Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021

 FELICITATION OF MERITORIOUS STUDENTS                                     - 2nd June 2018

The CBSE toppers of Class XII Session 2017-18 were felicitated in a special function organised by Salwan Education Trust for toppers of all Salwan Schools at India Habitat Centre on 6th June, 2018. The Students were awarded Certificate of Honour by the Chairman of respective school. The students expressed their roadmap ahead to pursue their passion with undeterred enthusiasm and contribute wholeheartedly to the service of humanity.

 SUMMER CAMP                                                                                                                                               Nursery to V - 14th to 18th May 2018
                                                    VI to IX - 21st to 25th May 2018

With an aim to channelize the potential of students in specific fields, school organized an exclusive and exciting summer camp. The five day camp gave them the feel of adventure, immersed them in the adventurous activities and taking fear out of them so that they can the stage with confidence. Each day started with aerobics making students more strong fit and energetic. It served as a warm up for the day long activities.
Summer Camp (Nursery-V) Highlights

  • Students developed the techniques to be more flexible through Surya Namaskar, Pranayam and Yoga Aasanas. These Yoga Aasanas improved breathing and digestion mechanism of the body, body flexibility and improves immunity too.
  • Students also showcased kicking, punching and defense positions of martial arts.
  • Through Self Defense techniques, young girls showcased how they are going to safeguard them in the time of difficulties.
  • After all the spectacular performances our dance performers displayed their dance moves by hitting the stage on a freestyle moves. They also displayed their hand and foot movements of Bhartnatyam on “Kanha More…..” song.

Summer Camp (VI-IX) Highlights
  • Students developed the techniques to be more flexible through aerobics which improved breathing and digestion mechanism of the body, flexibility and improves immunity.
  • Cricket players honed batting & bowling skills, hand-eye coordination, running speed and sound judgment.
  • Football players learnt various football strategies and tactics.
  • Guitar students performed playing through scales i.e. C, D, and G major scales, six chords and three different types of strumming patterns with rhythm . On the day of culmination of the summer camp, students showcased their talent on playing different chords, happy birthday song and “kahte hai khuda ne” song on guitar .
  • Students of semi classical dance group learnt the basic steps footwork and hand movements ,spins in kathak and free style dance moves.
  • After all the spectacular performances our dancers displayed their dancing moves by hitting the stage on freestyle moves. They also displayed their hand and foot movements of Kathak on “Kanha Manne naa…..” song.

 INDUCTION OF STUDENT COUNCIL                                                     - 3rd May 2018

“Leadership is about establishing credibility with those you wish to lead."                                                                                                                                             - Victor Antonio

The school inducted its Student Council 2018-19, comprising of 40 members in an 'Investiture Ceremony'. The ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Chairman of the school, Shri Parvesh Jaitley, Vice Admiral (Retd.)
The students put up scintillating music and dance performances. The members of Student Council were adorned with sashes in a formal ceremonial manner by the Chairman, Principal and Director.
The outgoing Head Boy of the school, Aditya Rawat passed the mantle of responsibilities and power to the newly elected Head boy, wishing him and his entire senate, success and victory in all their endeavours. This was followed by the entire council, along with the Head Boy- Hammad Siddiqui and Raina Panwar, pledging to uphold the vision and spirit envisaged by Salwan Institutions and carry out duties with integrity, faith and excellence by becoming the agents of regenerative change. The programme began with the welcome address by the Principal who emphasized on the role of the school to prepare children to meet global challenges while ensuring that they preserve the culture and heritage. A few helpful suggestions and advices on effective parenting were shared by her in order to reduce the anxiety of parents and make them comfortable.
Speaking on the occasion, the chairman urged the ‘young leaders’ to uphold the values of the school and discharge their duties honestly and impartially. He congratulated the Students Council and encourage them to learn the ways and means to manage and lead from the front.

click here to check the list of student council members

                                                                                                                   - 19th-13th April 2018

The academic Session 2018-2019 has brought newer avenues to explore and abundant goals to achieve. Keeping this in view, Orientation Programme was held for the parents of students studying in the Classes I-XII from 9th to 13th April, 2018 with an aim to provide them an overview of the schedule, programing specifics, classroom procedures, communication tools and some practices and protocols that are unique in every aspect.

The highlights of the programme are as under-

  1. The programme began with the welcome address by the Principal who emphasized on the role of the school to prepare children to meet global challenges while ensuring that they preserve the culture and heritage. A few helpful suggestions and advices on effective parenting were shared by her in order to reduce the anxiety of parents and make them comfortable.
  2. An overview of academic curriculum planner and the co-scholastic activities was shared by the activity incharge. The detailed information about the learning parameters, examination policies, assessment criteria and the innovative teaching methodologies followed in the school was also conveyed.
  3. The parents gained an insight into identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.
  4. Parents were also acquainted with the clubs offered in different subjects with a view to provide holistic development and this was appreciated by all.
  5. Parents were informed about Competitions / Olympiads / activities planned with an aim to provide sufficient exposure and preparing students for ranking in competitions.
  6. The school Counselor gave parents valuable tips on how to provide them a conducive atmosphere for them to grow and prosper. In an interactive session, the teacher answered the queries of the parents who actively participated in the brain storming.

                                                                                                                   - 25th January 2018

The 69th Republic Day Assembly consisted of a wide spectrum of activities, commenced with hoisting of the Tricolor by the Principal, Director, School Head Boy and Head Girl, followed by the National Anthem. This led to a mellifluous prayer recital 'Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri' by the school choir. The children enthusiastically exhibited their self-composed poems, showcasing wisdom and prudence while addressing a variety of issues, highlighting on the vision of Mahatma Gandhi, 'Be the Change You Want to See in the World'.

The variegated 'Colours of India' were presented by children personifying different roles such as those of a teacher, lawyer, politician etc, giving prominence to the ideology of one Nation, one Vision and one Identity. The dance performance 'Namaste India' and the chain of melodies presented by the school music band were reminiscent of the golden heritage and rich culture of our country.

Children imbibed in themselves the ideals of Justice, liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Unity in Diversity. They accepted Respect and Dignity as a code for living. The entire programme was a huge success and the chanting of patriotic slogan 'Jai Hind' echoed in the entire campus and left an everlasting mark on all.

                                                                                                                   - 22nd January 2018

"Vasant Panchmi" is an occasion which marks the advent of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. This day was celebrated in the school. The special assembly began with an invocation to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. This was followed by a rendition of the Saraswati Vandana and the hymn “RAAG Hindol” which awakened the inner psyche. An informative discussion was initiated among the students on the significance of the occasion, by Student Council Members. At the end, a beautiful dance "VARDE VEENA VAADINI" was performed to pay reverence to the Goddess Saraswati. In her address, the Principal motivated the students by saying 'one can dive deeper into the knowledge to get all the precious jewels of power and glory.'

                                                                                                                   - 12th January 2018

Library, Social Science and Science Department of the school visited 26th New Delhi World Book Fair organized by National Book Trust- NBT, Ministry of Human Development, and Government of India in collaboration with ITPO i.e. India Trade Promotion Organisation. With the message ‘Go Green’ loud and clear, the pavilion had on display books in several languages of well-known publishers from India and abroad. There were Indian publishers like National Book Trust of India, Pustak Mahal, Vishva Prakshan, Om Books etc. and internationally recognized names like, Oxford, Cambridge, McMillan, Scholastic, Hashtte etc. There were literary seminars and conferences besides activities for children, book launches and author interactions with participation by leading publishers.
Take-Away from the Visit -

  1. The departments explored Books, Periodicals and Journals Published both in and outside India, Teaching Aids, Educational Materials, and Stationary, Library & other Services and bought quality material for the children.
  2. Various cultural events and book bonanzas were keenly appreciated by the teachers.
  3. The teachers purchased material keeping in view both the libraries and they have come up with the rich sources to enhance the learning of the students.

                                                                                                                   - December 2017

The school offers horseback riding adventures for intrepid students seeking spectacular experiences.

In December 2017, the school organized Horseback Riding sessions for the students from Classes II to IX. Healthy and agile horses with a trained jokey from Dubai was arranged. The young equestrians were commove as they overcame new hurdles and challenges. The students were kept under proper vigilance and horses were suitably immunized. Horse Riding surely proved to be a great exercise and notably developed balance and coordination.

It served as a terrific therapy and a wonderful stress reliever while effectively teaching patience, discipline, understanding, empathy, compassion and absolute self-control.
These sessions served as a thrilling experience for one and all as the students learnt to counter their fears and appreciate Nature.

                                                                                                                   - 29th December 2017

Salwanians organized their Annual Winter Carnival on 29th December, 2017 with a great ardour and exuberance. Armed with unmasked creativity and immense talent, the Primary Students presented a Cultural Show Extravaganza in the presence of their parents on the theme 'The World - Our Home, Spreading Peace and Harmony’ based on different attributes of Childhood like Innocence, Selfless Love, Mischief, Imagination etc. The students enthralled the spectators with pulsating, vibrating and scintillating music and dance performances.

At the outset, even the Alumni of the school who have joined the IITs and topmost colleges of India shared with the parents - how school helped them in nurturing the values to forge ahead with confidence in career.

Thereafter, the students of class VI-XI hosted the Games and Food Stalls to ardently display their entrepreneurial, leadership, management and organization skills, which served as an opportunity for lifelong learning.
The Food Stalls contained a profusion of food items from National and International Cuisines like Italian & Chinese and the Game Stalls presented an abundance of exciting interactive games, giving everyone a merry break from routine.
Learning Outcomes

  1. The students worked as budding entrepreneurs managing different stalls and learning marketing management skills.
  2. The carnival helped in empowering the learners to transition from the role of student to confident manager availing the opportunity to operationalize newly acquired skills in a real-world setting.
  3. Under the cherishing umbrella of experiential learning, student in groups dealt with fellow students and parents and learnt to manage the things professionally.
The parents applauded the efforts of the students and the teachers which made the event a grand success.

                                                                                                            - 23rd December 2017

Christmas was celebrated keeping in mind the secular spirit of India to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God’s only begotten son.

The choir heralded the festive mood through the soul-stirring rendition of carols singing. To mark the birth of the Prince of Peace and learning from his life, the students presented the Play ‘Christ- The Savior’. The arrival of the Three Wise Men, the shepherds watching their flock and the angels who spread the message of the birth of the Redeemer, recreated beautifully what had happened thousands of years ago.

The play enlightened everyone about the significance of Christmas and value based life lessons from the life of Jesus Christ. Thereafter, students stunned the spectators with the spectacular Con Con and Freestyle Dance to express their joy, love and happiness with a strength of unity.
The entire school was bathed in Holy Spirit immersed in the festivities. The area was decked up in red, white and green.

The whole programme was coordinated by the Students Council through which they learnt the ways to manage and lead from the front.
Learning from the life of Jesus Christ:

  1. The life of Jesus portrayed through enactment left a broader message for the students that the deep longing for forgiveness and peace with God is the need of the hour.
  2. Students understood the urgency to cherish peace in this world of unrest and commotion, to be plenteous in mercy and to have the real spirit of Christmas.

                                                                                                                   - 27th December 2017

Salwanians are persistently contributing their efforts in sensitizing community towards the grim environment issues.

In the drive “Saving the Planet”, the students, parents and staff of the school joined an Environment Awareness Rally in Balram Nagar & Lal Bagh from 11:00 am - 1 p.m. The objective was to raise awareness to revive the health of our planet which has been deadly affected by the constant use of plastic bags and restore the ecological balance by using jute bags and cloth bags.

The vehement, energetic and vibrant mass procession marched ahead with full dynamism The highlight of the event was Street Play prepared by the students on the theme 'Say 'NO' to Polybags' and ‘Save Water'. The street play showcasing disastrous impact in 2050 was really an eye-opener for the residents who hadn’t considered this issue very alarming. Students raised slogans, displayed posters, interacted with commuters and distributed them the pamphlets on environmental preservation.

The rally was flagged off by Shri Nand Kishor Gurjar, Hon'ble MLA, Loni Constituency who joined this mission of ours and reiterated, “Salwanians have done a commendable job in raising awareness among the masses about this issue. The current water scarcity calls for an awakening and sincerity of actions.” He strongly emphasized on the urgency to save the environment and promised to take it ahead as the issue of national importance.
This rally worked as an eye-opener for residents and had an enlarging scope in encouraging the citizens for saving the planet from moving towards disaster.

                                                                                                        - 13th - 18th December 2017

The school organized comprehensive Medical checkup of the students from the classes Nursery to XII from 13th to 18th December, 2017. It was conducted by a team of medical experts from Simova Health Sciences which included dentist, orthopedic, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, physiotherapist, general physician along with their core members who examined the students from head to toe.
They assessed 1059 students over 250 health parameters as part of the online health portal to support both students as well as parents to keep comprehensive health record.


  • During the scheduled health assessment of the students, Simova’s team of doctors were able to actively evaluate and record the health and well-being of each and every student.
  • Electronic Health Record of every child is secured on a personalized digital online portal and relevant information is shared individually with parents across phones and emails, which creates lifetime benefits for every child enrolled.
  • Health sessions are regularly held in the school in which an awareness is spread among parents regarding health issues of their children. They also have one on one discussion with the doctors regarding serious ailments.

 Children’s Day Celebration: Awakening the Intellect, Wisdom and Inner Strength
                                                                                                                  - 14th November 2017

Children are the precious gems who transform into caring and sharing individuals, are equipped to make the right choices in life and grow up to be responsible citizens of the country & the world.

Children's Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 14th November, 2017 with a great fervor and gaiety to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawarhar Lal Nehru who emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children, the bright future of India. On this occasion, a special assembly was coordinated by the teachers with a vision to instill values among the students.

The teachers thoughtfully created an insightful skit ‘’ATRANGI SANSAR’’ with a message that over dependence on mobile phones and overuse of social networking sites may hamper their progress in career. They also learnt that mobile is the root cause of all the disconnect persisting in a person’s family and social life. The Self-Composed presentations through songs and poems by the teachers were well received by the students in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

Thereafter, to make this day more special, Self Defense Training Programme was organized for the girls to empower them with tricks and techniques of Self Defense. A workshop was undertaken for 450 students from the Classes III-XII in 3 sessions. The Expert Trainers at the National Level from EduSports Sayed Hassan Rezay {Two times World Championship Medallist (2008, Turkey and 2009, Denmark); 2010 South Asian Games Gold Medallist, International Coach and Currently in India with an Olympic Dream} and Nikhil Tyagi {Consecutive All India University Gold Medallist. National Medallist and represented India in World Universiade at Chinese Taipei} trained the girls to recognize and reduce risk, increase awareness in potentially dangerous situations and to provide with hands-on defense training. The girls exercised confidently to overcome any of the threats in future.
Parents appreciated this special gesture of the school and applauded it with a feeling of pride as girls acquired skills such as Sidekick, Fingertip Thrust, Open Hand Drive to overcome confidently the odd situations.
Students from the Classes III-X were shown a movie Life of Pi in their respective classrooms. At the end of the day, a friendly cricket match was held between teachers and students which was the most exciting attraction of the day.
Children were enthralled to have this special day and thanked their teachers for putting up a fabulous show for them.

 VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK  -     30th October to 3rd November 2017

In an endeavor to promote transparency, probity and integrity in the public life and to encourage fight against corruption, Vigilance Awareness Week was observed at Salwan Public School, Trans Delhi Signature City on the theme “My Vision-Corruption Free India”.

The details of the events conducted are as under-


The present ignorance of actions and the paralleling disastrous practices are wreaking havoc on our earth. The current scenario calls for an awakening, a new viewpoint and sincerity of actions. Keeping this in mind, Nukkad Natak Competition was held for the students of classes IX and X on the theme 'Save the Planet', under which, students took up sub-themes such as 'Say 'NO' to Polythene', 'Save Water', Organic Farming' and ‘E-Waste is lethal'.

Through the portrayal of real life situation in current scenario, students learnt to the Reuse through Water Conservation, Recycle through the use of carryout cloth bags, Reduce through Waste Management and Recover through Organic Farming.

The thought provoking themes of Nukkad Natak proved successful in offering a deep, long-term impact on the students in imparting the essential awareness to masses towards immediate actions to be taken to save the planet.

 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC COMPETITION BUZZED WITH RESONATING DRUM BEATS                                                                                                          - 31st October 2017

With the objective of promoting Western music, 140 students of Classes III to XI are learning Drums enthusiastically in collaboration with Trinity College London. To give them exposure and flight to their dreams, Drum competition was held for the Classes VI-VIII. The thunderous beats of the drummers were really heart touching and the untiring effort of children was visible through their performance of various styles such as Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, etc.
The names of the winners are as under-
Rudra Gairola (VIII-B) - I Position
Aryan Guleria  (VII-A) - II Position
Krish Gairola   (VII-B) - III Position

 'NO' TO CRACKERS, 'YES' TO FUN  -   17th October 2017

The Festival of Lights was celebrated with great gusto and fervour. Students actively participated and performed enthusiastically, making the occasion even merrier.
They thoughtfully came up with a vision of instilling valuable ideas to help their fellow students become successful managers, entrepreneurs and CEOs by gaining insight into various characters of Ramayana such as Lord Rama, Seeta, Hanuman, Sugreev, Ravana, Bharat, etc.
Learning Outcomes:

  • The message of each character of Ramayana portrayed by the students was to face the life crushing situations with confidence, have a sense of responsibility and value relationships
  • The pledge of celebrating a Pollution-Free Diwali was taken by all the students which encouraged them not to use crackers at all.


The popularity of fast food and instant meals is increasing with the onslaught of modern lifestyle. Keeping this in view, Master Chef activity was conducted for the Classes Nursery and KG to prove that homemade food is healthy and cooking is an enjoyable hobby that boosts creativity.
Students brought sliced fruits and vegetables in different shapes and sizes. They also got an opportunity to work as a chef to arrange a healthy meal platter for themselves. They were very excited when they donned their chef-caps, gloves and aprons and started decorating their plates. They decorated their plates and shared their food with their friends.
Learning Outcomes:

  • This activity enhanced the creative thinking skills of the students, developed their taste for healthy food and presentation skills to serve and share food with others and also infused team spirit in them.
  • Students also learned about nutritious values of various food items and importance of eating hygienic food.

 HINDI DIWAS CELEBRATION       -     14th September 2017

In a special assembly, the school celebrated Hindi Diwas to mark the significance of Hindi Language being declared as India’s national official language. On this occasion, Kavi Sammelan was organized in an unifying way with a perfect combination of all rasas such as Veers Ras, Shringaar Ras, Karun Ras,etc. The students recited heroic, aesthetic, humourous and satirical poems with a great confidence and perfect diction. Speaking on the occasion,the principal gave an insight into Hindi Dohas and poems in our daily life and urged everyone to feel proud of our National Language Hindi.

This proved to be an effective idea to highlight that language is a powerful weapon to spread the message of universal peace and fraternity.

 SCHOLARS’ DAY CELEBRATION      -     9th September 2017

The School celebrated Scholars’ Day with a great zest, vibrancy and elation to acknowledge the scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of the students. The event propelled the students to dream the sublime and higher to touch the momentous heights of success. The Chief Guest Shri Nand Kishor Gurjar, M.L.A. Loni Constituency, in his address, highlighted the contribution of the school in instilling values among students through a wide variety of cultural events. He congratulated the students for their exceptional performance in CBSE Class XII and X Examination.

The programme witnessed 200 students being recognized for their glorious achievements . The school honoured CBSE Scholars of the Session 2016-17 and 2015-16 of the classes XII & X and awarded them with Certificates of Appreciation. The students of other classes were also honoured with awards and certificates for their exceptional performance and achievements in the year 2016-17 in two categories i.e. Scholastic(for securing A1 in all subjects) and Co-Scholastic(for exemplary performance in Dance,Music, Arts and Sports at National and State Level). The students received awards and certificates by the School’s Chairman Shri Sushil Dutt Salwan.

On this momentous occasion, students put up scintillating music and dance performances. The cultural programme commenced with Ganesh Vandana depicting the auspicious aura of Lord Ganesha. It was a perfect combination of co-ordination and grace by the Dance and Choir. It was followed by a beautiful synchronization of five elements of nature-earth, water, fire, air and space,’’ which made the audience awestruck. The energetic band performance by senior students made the entire space echo.

In her address , the Principal Mrs. Sonia A. Verma congratulated the students for their placements in IIT Roorkee and Delhi, National Institutes of law, reputed CA and CS Institutions. She reiterated that the firm determination in the soul will help them progress beyond all formulas and equations. Hon’ble Chairman of the school appreciated the students for putting up a fabulous show. In his concluding remarks of environment conservation, he reiterated not to use plastic bags anymore. He conveyed to students and parents that over dependence on mobile may hamper their progress in career. Vote of thanks was given by Swati Singh the Sports Captain of the school. Parents present felt proud to see their children stay connected to the Vision of Founder Father Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan.

                                                                                                                 -7th September 2017

Salwan, being a treasure trove of Sports and Games always strives to cultivate the passion of emerging sportspersons from the very beginning. With the same vision in mind, an activity Sports Wonderland was conducted for the students of Nursery and KG.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Students developed their motor skills, presence of mind and resilience through a plethora of activities such as Jumping in Hoopla, Zig-Zag running, 30 m flat race, etc.
  • The activity aided to develop in them self-confidence, self-esteem, sound values, ability to cope with change, leadership skills, etc.

 TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION       -     5th September 2017

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the Student Council of the school put up a thought provoking and entertaining programme. The performance by the students included instrumental music by school orchestra, melodious compositions on teachers, a dance performance and Walk of Fame to honour teachers who had been working tirelessly for shaping up their lives. The day was further followed by teachers’ felicitation and entitlement.

 Teaching ☻Inspiring ☻ Practicing ☻ Delivering ☻ Succeeding  -  5th September 2017

Today's dynamic global economy is centered on the development and exchange of knowledge and information. Creativity, adaptability, critical reasoning, and collaboration are highly valued skills. Keeping this in mind, an integrated activity “Think, Strive and Progress” was organized for the students of classes IV and V.
Learning Outcomes

  • Students learnt to solve problems based on comprehension, collaboration, computation and creative thinking.
  • They not only finished tasks assigned to them in time but also helped their team members in solving their tasks.

 “Nurturing Young Seeds Leadership League’’  -     August 2017

The school collaborated with Zee Media, "Nurturing Young Seeds" Programme, to enhance communication and inter- personal skills of the students in order to stimulate their minds to explore and understand the world around them through the activities such as conducting interviews, TV Anchoring, etc. They enacted in front of the camera to avoid the stage fear. The objective was to groom the young journalists into impeccable community to work with entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Catch the Glimpses by clicking on the link below:


Students, parents and staff of the school celebrated Independence day and Janmashtami with a patriotic gaiety, fervor and a spirit of togetherness The lush green school ground buzzed with patriotic songs, shloka recitation and scintillating dance performance by the students.

The spectacular, impressive and a well synchronized March Past by Bharat Scouts and Guides heralded the celebration followed by Flag Hoisting and soulful rendition of National Anthem. In her address, the Principal, Mrs. Sonia Anil Verma said, ''We educate our students to embody the strengths and qualities of a soldier which symbolizes and encourages them to join Armed Forces. To commemorate the glorious victory of Indian Army , a contingent of 16 members comprising of students and staff visited Leh and Kargil on from 21st to 28th July,2017 to attend memorial service at Kargil on Vijay Diwas.''

In cultural Programme, a beautiful musical composition Ishwar Allah by the school band gave the powerful message of unity in diversity. The students of Nursery and K.G. also joined their hands to salute our war –heroes . The life of Lord Krishna is full of learnings. The message was conveyed through Shloka Recitation from the Verses of Geeta symbolizing the path of Karma, true friendship and Guru-Shishya Relationship to cultivate the true spiritual science and lead towards a world of pure, unending and blissful consciousness for lifetime. At the end, the students portrayed the true colours of ethnic indian culture with their kaleidoscopic dance performance from different states.

Mrs. Sonal, the parent representative encouraged the students to infuse in them the spirit of Unity and Integrity and bring transformation in the country. She applauded the efforts of the school in putting up such a fabulous show and highlighted the role of youth in empowering this nations by constantly raising their voice against discrimination, injustice and corruption.

Aditya Rawat, the Head Boy moved the vote of thanks the school who thanked all the parents in making this programme a grand success. He also appreciated the efforts of the members of students council in coordinating the programme.

The celebration continued with other events throughout the day such as Recreational Activities (Ladder Jump, Hurdle Race, Parachute Formation,etc.), Kite-Flying Competition, Art Competition and Flameless Cooking Activity.

The programme has left an indelible message on society that we must transform to become physically fit, emotionally strong, intellectually refined, culturally rooted, actively patriotic and spiritually uplifted with the vision of universal oneness so that India will be a superpower again.

INSTILLING THE CULTURAL VALUES      -     10th August 2017

Students are encouraged to serve as epitome of national identity and there is persistent dissemination of knowledge about the significance of history, culture and artistic excellence and achievements.

Imbibing the same in mind, Heritage Quiz was conducted. The objective of the Quiz Contest was to create awareness of history, culture, heritage and rich tradition of the country among the students. Four teams comprising of three students each from the Classes IX to XII participated the quiz. The questions ranging from ancient civilizations to industrial revolution, globalization, current economic and political scenario, etc were asked and answered.

The students exhibited their thoughtful inquisitiveness, acute consciousness and prompt responses to make the quiz lively and interesting. The winners were-  
Prakhar Pandey(X-B), Pratham Sharma(IX-A) & Parth Mittal(IX-A)


Wordathon Activity was conducted for the Classes I to III. Around 210 students participated in the same with great passion and energy.
In the quest for excellence, the activity aimed at broadening the students’ understanding by providing them with an avenue to integrate images, video, and other multimedia experiences into construction of key vocabulary words associated with it.
Students’ Expressions

  • Karunya Mishra of III-B said, “I was a little scared in the beginning but I confidently answered all the word challenges.”
  • Prisha of III-A was of the opinion that, “The activity was very interesting and enjoyable and we learnt to understand the words through amazing videos.”

  Learning Outcomes:
  • The activity helped the students in gaining access towards the world of words.
  • Through the mass participation, the activity assisted in motivating reluctant readers to come forward and share, using technology to engage students in literary instruction and building word power.

CREATING TREASURE FROM THE TRASH      -     27th July 2017

With an aim to make students able to utilize the techniques to transform waste materials into useful or attractive items, an activity Treasure from Trash was conducted. All the students of classes IV and V participated inquisitively wherein they created beautiful products related to social science by using waste materials.
The students of class IV made National symbols by using old CDs, Ice-cream sticks etc. and the students of class V made flags of different countries by using old clothes , egg carton etc.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Through this activity, students were groomed to carve the masterpieces out of discarded items, thereby valuing each and every ounce of the resource available to them.
  • An array of creative approaches by the students were adopted by the students and their masterpieces were displayed in the classrooms.

INTER-CLASS DANCE COMPETITION      -     17th July 2017

When we try to translate the vitality of our life energy into fluid moves, we dance.

The school is committed to create incredible opportunities for young dancers to exhibit their dancing caliber through high-energy, vivacity and electrifying moves.

On 17th July, 2017, Monday the students of classes I-V, danced their way into the hearts of the audience. The performances encompassed various styles of India–Punjabi folk, Rajasthani folk, Saraswati Vandana. Little stars of Class I and II hit the stage on Bollywood and Hollywood numbers.

The hall become colourful when little kids, dressed up in colourful costumes mesmerized all with their scintillating performance. Thery were constantly motivated and encouraged with the loud cheers by the audience.

Rajasthani folk, performed by students of class V was awarded with Ist position, Dance on English song performed by class II stood second, performance on "bum bum bole, masti me dole..." performed by class I students gained III position.

INTERFACE WITH PARENTS       -     13th - 15th July 2017

Parents play a pivotal role in building an empowered home environment as well as contribute to a powerful school environment.

With this very objective, the school organizes Parent Interface Programmes to nurture values and skills among the students. This year school insightfully came up with a thoughtful vision, with an intent to instill 21st Century skills among the students by imparting them a new experience and connecting with parents from diverse fields such as Medical, Engineering, Information Technology, Defense, Administration, Education, etc. Most of the parents used teaching aids and made presentations in order to usher interest of the children and make the class more interactive.

They compassionately and vehemently shared their life experiences. The students had storytelling sessions, narrations, presentations keeping in view the 21st Century Skills such as Decision Making, Problem Solving, Creative & Innovative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Effective Communication, Time Management, Interpersonal Relationships, Self – Awareness, Leadership, etc.

This programme gave parents a deeper insight into the grasping and understanding ability of the students. This interface turned out to be a very fruitful asset as it helped in creating a strong bond between the parents and the teachers. The 21st Century skills infused by the parents in the children will go a long way in bringing holistic development of the children and they will imbibe in them the personality traits such as positive attitude, righteousness, endurance, empathy, self-reliance, etc.


Budding artists displayed their unmasked creativity with vibrant imagination through an activity “Mural Wall Painting’’ on the theme "Imagination becomes real". The aim was to foster a sense of enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and hone the skills of wall designing.

Students of Classes IV & V made a scarecrow by using a pant and a shirt which earned them a profusion of praises. Moreover students of class VI-VIII carved designs on marble and coloured it. The spectacular tiles made by the students were then placed on the school wall.
Learning Outcomes:

  • The creative artists learnt to develop visual and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world.
  • The young visionaries learnt to create wonders out of conventional objects by further beautifying and adding a whole new dimension to them.


Goods and Services Tax (GST), the most-talked about recent comprehensive indirect tax in our country was discussed through an Inter-Class Wrangling of Words Competition was held for the students of IX-X on the topic ‘’GST: Boon or Bane’’. The participants, armed with viewpoints and statistics made their arguments more effective with their facial expressions, body movements and gestures. The competition took the shape of News Room Discussion when the speakers spoke vehemently on the issue and came up with their constructive solutions regarding the same. They cited instances to support them with suitable illustrations from to justify their stand. Through their thoughtful convictions, students were able to clear the concept of ‘One Nation, One Tax’ to all the students.




An Athletic Event for the primary students was conducted with a vision to inspire the athletes in the pursuit of excellence to develop Agility, Endurance, Sporting Spirit and Sportsmanship. The lush green track of the school playground buzzed with the display of speed, strength and stamina of the tiny tots who participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in Flat and Hurdle Sprints.
Winners are:

INDUCTION OF STUDENT  COUNCIL      -     18th May 2017

“Leadership is about establishing credibility with those you wish to lead."
                                                                                                                    - Victor Antonio

The school inducted its Student Council 2017-18 comprising of 40 members in an "Investiture Ceremony" held on Thursday, 18th May, 2017. The aim was to propel the students to dream the sublime and higher to contribute their efforts in Nation Building through effective leadership skills . The ceremony was graced by Dr. Munshi Md. Younus, Proctor & Assistant Professor, Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi.

Speaking on this occasion , the Principal Mrs. Sonia A. Verma motivated and encouraged the students to imbibe in them sense of responsibility & pride in them with a clear perspective , vision and passion to carry forward the rich legacy of Salwan Schools. She instilled in them that the skills they learn by being the members of student council would aspire them to be future CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and IAS Officers.

On this momentous occasion, students put up scintillating music and dance performances. The members of Student Council were adorned with badges and ties in a formal ceremonial manner by the Chief Guest, Principal and Director. This was followed by the entire council pledging to uphold the vision and spirit envisaged by Salwan Institutions and carry out duties with integrity, faith and excellence by becoming the agents of change. Standing with their heads held high, walking shoulder to shoulder, striving towards perfection, the student representatives, vowed to Preserve, Protect and Glorify the honour of the school.

The outgoing Head Boy of the school, Yash Prakash Yadav passed the mantle of responsibilities and power to the newly elected Head boy, wishing him and his entire senate, success and victory in all their endeavors. With new responsibilities placed on their shoulders, newly appointed Head Boy- Aditya Rawat and Head Girl- Arukshita Tyagi assured all the students of their commitment to serve with a difference.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest highlighted the efforts and opportunities provided by the school to the students to exhibit their talent and the contribution of the school in instilling leadership qualities among students.

Glory of the school was shared by the Salwanian song and it was a splendid moment to see all the students singing in chorus with soulful rendition.

Vote of Thanks was given by the school Director Retd. Col. Ashok Kaul who applauded the efforts of students for putting up a fabulous show. He congratulated the Students Council and encourage them to learn the ways and means to manage and lead from the front.

SUMMER FUN AND THRILL: SPONGE TARGET       -     13th May 2017

Sponge Target Activity was conducted for the students of Classes Nursery and KG with a view to enhance the Observation skills, hand-eye coordination and motor skills of the students.
Learning Outcomes:

  • The activity helped to encourage self-expression, and the development of joint and individual responsibility.
  • The students relished the combination of amusement and learning as they played the role of mini-commandos, hitting their targets meticulously with water balloons.

PERISHABLE RANGOLI       -     15th May 2017

The school imparts the education keeping in view the connect with nature. With an aim to make students environment sensitive, aware them about hazards caused by the chemicals and encourage them to use biodegradable waste materials which are eco-friendly, Perishable Rangoli Making Activity was held for the Classes IV-V

Students carved beautiful designed of rangoli with biodegradable waste materials like dried leaves, flower petals, newspaper cuttings, coconut shell, pulp, etc and they also shared the essence of not using synthetic chemicals.


21st century is characterized with the emergence of transformed society wherein the digital capabilities of the students play a pivotal role. To usher creative imagination and digital atmosphere, Digital Card Making Activity was conducted for the Classes VI-VIII.

The activity was driven by students’ originality, creativity and innovation where in the children showcased their incredible out of the box thinking and knowledge about Digital Card Designing.

They learnt to put across their inner insights through beautiful cards and sharpened their digital and technical prowess.


A Session on “Building Confidence through Communication” was conducted by the English Teachers of the school for the Classes VI-XII. The session dealt with the problem areas, development, types of communication skills at a personal and professional level. Students gained an insight into the existing communication challenges and channelizing these in the right direction.

The workshop focused on different brainstorming activities such as ‘collaborative problem-solving discussion’, ‘interpersonal communication mini-group exercises and role plays’ and ‘Simulation based on Leadership’. The session included a presentation, activities, quotes and some stories to make the best use of the opportunities.

The interactive session with the teachers was a well-attended one and enlivened with interesting anecdotes. This didactic and interactive approach encouraged the students to learn expressions while dialogue delivery through active participation.


It has become need of the hour to impart environmental education in its true spirit and highlight efforts to engage the student community in making a difference by providing concrete actions and behavior to actively tackle climatic changes.

Envisioning the same, the School organized Earth Week for the Classes I-V wherein a plethora of environment related activities were conducted to develop and enhance the moral sensibilities of the students. The activities included poem recitation, poster making, paper bag making, special assembly on Earth Day and tree plantation in which students were told about the current condition of the earth and how it is affecting our lives. Poem recitation was a medium to encourage little children to think wisely about the environmental challenges and put across their thoughts in a creative way. Through poster making, students creatively splashed their creative vision on canvas about preservation of nature and environment. In special assembly, students were guided about how they can save earth by being its true stewards. Paper bag making was a helpful activity to make them aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste and how it can be countered with alternatives like use of paper bags. Class representatives from the Classes I to V planted saplings of various medicinal plants like Aloevera, Patharchatta, and Tulsi and watered them. The Earth Week celebration offered multifarious opportunities to the students to learn about the issues and make a tangible environmental impact.

PARENT ORIENTATION PROGRAMME      -     25th March - 29th April 2017

“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”                                 Maria Montessori

Orientation Programmes are great opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip them for it. Keeping in view the same, the school conducted Parent Orientation Programme for the Classes Nursery to XII with the following objectives-

  • to familiarize the parents, “as partners in progress” with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities.
  • to share valuable experiences and apprise the parents with the skills needed for upbringing a dream Child.
  • to solve the queries of the parents related to academics and school policies

The Orientation Programmes for the parents of the Classes Nursery-KG, I-III, IV-V, VI-VIII & IX-XII were held on 25th March, 31st March, 1st April, 15th April and 29th April,2017 respectively. The highlights of the programme are as under-

  1. Seven Thrust Areas of the school i.e. Becoming a Brand in Academics(4 students cleared the entrance of IIT(Advanced); Catering National Level Competitions; Creating Path to Successful Careers; Healthy Life Habits & providing best possible opportunities w.r.t. resources & Infrastructure were shared by the Principal.
  2. An overview of academic curriculum planner and the co-scholastic activities was shared by the teachers. The detailed information about the learning parameters, examination policies, assessment criteria and the innovative teaching methodologies followed in the school was also conveyed.
  3. The parents gained an insight into identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.
  4. Parents were also acquainted with the hobby clubs offered in different subjects with a view to provide holistic development and this was appreciated by all.
  5. Parents were informed about Competitions / Olympiads / activities planned with an aim to provide sufficient exposure and preparing students for ranking in competitions.
  6. The school Counselor gave parents valuable tips on how to provide them a conducive atmosphere for them to grow and prosper. In an interactive session, the expert answered the queries of the parents who actively participated in the brain storming.
  7. Vote of Thanks was given by the Director who shared with the parents that each child has the potential to reach glorious heights and they should keep on chasing their dreams with firm determination.
  8. The respective class teachers were also introduced and parents were able to have an interactive and one on one session with them.


"Good Luck Ceremony" was held for the students of Class XII for the excellent results in Boards. The programme started with the auspicious Hawan Pujan in which Acharyas from Shanti Kunj Haridwar enlightened the students with spiritual wisdom, life management tips and advised them to concentrate on studies for a better future ahead.The atmosphere was filled with religious and divine fervor by chanting Mantras. Board admit cards were given to the students along with the warm blessings. After this religious ceremony,.students of Class XI put up a Cultural Programme. All the teachers of Class XII blessed the students with the wishes for their outstanding success in Boards.

The day ended on a memorable and happy note as Class XII Students remembered their school days with a lot of fondness and gratitude towards the School.

CELEBRATION OF BASANT PANCHMI  -            1st February 2017

To lead to spiritual enlightenment of the students and inculcate the values of serenity and calmness, Basant Panchmi Celebration was held in school. On this day, the school wore a festive look with yellow flowers and students were clad in yellow dresses to signify the month of the ripening of fruits and crops.

The celebration began with School Choir singing Saraswati Vandana and Strotas with soulful rendition followed by Classical Dance performance and a beautiful poem. The students and teachers shared their views on the significance of Basant Panchami emphasizing that the days of ignorance and gloom are over and the period of joy and spiritual awakening has begun.


Cherished with the vision to pursue their natural curiosity, creativity and give shape to their innovative ideas ,the students participated in Bal Vigyan Mahotsav held at K.D.B Public School, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. There were 40 participating schools and a total of 300 students in different activities related to Science and Technology. The theme of the competition was “Importance of water and measures to conserve water”.

The students secured 3rd Position in “Presentation on Eminent Scientists and their Inventions” and ‘Poetry Recitation on how to save H2O”. The events were successful in arousing the awareness among the students about water scarcity and concerns and inspiring children to devise innovative ideas and inventions towards water conservation.


The 68th Republic Day Celebration held in the school was a spectacular display of patriotic fervor and rich cultural diversity.

The special assembly started off with the Flag Hoisting and soulful rendition of the National Anthem. In his address, Director,Retd. Col.Ashok Kaul shared the relevance of Republic day and ushered in the students, the new hopes for a vibrant India.

The cultural programme was studded with dances and patriotic songs, while a fusion of music, dance and drama “Hindustan ki Shaan” presented by the students of Primary Wing depicted the emerging picture of new India. The senior students presented an enactment , “Let’s transform the Nation” through which they portrayed India as Secular Democratic Republic. The Principal addressed the students reiterated the sanctity of the occasion and urged them to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of the Nation.


The school envisions to inspire the athletes in the pursuit of excellence with an objective to develop Motor skills, Stamina, Agility, Endurance, Sporting spirit and Sportsmanship.

The school conducted Athletic Meet for the students of Classes I – V on 30<sup>th</sup> December, 2016. All the students of Primary Classes participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in all track and field events. The highlights of the event were March Past, Opening Ceremony, Performance Displays including Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Yoga, Aerobics among others. Thrilling athletic events 80m race, 100m race, Hurdle race, relay race.

The lush green track of the school playground buzzed with spirited display of speed, strength and stamina of all the participants and enthralled the spectators. Vote of Thanks was given by the principal Mrs. Sonia Anil Verma.


Continuing the fervor of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and the unwavering service towards the Nation through religious solidarity, Christmas was celebratd keeping in mind its sanctity and relevance. Father Jais Jose, a Roman Catholic Priest in the archdiocese of Delhi graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

The drummers heralded the festive mood by their resonating beats. The choir presented holy and divine Showers of Blessings ushering in the Christmas spirit followed by soul-stirring rendition of carols singing. To mark the birth of the Prince of Peace, the students presented the Nativity Play. The arrival of the three wise men, the shepherds watching their flock and the angels who spread the message of the birth of the Redeemer, recreated beautifully what had happened thousands of years ago.Students performed Santhali Dance to express their joy, love and happiness with a strength of unity.

In his address , Father Jais Jose enlightened everyone about the significance of Christmas and talked about value based life lessons from the life of Jesus Christ. Sharing the true essence of Christmas, he inspired the students to learn the importance of love and valuing relationships rather than attracting towards the materialistic world of 3G’s Glit, Gold and Glamour. He applauded the efforts of students for putting up such a fabulous show.

In an interactive session with the chief guest, students asked various questions on country wide topics and felt enlightened. The whole programme was coordinated by the Students Council through which they learnt the ways to manage and lead from the front.

The celebration left a broader message for the society that the deep longing for forgiveness and peace with God is the need of the hour.

                                                                                                                         5th December 2016

The School celebrated the 114th Birth Anniversary of Founder Father of Salwan Education Trust, Pt.Girdhari Lal Salwanji. In this memorable year of Platinum Jubilee Celebration, the students conducted a special assembly to pay sincere tribute to the Founder who established strong pillars of education in the country.The programme commenced with the prayer ‘Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua’, a song performance ‘It’s a happy day’ that spreads their joy of being a part of beautiful institution and a dance performance symbolizing the hopes and dreams that the Founder Father has blessed us with. The School Director Retired Col. Ashok Kaul encouraged the students to imbibe in them the virtues of the Founder such as passion, curiosity, consideration and compassion to lead a successful life. The Principal Mrs. Sonia A. Verma inspired the students to strive for excellence and carry the rich legacy forward.

KALA KRITI      -     30th November 2016

Armed with colours and bright ideas, 8 students from our school along with 100 other participants from 13 academic institutions splashed their creative vision on canvas at the Kalakriti- an Inter-School Art Festival held at Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School, Rajendra Nagar.  A team of renowned artists comprising of Ms. Purnima Sharma,  Mr. Kulbhushan  were present in the Kala Kriti Festival. The Event was organized in four categories- Drawing & Colouring, Clay Moulding, Origami and Model out of waste.

UBHARTE KAVI      -     25th November 2016

To develop recitation skills, confidence and social and emotional skills, Bal Kavi Sammelan ‘’Ubharte Kavi ‘’was organized with great zeal and zest for the students of Classes I – III. The students in dress of poets amused the audience with their poems and brought laughter to audience.The parents applauded the efforts of the students for presenting beautifully the pearls of poetry.At the culmination of the programme, all the participants were awarded with the famous Indian books i.e. Panchtantra by Vishnu Sharma, Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and Wings of Fire written by Dr. Kalam.

SALWAN CROSS COUNTRY RUN      -     6th November 2016

Thrilled with zeal and passion, twenty four students along with four teachers of the school participated in Salwan Cross Country Run held on Sunday 6th November,2016 at Brar Square Delhi Cantt. On the smoggy morning, over 52,000 children gathered in Delhi's green cantonment to participate in the world's largest marathon of school students. The marathon witnessed participation from various schools across India, including children from regions such as North-East, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Indian Olympians - boxer Shiva Thapa and national record holder in shotput Manpreet Kaur - also participated in the event.In the category Under 18 Munafsar Chaudhary secured 31st Position whereas in the race Under-16,Nandini and Afsana secured 67th and 45th place respectively.In the category Under -14, Nikandan was at 87th Place, Arya Pal finished at 89th Place and Rohan Chaudhary and Hardik Sharma were at 90th and 93rd Place respectively.


With an aim to educate and train the students for an unforeseen emergency situation like fire, earthquake, the school conducted a mock exercise and evacuation drill. Several tips during the emergency situation were discussed to sensitize the staff and students about life saving and rescue techniques in case of fire. Students also shared their view about the significance of Mock Drills in school.

INDIA DRIVE    - 3rd October 2016

Graffiti Making Activity on Clean India Drive was held for the classes XI and XII. The aim was to promote awareness about sanitation and cleanliness in India because children deserve good sanitary practices such as clean school toilets, clean surroundings, and information on hygiene to portray their thoughts. Each team of four members poured the innovative ideas with exuberant and vivacious colors, patterns on the chart paper.

Group Activities of Mathematics to Enhance Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking

The Study of Mathematics leads to logical and analytical thinking and its learning and teaching enables the enhancement of 21st Century skills. Keeping the objective in mind, various collaborative activities were conducted such as Math Quiz (I-V), Math-Relay Race (VI-VIII) and Sudoku Challenge (IX-X). In Math Quiz, the students were asked questions ranging from names of mathematicians symbols to numerical ability. Basic arithmetic skills to comprehension of few relevant concepts were tested in the quiz of five rounds. 4X100 meter math relay race turned the students in a very excited mood. In the beginning of the race participation, students were handed over a question paper consisting of four math questions. As per the rule each participants had to solve a problem and then he/she had to run and pass it to the next runner. Sudoku Challenge aimed at triggering the love for Mathematics in students and aroused their curiosity to complete the challenge.

Students also shared their experiences related to various innovative practices, which have gone a long way in making the teaching and learning of Mathematics interesting and meaningful.

   essay contest and a group discussion round by Nanhi Chhan Foundation    
                                                                                                         - 9th September 2016

Fifteen students of the school attended a Group Discussion Programmeorgainzed by NanhiChhaan Foundation at Vasant Valley School, VasantKunj. For the third consecutive year, NanhiChhaan Foundation organized a national level essay contest with a different topic “Refugees are our collective concern”. The top 10 finalists displayed immense understanding and sensitivity on the issue and also showcased exceptional oratory skills during the group discussion round. The jury of eminent personalities including Mr. RajendraPawar, Chairman-NIIT, MsSatyavatiBerera- Chief Operating Officer of PwC India, Mrs. Indira Mansingh- Chief Advisor at Development Alternatives, were amazed by the thoughtfulness, depth and purity of thoughts expressed by the participating students.

Chief Guest Shri KirenRijiju, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs congratulated the students and said, “The refugee problem is a complex problem involving humanitarian issues as well as rights of the indigenous people. The government must listen to voices including that of children and take action that is in the best interest of the nation.”

Mr. Harpal Singh, Chairman NanhiChhaan Foundation, said, “A civilized society is one where refuge is provided to the seeker, where the young become champions in support of the poor and the disadvantaged and where empathy and giving become societal norms. Through the schools essay contest NanhiChhaan hopes to develop an ethos where India's children engage with the country's social agenda.”

At the end of the programme, the students presented a mesmerizing classical dance performance and enthralled all present there.

   ... highlighting the importance of Hindi language in today's era - 6th - 7 thSeptember 2016

The school celebrated Hindi Diwas with anattempt to promote and highlight the importance of vernacular language and to explore the hidden talents of the students. The students enthusiastically showcased their linguistic skills as they participated in various inter-class activities like SulekhLekhan for the class I-II, Doha Recitation for the classes III-V and KaviSammelan for the Classes VI-X.

The students recited poems of acclaimed Hindi poets like Dr. Ashok Chakradhar, Dr. HariomPawar, GopaldasNeeraj, Dr. Keerti Kale and KavitaKiran with great confidence and perfect diction. They learnt that poetry is the weapon to fight with the evils prevalent in modern day society.

The celebration of Hindi Diwas proved to be an effective idea to spread the message that we Indians must learn to speak correct Hindi and get acquainted with the aesthetic sense of the language.

               .........Celebrating the birth anniversary of Dr. Radhakrishnan   5th September 2016

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the student council of the School honored the teachers for their tireless effortson behalf of all the students by organising a special assembly. The students appreciated their teachers by celebrating the day with various dances, songs, poems, thankyou notes talks, melodious compositions etc. for the vital role that teachers play in supporting students and strengthening the future of the nation. The students also recognized that their teachers long hours and hard work go into designing challenging lessons, guiding students through their learning, providing feedback to students, engaging with parents and families, collaborating with colleagues, staying abreast of research & changes in content & pedagogy & leading. The students showed their greatfulness for the teachers are their source of inspiration. With immense gratitude…

SAMMAN DIWAS CELEBRATION     -  20th August 2016

In continuation of the effort to inculcate among students, a sense of respect for the Armed forces of the Nation , sixty members from the school including students, staff and parents witnessed the celebration of “Samman Diwas” on Saturday, 20th August’2016 at Salwan Public School,Gurugram. 170 donors including parents and staff members from all branches of Salwan Schools donated blood generously to Army hospital and Red Cross Bank to show their gratitude towards the soldiers.

Various activites like Photo shoot, Canvas Painting, Nukkad Natak, song and dance performance were organised to make the Jawans enjoy their day to the fullest. The students laid Wreath on Amar Jawan Jyoti to show their gratitude towards Indian Armed Forces. They also interacted with the Jawans (from NSG and Commando Regiment of Delhi) and learned life lessons from their experiences.

Image Editing Competition     -  17th August 2016

To escalate the interest of students an Inter Class Image Editing Competition for Class IX & X, through GIMP software, was organized on 17th August 2016. The theme of the event was “Spirit of Free India” in which students were provided with the digital photos depicting culture, freedom fights, national heroes, and Slogans, they mixed and merged the images to display the idea of free India.

It gave them a platform to showcase their creativity and display the learning from regular class routines. Students retouched the photos and portrayed a colorful picture by transferring the knowledge to each other.

There were five teams to compete, representing a class and a section. The result was judged by Mrs. Meeta Bhandula, HOD –IT & Vice principal and Mr. Shalender, HOD Arts. Questions were asked from the students to check there knowledge of the tools they used. Results are:

  • First Position : Team IX B (Tapish Rawat & Manmohan Negi)
  • Second Position : Team IX A (Rishi Dhama & Aman Khan)

Inter- House Nukkad Natak Competition     -  27th July 2016

With an aim to raise awareness to protect and promote the rights of all children, especially the right to receive a free and meaningful education,the school organised an Inter-House Nukkad Natak Competition. The street play performed by the students conveyed the message that children must avail education compulsorily and the parents must put all their efforts to ensure that their kids are not deprived of any right. Mother Teresa House was declared as the winner for their real portrayal of the situation highlighting the subtle nuances of chlidlabour.

Vanmahotsava Celebration...
              ...acquainting the children with bounties of Nature 27th July ,2016

Climate change has become the most debatable issue at present. Through active engagement, reflection and focus on this issue, the school shoulders the responsibility to the students from time to time to contribute their selfless services for the preservation of environment.

Charged with the same spirit the school celebrated Van Mahotsava through a special assembly wherein the students of Primary Wing recited poems; gave a scintillating dance performance, enacted a drama and delivered speeches in order to show their concern for deteriorating environment in large numbers planted saplings too.

We honor children and their ideas through the use of meaningful, beautiful, accessible materials that make them inquisitive learners with endless potential.

Inter Salwan Science Competition - 23rd July, 2016

The endeavor of the school has always been to generate knowledge, awareness and creative thinking by engaging students in cutting-edge research and develop scientific temperament to its fullest extent. With this insightful vision, seventeen students participated in ‘Tech innovation 2016’ an Inter Salwan Science Fest at Salwan Public School, Gurgaon.

They learnt about the various scientific concepts like space technology, water conservation and management, and scientific reason applied behind day to day life.

An array of activities such as

  • Quiz Competition [IV-V]
  • Quiz Competition [IV-V]
  • Paper Presentation (VI-VIII)
  • Model Making (IX-XII)
  • Create and Innovate (VI-X)
were held.
The students Pratham Sharma (VIII-B) and Parth Mittal (VIII-B) made the school proud by winning the first position in the category Paper Presentation.They impressed all with their highly imaginative ideas and insightful thoughts on space technologies.

Inter-House Alchemy Competition
                                              ...igniting the imaginative minds - 23rd July, 2016

The school organized an Inter - House Alchemy Competition for the classes IX-XI.The objective in organizing such an event was to develop scientific attitude to create, inculcate and sustain a scientific research amongst young innovators. The three students from each house explained the various laws and theories of science with practical demonstration. Mother Teresa House (Team - Mohd. Saif Ansari-XI A, Mahira Ahmed-X-A, TusharTyagi-IX-B)was declared as the winner.

PARENT INTERFACE PROGRAMME - 14th to 16th July, 2016

In continuation of its effort to strengthen Parents -School relationship, an Interface Programme was organised on the theme ''Role of Mothers in nurturing, teaching and fostering goodness''.

The objective was to nurture in students the ''Respect for women and the importance of love and affection.'' To welcome this initiative of the school, mothers as participants shared their life experiences with a focus on value based lessons, motivational talk, safety tips, gender sensitization, subjective knowledge, professional guidance, storytelling, poems etc.

Students felt motivated and opened their heart to them in an emotionally charged atmosphere by learning value based lessons.

EMERGING LEADERS    -  25th July, 2016

We feel delighted to announce that Salwan School has now opened the international doors for all of its students. The School has stepped forward to provide international learning and growing opportunities to students to enable leadership program was organized in collaboration with Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Ms. Jeenifer Slat was the resource person for the program. She holds Master’s degree in International Education from Oxford University (UK) & is a researcher at a Deekin University, Australia.

This program connected Salwanins with ACER to share ideas, gain practical skill & network with one another. Students came together to expand their existing leadership knowledge, challenge their personal leadership goals & discover new ideas to help them make a difference in their own School & community. At the end of the program the participating students were awarded with certificates by ACER.

CELESTIAL SHOW      - May 9th, 2016

The phenomenon called the Transit of Mercury had many earthlings pretty excited. The 7.5-hour transit was in view for the first time since 2006 on May 9, 2016. The transit was not only rare but it also provided an opportunity to see Mercury easily.

The planet Mercury is normally difficult to see because it is so little but when it passes in front of the sun, it creates a silhouette, making it a lot easier to spot.

Salwanians joined the other astronomy lovers at Vigyan Prasar, Noida to have an exceptional view of the transit. Such transits of Mercury happen only 13 times in the century and not all of them are visible from all parts of the world.

Salwanians joined the other astronomy lovers at Vigyan Prasar, Noida to have an exceptional view of the transit. Such transits of Mercury happen only 13 times in the century and not all of them are visible from all parts of the world.

This event provided space enthusiasts an opportunity to safely view the transit through special telescopes that filtered out the harmful UV and infrared rays.

DISCOVERY ZONE    - April 25th to April 28th, 2016

At Salwan School, we are very proud of our inspiring and unique facility. From spacious indoor classrooms to an amazing outdoor playground, our space is ideal for successful learning from our hand-on curriculum. Our age appropriate settings help develop the social and practical skills that encourages imagination in each and every child.

Daily activities are designed based on a pre-planned theme and are led by our Montessori teachers.

“Beat the Heat” was an activity conducted by the Montessori teachers for the children from April 25 to April 28, 2016 with an aim to unleash their creative, physical and socio-emotional skills while having fun. Students acquired various skills like gross and fine motor development, eye-hand coordination etc. through fun filled activities including visual images of fruits and vegetables and the various things they require to protect themselves in summer.

The activity had an exciting new theme to keep the spirits high, promote fun while also challenge the mind with exploratory activities.

The exciting environment provided dozens of delightful ideas for incorporating physical play and learning throughout the day that allowed children to move their bodies and participate in games involving variety of skills.

                                                                                                  - 30th April, 2016

The school celebrated Achiever day and Investiture Ceremony on Saturday, 30th April, 2016.The events aimed at propelling the students to dream the sublime and higher to touch the momentous heights of success. The celebrations of Achiever's Day was marked to acknowledge and appreciate scholastic and co-scholastic achievers. The programme witnessed 200 students being recognized for their glorious achievement. The school honoured CBSE Toppers 2015 of the classes X and XII and awarded them Rs. 11,000 each and Certificates of Appreciation. The students of other classes were also honored with awards and certificates for their exceptional performance and achievements in the year 2015-16. The students received awards and certificates by the Chief Guest Shri Paramjeet Khanna, Hon'ble Trustee Member School Management Committee. On this momentous occasion, students put up scintillating music and dance performances. The Kaleidoscopic Achiever's Day Ceremony was followed by “Investiture Ceremony”, where young leaders beaming with pride were bestowed with the powers to perform their responsibilities and duties. Its sole purpose was to enable the students to learn the ropes of leadership in their years of schooling. Guest of Honour , Shri B.L. Khurana, Honorable Trustee, Vice Chairman, School Management Committee, adorned the students with Ties and Badges. This was followed by the entire council taking oath to discharge their duties with sincerity and fulfill everyone's expectations by becoming the agents of change. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest highlighted the contribution of the school in instilling leadership qualities among students. The Principal, Mrs. Sonia A. Verma shared the efforts and opportunities provided by the school to the students to exhibit their talent. Parents present felt proud to see their children stay connected to the Vision of Founder Father Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan.Glory of the school was shared by the School Song.
Names of Achievers...
Prefectorial Board...



Inter class extempore competition was held in the School for classes III to V. The aim of this contest was to stimulate an active interest in current affairs at the state, national and international levels, and to teach the student to present spontaneously in a clear and independent manner the facts about a subject as they appear in the best available sources of information.
The oral contest gave an insight to the students to have a strong challenging urge to advocate reforms or outline solutions for problems. 
The event marked a stellar art of oration  where the listeners were ethicized with oratory ,vigor and gusto of the young orators who with their viewpoints used with wits ,ideas and expression beautifully
The names of the winners of the competition are as follows-


                                         ............nurturing values through books - 23rd April, 2016

The World Book and Copyright Day was celebrated in the School with the aim to nurture creativity, promote reading to make them discover the pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable learning beyond the classroom and learning by doing. Different Events and results declared are as under-

Book Cover Design  VI A & VI B  1st – RhythemRanjan (VI A), Goon Mishra(VI B)
2nd – Aaradhya Ruhela (VI B), Sarthak Khandpal (VI A)  
2 Quiz Competition VII A & VII B
VII-A won the Quiz-
Tanisha Mittal , Lakshay Teotia, Aastha  Garg
3 Just A Minute VIII A & VIII B Class VIII A - 1st-Aashi, 2nd-Mahi
Class VIII B - 1st-Anusha, 2nd-Saurabh
4 Display Board Decoration VI to VIII

Winning ClassesClass VI A, Class VII  A, Class VIII  B

MAHAYAGYA - Commencement of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
                                                                                                           22nd April, 2016

It’s a matter of great pride that “SALWAN EDUCATION TRUST” strides into its 75th Year and the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations unfold its glorious service & assure the world of greater thinking & evolution. To invoke the Almighty’s blessings before commencing the year long celebrations. A ‘Maha Yagya’ was conducted at SPS, Rajendra Nagar grounds on 22nd April 2016, where Acharayas from Kaashi offered prayers to Almighty for equipping us to better train & impart skills to the future generation in helping & saving humanity for a greener, peaceful, compassionate & happier world.
In this Maha Yagya 12 Kunds were placed where 11 Kunds represented the 11 branches of Salwan Schools and 1 represented the Salwan Trust. Maha Yagya started with a 'Shubh Aarambh' at 7a.m. where Directors, Principals,Teachers, Parent’s representative, Head boy , Head girl and workers of each School offered their prayers to Almighty with the help of Acharayas at their respective kunds followed by Purna Ahuti and Aarti .
Students of Salwan school mesmerised the gathering by singing the first prayers of 1941 and 1948 "Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua" and “Pitu Maat Sahai”. Key note address was given by Harpal Singh ji who spoke about the glorious journey of Salwan Schools. The Chairman Mr. Sushil Salwan thanked everyone for sparing their precious time for this auspicious occasion. The programme was concluded with a Shukarana given by students of Salwan. Distinguished guests, Alumnis, approx 7000 students from all branches of Salwan and staff members witnessed this event which was one of its own kind and the sounds of the chantings and the aroma of the havan touched the each soul present there.
Students who witnessed the ‘Maha Yagya’ learned to imbibe virtues like self-sacrifice, generosity, self-restraint and charity and how to offer prayers to God by surrendering our body, mind and egos at the time of Yagya. They also learned about our Vedic culture and how to harmonize the ecological balance by converting the atmosphere into the heavenly atmosphere by listening the mantras offered to God during the Yagya.


To raise awareness and understanding of the environmental issues among the children and to instill a sense of responsibility to protect and preserve the environment a special assembly had been organized by the Green Brigade club of the school on the occasion of Earth Day. A talk had been delivered to sensitize students towards the environment and how by undertaking small tasks a big change can be brought was discussed. Also through a small role play the condition of the past, present and future earth was showcased. The assembly was concluded by the motivating and encouraging words of the Vice Principal of the school. She firmly talked about the car pooling and use of public transport to reduce the pollution in the city, making our school a plastic free zone etc.

            ...........nurturing the Art of Elocution and Effective Communication
                                                                                                18th April, 2016

“Discretion of speech is more than eloquence; and to speak agreeably to him with whom we deal is more than to speak in good words or in good order.” Keeping in view the essence of eloquence, the school organized “Inter class impromptu competition'' for classes VI to X 18th April,2016 . The main objective was to help students develop confidence to formulate their thoughts quickly and deliver a well-organized as well as an engaging speech. The competition involved a healthy exchange of arguments with the eleven participants in the first round in which they got topics through cards chosen randomly. The five finalists faced the exec panel who raised questions from country wide topics keeping in view the knowledge and curiosity of young minds that demanded the change from the society. The school believes such foundation will set the stage for further instruction on spontaneous speeches and oral interpretations. The outcropping is as follows:

  • Shivansh Singh - Best Orator (category VI to VIII)
  • Arpan Tyagi       - Best Orator (category IX to X)

ATHELTIC MEET - 11th April 2016

For the students of Class IV –V, a sports event, Athletic Meet was organized. The objective of the event was to develop Motor skills, Stamina, Agility, Endurance, Sporting spirit and Sportsmanship among students. Events Conducted were 100 m race, 100 m obstacle race and Medicine Ball throw. 100 obstacle Race and Medicine ball throw for both boys and girls was organized. Total 185 students participated in this Athletic Meet. The sports events kicked off with 100 m race. After this exciting start the various events lined up for the day quickly progressed.


The Centrality of Career in an individual’s life has brought out the need for Career Guidance and Counseling in the educational system.
Realizing the significance of the same, a Workshop on Career Counseling/opportunities was organized for parents of classes IX-XII on 8th April 2016 in the School’s Multipurpose Hall.
The Workshop session was conducted by the School Counselor; who deliberated upon the necessity of understanding ‘Psychological perspective to Career/Career Development’. The spirited attempt of the School and the Counselor was to empower Parents for providing effective assistance to their children in this very crucial stage of raising and guiding them.

ORIENTATION PROGRAMME, 28th March to 8th April 2016

An Orientation Programme is a school’s definitive step in partnering with parents in the holistic development of their ward. It is also an ideal opportunity for the school to connect with parents. Keeping this in mind the school organized its Orientation Programme for the parents. The highlights are –

Nur-KG classes – Speaker Dr. Bhavna Barmi, Clinical Psychologist, Fortis Hospital oriented the parents on ‘’Child Rearing Practices and Upbringing of a Child”. She shared her valuable experiences and apprised the parents with the skills needed for Upbringing a dream Child.

Classes I – XII – >Staff oriented the parents on :

  1. The planning for session 2016-17 with information pertaining to Almanac, Annual calendar, Curriculum planner and Examination policy.
  2. The hobby clubs offered in different subjects with a view to provide holistic development were shared with the parents.
  3. Competitions / Olympiads / activities planned with an aim to provide sufficient exposure and preparing students for ranking in competitions.
  4. The session ‘Behavioral concerns in adolescence’ age group of students was conducted by school counsellor for the parents to connect with their children better.
  5. Practices to curb bullying and also the CBSE notifications for the same were addressed to the parents.

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