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Workshop on 3D Printing: Pursuing the passion through STEM – 2nd November, 2017

With an objective to keep our students abreast of latest trends in Information Technology and to provide exposure to the revolutionizing technologies, a day long workshop on 3D printing was organised for students of Classes III to XII through product engineers from 3Dexter company.

The resource persons briefed students about the fascinating technique of 3D printing and demonstrated the workflow of the printer.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students came to know about application of 3D printing technology in Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive Industry, Consumer Electronics and in manufacturing of Medicine products. They also came to know about additive manufacturing method and Polyamide material used in 3D printing.
  2. After every session students had an interactive session where they asked questions and that clearly showed there excitement to use this printer. Their idea of creating a working robot through the printer was thought provoking.
  3. Children also had a hands-on-experience of the 3D printer and they created some interesting objects during the workshop.
Students learnt to create prototypes of the real life objects. The workshop gave a clear view to the students that the combination of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering(STEM) is the combination which they need to study for making a successful career.


In order to help parents realize the child rearing practices, the school organized the counseling Session “Raise yourself before Raising a child” for the parents of classes I-V in the school’s multipurpose hall. The resource person for the session was the School Counselor, Mr. Moonis Iqbal who has an extensive work experience in multiple fields.

It was indeed a very healthy, interactive and informative session for the parents which presented a forum where they could exchange their thoughts with the counselor as well as pick up new ideas that would empower them and guide them in raising their children and will eventually enliven the relationship.

The counselor discussed about various parenting issues and how to overcome the communication gap among the parents and children. The beneficial parenting tips given by him were really praiseworthy. It was an enhanced learning and insightful experience for the parents as it allowed them to be reflective and at the same time be aware of the realities of their child’s psyche.


With an objective to discover the potential, utilize it to the fullest and make wise career choices based on their aptitude and potential,students of Class XII(Science and Commerce Stream) got an opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘Specialised Programmes in Engineering and Law’ conducted by UPES(University of Petroleum and Energy Studies) at Hotel Surya, New Friends Colony Delhi.

Students had an interaction with Eminent Professionals and scholars Dr. Ajay Prasad(Associate Professor), Mr.Anand Sahay(CEO, Xebia IT Architects India(P) Limited and Dr. Ashish Verma(Associate Professor) who answered all the queries of the students and encouraged them to opt for a career path which can cherish their dreams in a productive way.

Students were apprised with step by step process of overcoming any challenge to analyze the problem first and then to solve it by planning effectively and efficiently.

The workshop proved successful in sharpening the skills of the students, building their foundation of knowledge and facilitating the learning through which they can take their career to the highest level.

                    ... An Effort to Create College and Career Readiness – 15th October, 2016

 In an effort to upgrade the students with the necessary skills required to excel in the 21st Century, a workshop was held on 15th October, 2016 for the students of the classes IX to XI on the theme: “21st Century Skills”. In an interactive session with the students, the resource persons Ms. Deepti Jugran and Ms. Jasleen Kaur acquainted the students with various ways and means of honing the 21st Century skills seeing the challenges of modern and highly competitive world. The main focus of the workshop was to develop the 4 C’s of the skills, that are- Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Interesting videos were shown to the students to arouse their analytical skills and various activities were organized to develop their critical insight. Students responded to the questions asked with confidence and clarity.


A session to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills was organized for the classes IX and X on 20th August 2016. The objective of the workshop was to develop in students the insightful learning to face the challenges of life with confidence and caliber.

In the session conducted by Mr. Abhijit Mondol, Social Science Teacher of the school, value based life lessons were taught to the students. Through the session, Different strategies of problem solving skills and overcoming the challenges were discussed with students.

Students were apprised with step by step process of overcoming any challenge to analyze the problem first and then to solve it by planning effectively and efficiently.

The school believes that such sessions will go a long way to develop critical thinking skill among the students to make them stand tall in front of adverse situations of life.


A collaborative relationship between school and families is a key element of quality childcare. That is why the school conducts workshops for parents on regular basis. The school conducted one such workshop on “Early Childhood Education and Care” on Saturday, May 7, 2016. The workshop was divided into three sessions and each session was given a separate topic.

The first session was conducted by one of our faculty member Mrs. Rajkumari and her topic was” Need of the Hour” in Multicultural classrooms. The topic included elements of diversity, healthy families, enriching literacy skills, listening, understanding, speaking and writing skills.

Our faculty member Mrs. Nidhi Anand conducted the second session and she talked about the “Value Inculcation in the Early Years”. She classified the value inculcation in young minds into three categories – personal values, social values and moral values and made everyone aware about the role of parents and teachers in imparting moral values and value education.

Our school counselor Moonis Iqbal conducted the final session of the workshop in which he talked about the Scientific Temper: Right Age of Development. He added that development is a life long continuous process, which starts at conception and how it is influenced by biological, cognitive and socio-emotional processes not limited to parenting and socializations. He also highlighted that how parents have to confront the challenges and realities during this period and that we need to rethink and rediscover childhood by revisiting our approach to parenting.

All the three sessions highlighted that we need to prepare children for life in a diverse society and to help protect them from bias and discrimination. Families and teachers can encourage children’s positive feelings about themselves while fostering understanding and acceptance of differing beliefs, values and traditions. Parents were also made aware that as children grow, they acquire much of their understanding and attitudes about the natural and technological world from them. Science is all around us and children are naturally curious about the world they live in and hands on relevant activities with an emphasis on learning about the science in everyday life which will further help them form a deeper understanding of how the world works.


Salad Making Competition and healthy snack making competition were conducted for the students of the classes IV and V respectively on Tuesday, 22nd Dec. 2015 to create the right attitude towards nutritious food. They prepared sandwiches with colorful layers of chutneys and beautifully chopped vegetables. They presented tri coloured salad made from vegetables and fruits with fresh fruit juice. Ms. Deepali, a dietician from Max Super Specialty Hospital, took an interactive session discussing the issues pertaining to health like harmful effects of junk food and fallouts of modern day technology. The ways to tackle different health issues and problems were also suggested by her. On the basis of nutritious value of ingredients used and the presentation of the salad prepared, students of class V, Sarthak, Piyush, Arpit Jain, Yugam Jain, Utkarsh Tyagi were declared winners of the competition. The efforts of the young students were appreciated. The competition was enjoyed by all the students and they relish after the competition.


Career Counseling at the right time helps students and parents gain confidence, strength and clarity for choosing their subjects/stream/career options with the right approach and guidance; information and planning, right from class IX and X onwards. Keeping these objectives in mind the School conducted a ‘Career Counseling Session’ for the parents and students of classes IX & X. Mrs. Jyotsana Bharadwaj, Director- Envision India Eduservices addressed the session along with the School Counselor on 21st December, 2015. She emphasized on:

  • Career Development Cycle
  • Different stages of Career development cycle
  • Basis of selection of subjects
  • Factors affecting choice of stream
  • The true meaning of counselling through a mind-mapping process.
  • Proper use of technology for success and growth in the career.
  • Online aptitude tests & recognised government institutions for the fields they want to go.

A platform for open discussion platform was provided where the parents and students enquired about the future prospects in different fields, asserting the importance of being realistic in life and classifying goals.


To acquaint students with the knowledge ‘’how to deal with medical emergency to save a life’’, a workshop on First Aid was organised in the school on Monday 11th May,2015. Students through Powerpoint Presentation were informed about the steps to be followed in case of Medical emergencies like getting injured in the playing field or in a bus. They were also informed about what precautions they must take in the changing climatic conditions.


To create awareness among the little ones about their well-being, good health and safety, an awareness programme on good touch and bad touch was organised for the Montessori kids. Children were made aware of the safety measures for self-guarding them against any harassment, abuse etc. Children were encouraged to remain alert and say ‘No’ in case of danger or call for help. A follow-up interactive session gave an insight to understand this sensitive issue.


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