Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021

Director's Message

A reflecting mind in the company of a discerning eye would reveal that the genesis of everything sound in the society can be attributed to the presence of sound edifice of education. At the same time, education, or the lack of it, has to assumethe onus for the frailties and ills afflicting the society. It will be safe to say that every problem facing the society is in some way related to the lack of value education that we need to provide to our future generations. The ‘lack of value’ presupposes that perhaps the process of imparting education has been reduced to just imparting information – without relating its value to the larger, real life.

It is important for the educationists, particularly at the school level, to accept that the ultimate panacea of all the ills of the society, if there is one in this age, actually lies in the school education. For a society beset with firmed up world views, change can only be initiated at the school level, but with a long gestation period. Such an enormous assumption of onus must be accompaniedby the overarching sense of responsibility towards the very sense of wellbeing that we aspire to see in our society and country. These are the precursors of the evolutionary process that needs to be initiated, whose results will be visible only after two to three generations. Good work in this direction is happening in various segments but it will take long before even the ripples are visible.

Anyone envisioning change will strive to discover a trigger that can have a long term impact on this very process of change in an effective and sustainable basis. This trigger eludes the thinking process for there are numerous counter forces at play confounding the vision. The next best alternative is to get down to the fundamentals and then carve the way forward. The chasm between the education and the real life has been largely identified by numerous stakeholders as the very fundamental issue affecting the life force of education as a process.

At Salwan Public School, it is realized that embedding the connect between “cause & effect” in every facet of their learning process, in the young, impressionable minds can be the trigger to achieve the bridge between the education and the life, and make school education truly relevant. We envision our children to become the justly empowered and responsible citizens of the world who will develop the sense of ownership for the life and its depths by learning responsibility for everything they learn, think, speak or perform, by understanding the impact of each of these. It is our endeavour to take the learning process to the level where the children get to discover themselves -each one crafted specially by the Divine for a special role in the universe; as an individual who will enrich the world at large with her knowledge, imagination, positive attitude, respect for herself and everyone else, and finally a deep sense of freedom; as an individual who is as much at peace with herself as with the world; and who will pass on the world to the next generation with a sense of ‘feel good’ having steered it well. We envision our children to be the leaders in every field they enrich.

This can only be achieved with total assimilation, absorption and sublimation of energies of all the stakeholders – the children, the parents, the teachers and everyone that makes the sense of identity of the institution a reality. The journey is on to realize this dream happen and let us undertake it with joy as much with a sense of purpose!

Shri S.N.Jha, IAS (Retd.)
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