Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021


The School Library has one of the best and enriched collection which is basically a mix bag of Course books, Entertainment, Infotainment and Knowledge Panorama which gives a wide spectrum which will enchance and broaden the mindset of a child and these books will also help to compete with the outside world in a more better way. The library in a more sensible meaning is a pillar to any institutition and guiding force which give wheels to the whole education system and the school in a more particular way.

The collection includes extra books related to a particular subject which gives more knowledge and the manner on how to deal with the subject matter. The library also have Encyclopedia, Reference books such as "Tell Me How" series, Biographies of noted personalities. Story books such as Hardy Boys series, Nancy Drew series, Sherlock Holmes series, Goosbumps series etc. A special area have been embarked for the Juniour Classes and Montessori classes where books for them have been given a special place.


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