Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021


Committed to the pursuit of excellence, the school offers diverse clubs for the students to foster and develop multiple competencies and to nurture their self-esteem and self confidence through positive learning experiences. In order to ensure optimum benefit to a child's aptitude, the clubs are based on the 'Collaborative Approach" adopted by various departments. Clubs will be alloted according to the following criteria:
               a) Capability of the students                           b) Aptitude of the students                                   c) Interest of the students

 Each club is categorized into 2 groups

                                          a) Group 1 (Classes III-V)                                                b) Group 2 (Classes VI-XII)              
         CLUB(S)                              LEARNING OBJECTIVE
Green Initiative Community Programme Sowing the seeds of sensitivity in the young ones towards Conservation of Environment through the modes of Organic Gardening. Waste Management, Cultivation of Culinary, Water Conservation, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
SWAT-Salwan Wizards and Technos: Information and Technology Exposing to the students an array of Digital taska-Developing websites, Digital imaging, learning to assemble and program robots and creation of Online games, animated movies etc.
NRITYANJALI: Classical Dance forms Bharatnatyam and Kathak Training the students in diverse dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak with intricate techniques and articulations involving footsteps(Adavus), hand gestures(Hastamudra), eye movements (Drishti Veda) and neck movements(Griva).
SWARSANGAM: Hindustani Vocal
The club events are planned to develop skills aiming at honing the musical caliber by training the students in Classical and Semi-Classical Vocal Music and brushing their skills in singing Alaap, Taan, Raagas, Thumri etc.
International Music:
   Vocal         -  Western
Instrumentak - Drums
Instrumental - Guuitar
To provide the students with all-rounded, aesthetically stimulating and thorough Music Education in Vocal Music and instruments such as Drums, Guitar and Tabla by providing ample opprotunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences. This programme aims at nurturing future Rock Stars who will make a mark with their resonating voice, beats rhythm, hand and foot technique etc.
KALAKRITI :Art and Craft Developing aesthetic sensitivity and creative vision thorugh activities such as making recycled hand-made paper, Pottery creating 2D and 3D Sculptures, POP /Clay Modelling, Puppet-Making, VIsit to Art Gallery etc.


               GOLF            SKATING
Aided by personal attention and innovative teaching methods, this International Sport will be made accessible to the young golf enthusiasts, offering a novel experience in golfing with an optimum learning environment, world class equipment and trained professional personnel. To train the students in a progressive and sequential manner concerning the skills, techniques and conditioning drills to enable them to glide flawlessly across the skating rinks.
               TAEKWONDO      YOGA
The young practioners of this form of Martial Art are improved and trained in head-high kicks, jumping and snipping kicks and fast kicking techniques through a disciplined approach and positive reinforcement.
To train the students in diverse yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques for unfolding the infinite potentials of their mind and soul.
                   BASKET BALL          CRICKET
The students are coached in this dynamic sport which ensures explosive strength, topm speed agility and fine-tuned on court skills. The club aims at providing high quality Cricket training, appropriate cricketing infrastructure and opportunity to learn from experts in the field of cricket through fun and innovative environment.
To provide a platform to nurture talent within grassroots and encourage young Football players through the in-house training and developmet program designed and executed by qualified Football coaches and instructors. A professional touch is added to this sport by providing excellent facilities, training and opprotunities to the students who are trained to excel in this sport.
This club has been designed to develop a committed attitude to the service of humanity through adventurous activities like trekking, Camping, Training Program on First Aid, Disaster Preparedness and Health Awareness Activities. Channelizing the potential of young sports persons in the pursuit of excellence and buliding the champions' attitude in them by developing Motor Skills, Stamiona, Agility, Endurance, SPorting Spirit through professional training in Athletics.


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