Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021

“Teachers are also learners.” Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially, in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated through online courses, attending workshops & various training Programs. To list a few:

• Capacity Building Programmes by CBSE.
• CBSE Training Programmes
• Innovative and Creative Education and Learning Workshops
• Education Conclave
• Leaders’ Conclave
• Progressive Teacher’s Conclave
• K-12 Technology Conference
• CBSE Programme on Early Childhood and Care
• Our Teachers also presented their paper on different topics at the National Seminar on “Teacher Education in India, New Vistas-New Challenges”, at Army Institute of Education
• School hosted CBSE Capacity Building Programme for Economics Teachers. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programmes are organized by Salwan Education Trust. It mandates 49 hours of training in a year for each teacher as per the need of the teacher, based on the subject or other attributes. CPD workshops are conducted twice a month where each teacher is allotted 45 mins. of presentation for which they meticulously do profound research work upon data analysis, incorporates modern pedagogies used in world education and present the same to the fellow teachers, on the topics ranging from Storytelling, report writing to Artificial Intelligence and Critical Thinking. Apart from this department wise Workshops of faculty members from each branch of the trust is organized twice annually to enhance core competencies of the teachers. The training is imparted by the experts in the field that advocates the solutions based on the teacher’s own classroom realities. The programmes are specifically designed to be used in an everyday environment.

Webinars for teachers 2020-21
Workshop for teachers 2019-20
Workshop for teachers 2018-19
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Workshop for teachers 2017-18
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Workshop for Teachers 2016-17
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