Hockey player Dhyan Chand, different sports activities for Classes I-V were organized in the school and following are the result of the activities conducted:-

1PE Card Bean Bag Relay I-A,B,C First - I B
Second –IA , IC
2 PE Card
Running ,Jumping & Hoping
II-A,B,CFirst - II B
Second –II C
Third- IIA
3Kids Athletics
Batten relay
III-A,B,CFirst - III B
Second –III A, III C
4 Kids Athletics
Forward Squat Jump
IV-A,B First – IV A
Second –IV B
5Kids Athletics
Hurdle race
V- A,BFirst –V B
Second –V A

Independence Day Celebration

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”

A special assembly commemorating the Independence Day was organized on 14TH August 2014. The assembly started off with the flag hoisting and a rendition of the national anthem

Declamation Competition - 22nd August 2014

Two students Vedika Sharma and Prayag Bhatnagar of Class X participated in Declamation Competition on the topic'Gender Sensitivity - getting the balance right' held at SAlwan Public School, Gurgaon. It highlighted the senstivity not only amongst the male and female but also towards the third gender. it was a great learning experience for the students.

Sanskrit Week -  7th -13thAugust 2014

To promote the learning of Sanskrit the ‘mother of all languages’ Sanskrit week was celebrated in the school from 7th August to 13th August 2014. The activities like Sanskrit Shloka recitation, talk on importance of Sanskrit and ‘Laghubhashnam’ were conducted for the studentsto make them understand the importance of the language.

JULY 2014

tigers day

science quest

science model



Salwan Strives To Save the Stripes

Tiger's Day Celebrations - 30th-31st July -1st August 2014

School concluded the Global Tiger’s Day celebrations. To mark the occasion, the school dedicated three days and organised various activities for students aimed at generating awareness about the need to protect tigers. In the activities spread over three days, students expressed their desire to save tigers through singing, updated themselves with the information on different species of tigers and explored various aspects pertaining to extinction of tigers. Through their powerful PowerPoint presentations, students chose to highlight causes of extinction and measures that can be taken to protect tigers.

Science Quest - 26th July 2014

Two students of our school presented papers at science quest organised by SPS Gurgaon, on 26th July 2014 on the topic is creation of designer babies wrong wherein Yash Kumar was awarded with the 4th position in the best answer category. 32 students participated from 16 prestigious schools from Delhi & NCR.

State Level CBSE Science Exhibition - 10th to 12th July'2014

The students of our School participated and demonstrated two working models – “Extraction of Diesel from Waste Tyre” and “Extraction of Glucose from Sucrose by Pyroelectrolysis” in State Level CBSE Science Exhibition

2nd August2014

With the mission to popularize Science and encourage children to "Learn By Doing" Science Game Show for VigyanPrasar, Department Of Science And Technology, Govt. Of India, wasconducted in which 22 students of Classes VI and VIII participated. This programme was filmed in our School campus and will be the part of "Khudbud, Khel Vigyan Ke" – which is a series of 52 episodes.  Eminent Scientists and Institutes are part of this Venture.The programme is scheduled for telecast on Lok Sabha T.V., Rajya Sabha T.V. and DD Bharti.       

MAY 2014





MOTHER’S DAY - 10th May 2014

"You are the embodiment of love; you are like a boon from above."

Like you there's no other, you're the only one, you're my mother."

Students of classes’ I-VII expressed their love and admiration to the unconditional love of mothers by penning down their emotions on paper.
Students of class X enacted a play to pay an ode to the mother’s love and incredible support and care. Another group from the same class projected the idea of being “Caged Bird” in the democratic country with the help of a play “Are we really free?” whereas Class XII students had an intellectual debate on the topic “All mothers should stay at home”. The debate highlighted the role and the responsibilities shouldered by the mother. It also brought out the changing scenario in cities where father and mother are treated as equals.

Visit To Delhi Golf Club - 8th - 9th May, 2014

To promote golf amongst the school children Salwan Education Trust has started NCR Golf Championship. A group of 30 students from our school attended its opening ceremony held at Delhi Golf Club, ITO. The ceremony began with the mesmerizing opening shot by Shri Gaurav Ghei, ace indian golfer.Our school students applauded the golfers and left for home with dreams of being a golfer.

Friendly Cricket Match –  SPS Mayur Vihar Vs SPS Tronica City - 3rd May 2014

The SPS Tronica Cricket team played a friendly cricket match on 3rd may 2014 against Salwan public school Cricket Team from Mayur Vihar in the school grounds. SPS Tronica won the toss and elected to bat and set the target of 149 runs in stipulated 25 overs.

Chasing the target of 149 runs SPS Mayur Vihar scored 150 runs in the 24th over and won the match by 4 wickets. It was a fantastic match with the last minute speculations. Our batsman Ayush , Nikhil and Abhishek gave a fair show by scoring 36,22 and 21 runs respectively.

Labour’s Day Celebration - 1st May 2014

‘Labour Day’was celebrated with full aplomb with the support staff by the students in school. A contribution of Rs 20/ - by each child was made towards purchase of gifts and snacks. The students of class 6 made badges and pinned them up on the shirts of the staff. Class 7 made paper bags to place the gift in it. Class 8 arranged the snacks and served it to the staff with full gratitude. The day began with a Volley Ball match for male staff members and a 50mtr flat race for the female staff members. The staff assembled in the hall where they all were a part of the prayer sung by the school choir group and an energy driven dance by the students of class VI A made the celebration more vibrant.

Mr. Vijay Vikram Singh, the Hindi teacher brought out the importance of the day and the struggle and sacrifice that went in to bring this day on the Calendar. The school Principal congratulated the workers and thanked them for their services towards the school.

APRIL 2014


Mock Drill - 28th April 2014

Mock drill was conducted in school to familiarize everyone with the school building and exit doors in case of fire. The drill is conducted every month to bring in confidence in the students that they are prepared and can save themselves in case of fire. Panic will spoil the situation and following the rules will keep everyone safe is the message instilled in the students through these drills.

Disney Friends for Change–Orientation on Conserving Green Spaces, Venue: India International Centre, Attended by: Principal  & Vice Principal - 15th April' 2014

Disney in collaboration with CMS is running a pilot project with 85 schools on Conserving Green Spaces. Under this programme each school will have to choose an under developed partially developed park with a minimum space of 750 square yard and develop it so that it can be used by the local community. A grant of Rs 5 lakh will

be paid in three instalments. 50% after the signing of the grant agreement, 30% midway through implementation and 20% after submission of project completion report.  A core committee with students, teachers and parents needs to be formed for the upkeep of the park after it is handed over to the community. Stress was laid on Ecological Gardening, Water Harvesting, substituting lawns with meadows, swales, sustainable landscapes and using the project as a teaching tool for students.

The school has proposed a MI Park at Ansal Plaza, Tronica City. The students, teachers and parents residing at Ansal will be members of the core committee and will be the caretakers of the park. The work will start in July and the park will be handed over to the local community by December. Look forward to the First MI Park in the world at Ansals, Tronica City.

Induction Programme - 1st April'2014

An induction programme was conducted for the newly joined teaching staff to acquaint them with the school vision, mission. The programme started with a small address by the principal and the formal introduction by the new teachers. Then coordinators gave presentations on some important topics like school rules, Class rules, almanac, teachers diary, dress code of teachers etc. All the teachers were told about their subjects and classes.

Every new teacher was given a buddy partner to help him/her to settle in the school.

Orientation Programme - 25th March' 2014

Orientation Programme was held on 25th March 2014 to acquaint and familiarize the parents about the functioning of the school. Based on the theme, the nursery and the primary students enchanted the parents of the newly admitted with a dance performance casted a spell on the audience. The school counselor enlightened the parents on ‘Effective Parenting’ and assured them of the expert psychological advice if needed anytime for the betterment of their wards. Mrs Rajni jauhri the principal, in her address welcomed and sensitized the parents regarding the vision & mission of the school. She also assured the parents about the proper care & education of their wards under the able guidance of the well trained staff.

CBSE  National Science Exhibition – 4th TO 6th  October 2013

Model - Eco San Toilet

Eco-san is a term coined to describe a form of sanitation that usually involves urine diversion and the recycling of water and nutrients contained within human wastes back into the local environment. The primary application for ecosan systems has been in rural areas where connection to a sanitary sewer system is not possible, or where water supplies are very limited.

The project was selected by the school because in India, 66 % of girls’ schools do not have functioning girls’ toilets resulting in a dropout rate of more than 40% of girls after finishing year 5.

The concept was liked and model qualified at the Zonal + Regional level Science Exhibition. 117 Projects were displayed and 16 were finally selected for the Nationals, Eco Sanitation was one of them.                                                            

The National level Science Exhibition was held at Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar, on 4th, 5th, &6th October 2013.There were 252 exhibits from all over India.   On day one, 58 schools were shortlisted. Bravo!!! Our model too was selected at the All India Level which also included schools from abroad, affiliated to CBSE. On day two, our exhibit was selected among the best eight exhibits at the National level under Sub-theme-5 Community Health & Environment. Congratulation to our students Miss Aashi Tiwari and Master Pourush Raj, students of class X & IX respectively. The project work was carried out under the guidance of Ms Girija Kaul, PGT Biology & Science Coordinator of the school.

CBSE, East Zone, Cluster [III] Athletic Meet (girls) 7th  October to 9th  October 2013

Display of speed, strength and stamina

The meet was inaugurated by Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director (Academic Training  Research and Innovation) CBSE and Shri Manoj Dhama (Chairman, Nagar Palika ,Loni, Ghaziabad). The School Director Brig. Dr. Alok Tyagi welcomed all the esteemed guests and showered his blessings on all the participants. The opening ceremony began with a hypnotic military band performance followed by several other cultural performances by the students.

757 athletes from 73 schools of 43 districts of Uttar Pradesh and all districts of Uttrakhand participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in all the track and field events. 32 events were conducted in this mega event of three days.

The Closing Ceremony of the Athletic Meet was held on 9th Oct., 2013. Chief Guest  Shri Pushkar Vohra, Joint Director Sports, CBSE appreciated the efforts of the school administration and invited the school to host the next National Athletic Meet in 2014. The staff made it possible.


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