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Educational Excursion to Jim Corbett National Park - from 28th-30th May, 2019

A group of 60 students along with English and Social Science Faculty visited India International Centre, New Delhi, to witness the exhibition portraying the life and struggle of Anne Frank. The workshop was conducted by The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam; Peace Works, an initiative of The Seagull Foundation for the Arts; and Embassy of The Netherlands.

An eye opening exhibition of photographs that recount Anne Frank’s life, conditions in the hideout, the war and her eventual death in a Nazi concentration camp was witnessed and discussed by students and teachers. As part of this exhibition, on a screen, photo montages and video were shown to students.

This enlightening exhibition broadened the vision of the students to cope up with adverse circumstances with faith in oneself and determination.

Witnessing International Exhibition on the life of Anne Frank - 27th April, 2019

A three day educational trip to Jim Corbett National Park was organised for the students of Class V to XI. The Safari to Jim Corbett Tiger reserve was a thrilling experience. At the Camp, Students were trained and given a power- packed experience that enhanced their confidence. They also enjoyed fun filled activities like body surfing, rafting etc.

The visit to the nearby villages through the unfamiliar terrain to explore the grasslands was an exhilarating experience.

Exploring the Mystic Heritage at Sanauli - 26th April, 2019

As a part of Educational Excursion, students of Salwan Public School, Ghaziabad along with Social Science Faculty visited Sanauli in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, a heritage site that has recently become a regular haunt of archaeologists and historians depicting the presence of a warrior class of people in the region during the Copper-Bronze Age (3300 BC –1200 BC). The students were excited to get a new dimension of the subcontinent’s history that was unearthed in their nearby village.

It aroused the curiosity of the students when they witnessed the Chariots of 2000 BC era which they had never seen or heard. Principal, Faculty and students interacted with the Director of Archaeological Survey of India Dr. Sanjay Kumar Manjul who is currently supervising the site. He shared the process of excavation with students and guided them how to find the secrets buried in history. As this site has been declared by Archaeological Survey of India as “valuable and unique finding”, Students were excited and proud to be the one of the first few to visit the site. It was a great learning experience for students as well as Faculty.

Rocksport Camp …….ride on a trail of adventure 12th March, 2019

Adventure Camp was organized for students of the Classes VI to IX & XI to enhance their all dimensions of emotional intelligence, physical strength and to help them become future leaders.the camp was organized. Around 250 students enjoyed the trip to Rocksport Adventures Campsite located at Kundli, Haryana. They enthusiastically participated in different events such as zip line, rock climbing, zombing, tug of war, Burma bridge, commando crawl, commando net, hamster wheel, tent pitching, tyre hurdle, body zorb and rapid run.

Educational Excursion at Shimla - from 23rd to 27th May, 2018

The school organized a four day excursion to Shimla from 23rd to 27th May, 2018 with an aim to give the students an opportunity to explore exotic wild life, rare plants, crystal clear sky, pattern of stars etc.

40 students along with 4 teachers were the part of this excursion. The trip began with the tour to the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, followed by a visit to Annadale Army Museum, Green House Chamber and Jhakho Temple. At the Pine Eco Hills Campsite, students participated in different adventurous activities like trekking, rappelling and target shooting. Overall, it was a trip that made the students confident, courageous and to a great extent assisted them to conquer their fears.

Value Education Fest at Iskcon Temple, Delhi - from 6th to 8th December, 2017

In this high-tech era of 21st Century, it is necessary to infuse in the children the qualities of humility, strength, honesty and righteousness. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has been inspiring the masses for the last forty years through their philosophy, lifestyle, mannerism and spiritual practices are totally based on Vedic scriptures, and thus provide an ideal place to guide everyone towards a truly peaceful and blissful life.

Keeping the same in mind, the students from the Classes Nursery-VIII participated in Value Education Fest at ISKCON. The ongoing Fest was an opportunity to learn value based lessons from the life of Lord Krishna through activities such as – Exciting movies, meditation, game-Kaun Banega Krishna Ka Devotee, Horror Show Experience, seminar on value education etc.

 After the ‘Darshan’, students were taken for an amazing walk through different gallaries wherein the concepts of reincarnation, divine nature, eternal time, karma, physics, yoga and the universe were depicted with sound and light. Thereafter, the children were shown two short movies in the temple itself. Through a variety of games and activities, the entire exercise became a value education session for the students.

The pure gourmet vegetarian food prepared at the temple infused energy back into the students. Finally, each student departed from the temple carrying a gift hamper containing books. Overall, it was an enthralling and enlightening experience at the ISKCON temple and the visit left an everlasting impact on the impressionable minds of children.

Educational Excursion To National Science Centre - on 17th December, 2016

In an attempt to gain insightful perspectives on scientific laws and theories, an educational excursion was organized for the students of Classes III-V on 26thNovember and for VI-X. As students entered the grand doors of immense knowledge in the science centre their inquisitive eyes were provided with a thousand areas to glance at. It invoked a sense of curiosity to explore the exhibits in the museum. The students visited various galleries like Fun Science Gallery, Pre historic Life Gallery, Human Biology Gallery, Our science and Technology Gallery, Emerging Technologies Gallery, Information Revolution Gallery and The Water Elixir Of Life. After the gallery visit, the students were shown a 3D movie. The students learnt invaluable lessons about the preservation of scientific and technological heritage of the country.

Visits To Gurudwara And Church - on 26th November, 2016

The school always strives to inculcate a sense of secularism among the students to imbibe the values of love and respect for all religions.As a part of Educational Excursion, Students of Classes I and II visited Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Cathedral Church,New Delhi.

They offered prayers in Cathedral Church and learnt moral values from the life of Jesus Christ through the story narration by father.Their visit to Gurudwara gave them insightful learning from the sacrifices made by Sikh Gurus through different pictures and a 3-D Movie.

Insightful Learning Of Space Sciences

In its persistent endeavor of carving the young scientists of this generation, the school takes initiative to apprise the students with latest innovations from time to time. With an aim to spread awareness of space science, application of Satellites, Rockets and other ventures of ISRO, students of Classes XI-XII witnessed Space Exhibition conducted by Vikram Sarabhai Applications Centre, Ahemdabad at Nehru World School, Ghaziabad. The exhibition demonstrated models of satellite and various missions, satellite images, a working model showing satellites orbiting around and a documentary on launching Mars Mission.

The students learnt how interesting it would be to travel across the planets and discover new horizons in the times to come.

Witnessing The Rare Astronomical Event - 9th May, 2016

Inquisitiveness to search, explore with a keen quest for knowledge has always been a prime endeavor of Salwanians. Moving with the aim, students grabbed the opportunity to witness one of the rarest astronomical phenomenon of Mercury Transit from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at Vigyaan Prasaar Noida. As arrangements were already made to view the transit through a telescope fitted with sun-spotter screen, students were able to see Mercury passing in front of the disc of the Sun. They shared their learning in assembly and gave a thoughtful and ideological conviction of this striking astronomical happening.

Educational Excursion to Shimla - 26th to 29th May, 2016

With an aim to develop the aesthetic sense, power of observations and exploration in students, an educational excursion programme to Shimla was organised by the school.
19 students along with two staff members began the trip with the Heritage tour to the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, followed by a visit to Annadale Army Museum and the Green House Chamber. The energy of the students was at its peak when they covered the exciting path to see the beauty of the Mall Road. At Himgiri Campsite, students participated in different adventurous activities like trekking, rappelling and target shooting.

Opportunity For Lifelong Learning - 23rd April, 2016

The innovators of modern era are ready to surpass all the challenges ahead and reach glorious heights in the field of science and technology. Keeping in view this notion, twenty eight students of Classes XI - XII (Science) visited IIT Campus Delhi to attend OPEN HOUSE, exhibition of an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects.The students were acquainted with path-breaking research work, students’ projects and the numerous advanced facilities available at IIT Delhi. The students got world class exposure through the interaction with the invited delegates who presented finest of the projects to technology enthusiasts.

Hands on Experience - Visit to an Industry

To provide students with the practical learning in subject Business Studies, a sound understanding of the principles and practices bearing in the business and to help them understand the framework within which a business operates, interaction with the social, economic, technological and legal environment, an industrial visit was organized for commerce students of class XI to Wikon Industry, Trans Delhi Signature City. Wicon industry is an oil filter and air filter manufacturing unit.

In this visit students learned:

  • A business attitude and skills.
  • The managerial skills which are required to manage the business.
  • Management of different functions of business.
  • Recording of the business transactions.

Educational Excursion to Shimla

For the students of the classes IV to VI from 20th May 2015 to 23rd May 2015

Students visited Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park, Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park, Kali ka Tibba, Chail Palace, Kufri Zoo, Mall Road and Ridge, Journey of toy train, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and Pinjore Garden. They collected first hand information about different places and enjoyed their stay at Salwan Guest house for two days. They appreciated the beauty furniture and arrangements at the guest house. It was a remarkable journey, full of new learning, adventurous activities building up strength and confidence in students

Industrial Visit to Ranban Exim Pvt. Ltd.

Business is a dynamic process that brings together technology , natural resources and human initiative

To understand the framework in which a business operates an exposure to the various functions of a business and its management is required. To inculcate the same in the students Industrial Visit was planned to Ranban Exim Pvt. Ltd. It is a Jeans manufacturer and exporter. Students of class XI commerce visited the factory to understand concept of departmentalization and its management. Students learnt about the requirements, functions, export etc. It gave them a hands on experience provided with a practicle knowledge of business.

Visit to Book Fair- 17th February, 2015

Keeping in mind the significance of reading, a visit to the book fair was organised on 17th February, 2015. Teachers from different departments along with the librarian attended and got various books of International and National publications for the School Library.

Visit to National Science Centre

To explore science and inculcate scientific aptitude among students, a visit to National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi was organized on 24th Jan’ 2015 for the students of class VI-VIII. This was an attempt to gain insightful perspectives on scientific laws, theories and acquaint the kids with the new inventions and their utility. Students visited galleries like Fun Science Gallery, Pre historic Life Gallery, Human Biology Gallery, Our Science and Technology Gallery, Emerging Technologies Gallery, Information Revolution Gallery and Water Elixir of Life. They were briefed about the ways to treat and preserve water. After the gallery visit, the students were shown a 3D movie “Reason of the extinction of Dinosaurs.” The students learnt valuable lessons about the preservation of scientific and technological heritage of the country. The visit was an enriching and learning experience for students.

Excursion to Shimla - 28th Sep’ 2014 – 1st Oct ‘2014

Excursion are always a delight for the students. To provide an opportunity to the students for the develop¬ment of their aesthetic sense , power of observations, explora¬tion, judgment and drawing inferences, an excursion programme to Shimla was organised by the school .40 students along with 4 teachers attended the same.
Shimla being an excellent place for all nature lovers. It gave an adventurous and soothing feeling to all the students while they were there. Everyone felt very close to nature during 3 days trip.shimla trip
Day 1: Students reached The Manla Resort , Naldehra and enjoyed fun activities followed by dinner. Students after their dinner pen down their diary entry for the day and comfortably settled themselves in the beautiful rooms surrounded by the natural beauty of hills and trees.
shimla trip Day 2: Trekking at early morning in the hills of Naldehra followed by adventurous activities like Zip Line Crossing, Burma Bridge Crawling, Tire Wall Climb and Commando net quenched the thirst of the students for adventure, also visit to Naldehra Golf course and Picnic Spot added to their excitement .The worth mentioning is the excitement of the students when they reached to Guest house maintain by Salwan Education Trust and explored every room which showcased the history of all schools of Salwan Education Trust. Beautiful art work by the students of all Salwan Schools, especially designed bunker beds for them was like a cherry added to the cake. It was like a home far from home where everything was designed to give comfort , relaxation , information to the students.
shimla tripDay 3: Students got a chance to witness the astonishing beauty of Chail Palace and to know about its existence and history. The energy of the students was at it peak when they covered the exciting path to reach Kufri and enjoyed Yak Riding , Horse Riding, Tractor Riding ,Horror House and appreciated the natural beauty of Kufri .
Students were also overwhelmed to see the beauty of Mall Road during the evening and equally excited to purchase some token of their Shimla trip for themselves and for their near and dear ones who made this ernriching trip possible for them.
This trip surely was a refreshing and entertaining but also laid a foundation for learning ,students wished it had never ended. It gave them memory and fun which would be cherished for the rest of their lives.

17th May,2014- Movie Time

Movies are the reflection of the society and to provide a peep into the hardships of the lives of the impoverished kids, 633 students with 50 teachers had a memorable time watching a slim story told with heart, HawaaHawaai. It captured the innocence of children, and gavethem some terrific moments that were genuinely heart felt.

movieThe students of our school also participated in the interaction programme with the Director of the movie Sh. Amole Gupte at Salwan Public School,Rajender Nagar on 14th Aug,2014.

Visit To World Book Fair , Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 19th February 2014

Twenty Two students from classes IV-IX of our School visited World Book Fair, at Pragati Maidan.

Class IV

1.         Nancy                           

2.         Shivansh

3.         Prateek Gaur                 

4.         Gunjan

Class V

5.         Prachi Gaur                   

6.         Rohan Chaudhary
7.         Nyah                             

8.         Pratham

Class VI

9.         Siddharth                       

10.        Arpan Tyagi
11.        Tapish Rawat                

12.        Rity

Class VII

13.        Shambhavi Verma         

14.        Akash Singh
15.        Prerna                          

16.        Aman                 

Class VIII

17.        Astha Sharma              

18.        Akshat Jain
19.        Aakansha                     

20.        Jai Prakash

Class IX

21.        Pourush Raj                 

22.        Srishti Panwar

Teacher’s Accompanied

1.         Ms.Nancy Raina                        2.         Mr. Abhishek Jain
3.         Mr. Hitesh                                 4.         Mr. Sanjay Garg

The group started off from the school at around 9:45 a,m. on the 19th February towards Pragati Maidan, Delhi and reached there around at 11.00 am. I arranged for the passes and one of the staff members of National Book Trust, New Delhi provided us with 26 passes and the group entered the gates of  World Book Fair.

The first we visited was Hall No. 7 which was totally dedicated to the school children especially exhibiters have exhibited their books for KG to Class 8th. Our students were first to taken to a dedicated area specially arranged by the National Book Trust frontline series “KATHASAGAR” where students were seated and became part of the ongoing workshop, one of our student ‘Shvansh’ of class IV – B took part in the debate and spoke on the value of reading good books by the children, when the workshop got over, we divided the group into three parts, one group was managed by Abhishek which consisted of VIII – IX students, another was managed by Hitesh from VI- VII students and the rest was managed by Nancy Madam and me. The students visited Hall No. 10 where books for higher education and general books were showcased by the exhibitors and then all the students visited Hall No. 12 & 12A in which the exhibitors have exhibited books related to the secondary school and higher secondary schools and higher education i-e college and university.

The student’s of Salwan Public School, Tronica City participated in various competitions which were specially designed for students especially 92.4 FM where our students won laurels and awards, Tapish, Siddharth, Shambhavi, Astha Sharma and many more won various awards in various categories. I would like to give a special thanks to Mst. Pourush Raj of Class IX who took initiative and very brilliantly took up the responsibility of managing these group of students.

The Librarian also visited various stalls of the exhibition and browsed and selected books which will form a good resource to the library and children will be able to get information which at present is not there in the library and also they will learn a lot from these books because these are very different books. He brought to the library a good number and a good collection  which will definitely enhance the quality of the School Library.

A Tour to Amritsar

The school prefectural board on popular demand arranged a trip to Amritsar. From the making of the circular to talking to the travel agent, all was well managed by the Head Boy and Head Girl. A presentation on Amritsar was shared with the students before leaving. A QUESTIONNAIRE to check if they remember the places with its historical background, was answered by the students who visited Amritsar. A detailed feedback on the trip too was recorded. The enriching trip was full of thrill and excitement.

Aeroplanet - An Educational Trip

Students look forward to thrill, fun and adventure. Class IV to VIII  visited Aeroplanet, Dwarka to experience the joy of an aeroplane ride.
The students got to know about the travelling procedure carried out at the time of boarding and taking off the aircraft. The aeroplanet committee gave a demo on the things required to be taken care of at the time of travelling and in the case of emergencies. Once out of the aircraft the students enjoyed some jumping activities, bridge crossing, magic show & DJ.

A Visit National Museum : An Insight Into The World of History

The visit to National museum of History at Janpath was conducted to make our students aware of their rich history. Students could relate to the chapters taught. A quick assessment in the campus was enough to indicate that the trip met its purpose well.

Student's Got to know Working of E-Banking

Students of Class X & XI (Commerce) visited ‘Syndicate Bank’ in Tronica City.  E-banking, types of accounts, loan for agriculture etc. were explained by the Bank Manager.

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