Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021
As the Salwan Education Trust strides into its’ 75th year, the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations unfold its glorious service and assures the world, of greater thinking and evolution.
A dedicaed logo for the Jubliee Celebrations has been designed and is reflected on all our publications.
To inculcate the spirit of tolerance & togetherness and to uphold the values of humanity, the Platinum Jubilee Programme commenced with a ‘Maha Yagya’ on April 22, 2016.......
Celebrating the spirit of secularism, IBADAT-E-RAMDAN was celebrated on July 4, 2016 in all SET Schools. 
Upholding the spirit of patriotism, Salwanians visited Kargil from July 20, 2016 to July 28, 2016 to pay a special tribute to our Armed forces stationed there....
A Gurbani recital followed by Guru Ka Langar hosted on the occasion of Gurpurab on 11th November.


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