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Two teachers of the school Ms. Priyanka Rana and Mr. Ajay Kumar attended a two-day CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Classroom management on 21st and 22nd December, 2017 at Lakshay Public School, Baghpat. The objective was to bring the changes in teaching style according to the demand of new generation.
Learning Outcomes from the Workshop

  • Teachers learnt that classroom management is an art that needs to be constantly and perseveringly developed.
  • The teachers understood the importance of innovative teaching strategies to improve classroom management skills.
  • They learnt to develop creativity and innovation in teaching with self-expression and new ideas.
  • They were groomed to employ the creative process to develop leadership and teamwork skills, as well as peer respect in the classroom.

The school hosted capacity building programs for Science and Mathematics Faculty on 11th -12th December and 18th- 19th December, 2017 respectively conducted by CBSE Centre of Excellence, Gurugram.

Forty seven teachers from twenty five different schools across NCR attended the workshop with an aim to have a better understanding of new teaching methodologies and revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. The topics included Setting the context of teaching of Science, Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy, Approaches and Strategies of Teaching Science, Assessment in Science, Drafting test items, Practical Work in Science and Finalization and Presentation of Lessons. The workshop was conducted by CBSE Master Trainers, Mr. I.G.K Mishra and Ms. Parul Tyagi Through the insightful activities, teachers not only explored their knowledge of the subject but were also able to clarify their doubts regarding the different terms and the basic aim of Bloom’s Taxonomy thus having a better understanding of the different domains of learning. The workshop provided a great opportunity to the teachers to inculcate best teaching methodology and reap the benefits in future.

Fifty two teachers from thirty schools across NCR attended the workshop. The objective was to equip the teachers with skills and competencies required to effectively transact challenging content areas in Mathematics and facilitate effective planning of their lessons. The Recourse Person - Ms. Ishita Mukherjee and Mr. Neeraj Saxena discussed different methodologies of teaching through the discussion on the topics such as Introduction and Setting the Programme Objectives, Challenging Areas & Common Errors in Mathematics, Teaching Diverse Learners, Gender Sensitization, Strategies to teach mathematics and Assessment. Everybody contributed and gave their views on gender sensitization through a role-play & some tips to promote gender equitable environment were also given by the resource persons. Every participant was actively involved & shared their different ways of developing lesson plans which covered every topic from Class X latest syllabus. A few samples of lesson plans were also given to all the participants. Different strategies for diverse learners through lesson planning and teaching methodology were discussed. Overall, it was an enriching and insightful experience which helped the teachers in learning better ways of teaching mathematics and creating interest of the students for the subject.


Two day Capacity Building Programme was organised by CBSE in collaboration with Trinity College of London at Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar on 30th June and 1st July, 2017. The aim was to empower and fortify the teachers to realize the optimum benefit of ASL through a wide variety of speaking and listening activities. Two teachers from the school Mr. Abhishek Jain and Ms. Deepti Jugran attended the same.
The resource persons Mrs. Neelima Sharma(Vice President Associate, Trinity College of London), Mrs. Anjana Sharma(GESE Examiner, Trinity College of London,Mrs. Ruchi Sengar and Mrs. Ruchi Sehgal(Trinity Experts), have been actively involved with CBSE in syllabus designing and giving training to teachers, to cater to the enhancement of ASL. The workshop gave elaborate insight of ASL and its implementation. It explained various parameters and specifications that are part-n-parcel of ASL for classes IX and XI. The resource person covered various topics like why ASL; Mapping CBSE objectives; classroom Management Techniques; listening and speaking skills; performance descriptors, etc. Some of the salient takeaways of the workshop are mentioned below-

  • Teachers must visit CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference) site to see how ASL is a standardized mode of evaluation.
  • Teachers at primary level may follow the pattern and parameters as in class IX but they must device their own targets for vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation.
  • The English department needs to channelize the ASL activities on regular basis.
  • Teachers must conduct ice-breaking sessions in the classes to make a strong connect with the students.


Teachers from all departments joined the Global Community of Educators by registering themselves on Microsoft Community Training on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. This was really a new experience and exposure to them provided by Lead Innovations Private Limited to connect and collaborate, explore lessons by learning and sharing tools with the international team of educationists and experts.
As Resource persons, Mrs. Asllesha Thakur and Mrs. Swapna Soni discussed about active learning strategies in classroom environment and use of ICT intensively. Discussing about present global scenario of education, they highlighted the essence of role plays using Blind Pick, Bio Poem, and Bingo as great ways to enable the students to be receptive and responsive. The Resource persons, Mrs. Asllesha Thakur and Mrs. Swapna Soni from Lead Innovation Pvt Ltd. discussed about the different strategies like Bull’s Eye, Think-Pair-Share, Dictogloss,etc.and ways of actively involving the students in the learning process.
An ice breaker was conducted to trigger the reflection on need of creative and imaginative thinking amongst students. Discussing about present global scenario of education, they highlighted the essence of role plays using Blind Pick, Bio Poem, Bingo as great ways to enable the students to be receptive and responsive. Teachers understood that Active learning instructional strategies help in engaging students in thinking critically and creatively, speaking with a partner or in a small group, expressing ideas through writing, exploring personal attitudes and reflecting upon the learning process.
Teachers had hands on experience through Active learning instructional strategies which will help in engaging students in thinking critically and creatively. Through the Microsoft online assistance, teachers are constantly putting with new tools and techniques to incorporate these emerging innovations such as Dictogloss, Bull’s eye,etc into the classroom to equip the students with new skills, perspectives and confidence to face today’ highly competitive environment.


Teacher as learner is the centrepiece linking classroom and school improvement.
                                                                                                                         - Barrie Bennett & Peter Smilanich

Classroom management is an integral part of teaching learning process. With an aim to constantly polish the skills of the teachers and to equip them with various strategies to manage the classroom effectively in the present day scenario, building instant connect with the students and building link between home and school, a Classroom Management Workshop was held in the school. The workshop was conducted by Training Vertical.
The resource person Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Singh(Additional Director, Training Vertical) explained briefly about the ways and means of effective classroom communication, rules and procedures to direct the behaviour of students and suggested some classroom practices. She also shared tips to manage the class effectively through various classroom activities like picture visualisation, imagining a situation etc.
Ms Vijay Laxmi Singh also emphasized on the role of parents in child’s schooling. She discussed how parent and teacher partnership can play an important role to create a link between home and school. She shared her experiences and also gave useful tips to the teachers to connect with the parents.
In the next session, the resource person Dr. Preeti Jain, Counsellor, SPS Mayur Vihar discussed about the changes occurred in the behaviour of the students in the 21st Century and also shared her experiences through various case studies of the students and the expected behaviour of the students in those circumstances.
In the last session, the Principal Mrs. Sonia A. Verma explained in detail the various styles of teaching and making the students think out of the box to make teaching learning more effective. She discussed about various teaching strategies and how to implement in the classroom. She also encouraged the teachers to bring the changes in teaching style according to the demand of new generation.
Teachers learnt that classroom management is an art that needs to be constantly and perseveringly developed.The teachers understood the importance of holistic development for the students and responsibility of building a strong connect between Parents and School.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING WORKSHOP,  10th - 11th December,2016

Experiential education is an emerging field in India, and like most beginnings, it is full of promise, excitement and a world of opportunities. To explore the concept of experiential learning, two teachers of the School, Mr. Abhijit Mondol and Ms. Aarti Grover attended Experiential Education Conclave 2016 held at The Heritage School, Gurgaon. The conclave was conducted by FICCI in collaboration with The Heritage School and Center for Experiential Education.The speakers- Mr. Manit Jain Co-founder and Director of The Heritage Group of Schools along with other leading experiential education practitioners and educationists from round the world such asScot Hoffman, Ms. Preminda Langer, Carla Hacker discussed about various innovative class room practices such as Design to Learn and Reimagining Classroom. The teacher attendees, through the conclave, developed understanding of the utility of Design Thinking for driving & engaging learning through constructive inquiry and a knowledge base for facilitating learning through Design Thinking in their classrooms.


A session on ‘Flipped Classroom’ was conducted by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Meeta Bhandula for the teachers with an aim to promote collaboration skills and peer interaction. The session began with an introduction to Flipped Teaching – its meaning, need to flip, and common hurdles faced by teachers while flipping their classes. It was followed by showing model lessons and activities for Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science that depicted how teachers can break up their content according to Bloom’s Taxonomy and increase active learning in the classroom.


Two teachers of the school Ms. Shuchi Bhargava and Ms. Nisha Shukla attended Kathashala workshop held at M.L. Bhartia Auditorium, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. The session was taken by internationally renowned Author and Storyteller, Ms Simi Srivastava.The interactive session threw light upon the scope of storytelling and how it can be used to make reading more interactive and engaging. The teachers were also introduced to the concept of teaching Grammar through stories.


A workshop on 'Improving Writing Skills in English' was organised for the teachers conducted by Ms. Homi Astavans, a noted education consultant and teacher trainer. The workshop emphasised on various methods and techniques to hone one’s writing skills. A number of activities were carried out in which the teachers participated enthusiastically and openly expressed their ideas through collaborative writing tasks.


In the high tech world of 21st Century where the students love to listen to Jazz Music and study through games, the school takes initiative to groom the teaching community with the necessary skills that can go a long way in ushering the curiosity of the young learners. In the pursuit of excellence, two English Teachers of the school, Mr. Abhishek Jain and Ms. Deepti Sachdeva attended a one-day ELT Workshop on ''Activity Based Teaching through Collaborative Learning'' organised by Regional English Language Office (RELO) U.S. Embassy, at Gyan Devi Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar.

The aim was to equip the teachers with necessary skills and expertise to implement the latest methods and teaching techniques. The first session on ''Activity based teaching through collaborative learning'' was conducted by Mrs. Dolly Dhawan, PGT English, GDSPS Rajender Nagar, and a RELO Certified Teacher Trainer and the second session on ''Creative Writing'’ was conducted by Mrs. Nidhi Seth, Assistant Professor, Delhi University and a RELO Certified Teacher Trainer.

The sessions were full of innovative activities, reflective exercises and ideas on teaching Grammar rules through Jazz Chants.

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