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WORKSHOP ON ART OF LIVING, 27th - 28th May,2015

In today’s world, work-related stress, increased intolerance, anxiety and depression are commonly found. To cope up with these negativities, a two-day workshop on ‘Art of Living’ was organized by the School for the teachers.

Mr. Satyajit Nolakha, made the teachers practise various yoga asanas by making them understand importance of the same. Mr. Satyajit emphasized on the importance of yoga to be made as a daily routine to bring happiness in life.

25th May,2015

To make the teachers aware about the beauty of one’s innerself. The importance of meditation in life and the ways to cope up with stress, a workshop on ‘’Happy and Holy state of mind’’ was conducted for the teachers by Brahmakumaris. The resource persons Ms. Vimla and Ms. Sarita addressed the teachers that ‘’Meditation for peace’’ circulates positive energy throughout their body and attain peace of mind which in turns increases their concentration and improves their teaching.


The workshop was organized to make teachers aware about various activities which teachers can conduct effectively in the classroom for overall development of the child.
Ms. Deepti Sachdeva, Ms. Nidhi Anand and Ms. Seema attended this workshop. The Resource Person Mrs. Romila Soni from Department of Elementary Education emphasised on the Brain Development which takes place in early years (0-5). She also emphasised on various activities which includes Sensory Activities like find odd one out, smell the objects , feel the textures, Simen says game etc, Classification Activities like sorting of shapes , colours, fruits etc., Musical Activities like sequential thinking rhymes and songs and Problem Solving Activities like giving them a situation with a problem and how they are going to solve this problem which are essential for the Holistic Development of a child


Workshop on Classroom Management was conducted under Salwan Education Trust, Training Programme for teachers of Salwan Public School, Tronica City on Saturday, 23rd May,2015. The aim of the workshop was to manage the classroom effectively in the present day scenario, building instant connect with the students, teaching strategies and link between home and school through classroom management.
The workshop was conducted in 4 sessions-

Session I : Classroom Management in present day scenario
Resource Person : Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Singh, Additional Director,

Training Vertical. She explained briefly about the the ways of effective classroom communication, rules and procedure to direct the behaviour of students and suggested some classroom practices. She also shared tips to manage the class effectively through various classroom activity like picture visualisation, imagining a situation etc.

Session II : Building an instant connect with students
Resource Person : Dr. (Mrs.) Preeti Jain, Coordinator, SPS Mayur Vihar. She discussed about the changes occurred in the behaviour of the students in the 21st Century and also shared her experiences through various case studies of the students and the expected behaviour of the students in those circumstances.

Session III : Teaching Out of the box
Resource Person: Mrs. Anuradha Mathur, Headmistress, SPS Rajender Nagar. She explained in detail the various styles of teaching and making the students think out of the box to make classroom teaching more effective. She discussed about various teaching strategies and how to implement in the classroom. She also emphasised the importance of book reading for the teachers and shared the knowledge with students. She encouraged the teachers to bring the changes in teaching style according to the demand of new generation.

Session IV : Link between home and school through Classroom Management
Resource Person : Mrs. Sonia. A . Verma, Principal of SPS, Tronica City. She emphasized on the role of parents in child’s schooling. She discussed how parent and teacher partnership can play an important role to create a link between home and school. She shared her experiences and also gave useful tips to the teachers to connect with the parents.


To bring together and exchange ideas, experiences and solutions focused on the key elements of all technological advancement in education sector, a workshop on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) was attended by the Computer Science Department members Mrs. Bhawna Grover & Mr. Chetan Bhasin at SPS, Rajender Nagar. Keeping in view the change in the Computer Science curriculum the teachers had hands on experience with Open Office 4.1.1, synfig studio, and GIMP by Mr. Rajat Krishnan and Mr. Jayant, the Resource Person from Consortium of Research in School Pedagogy (CRISP). IT issues like website, E-newsletter, Licensing of Software, Smart Board and ERP system.

WORKSHOP ON PUPPETRY, 18th – 22nd May,2015

A five day workshop on Puppetry was attended by Ms. Shuchi Bhargava and Ms. Bhanupriya Kalra at Salwan Public School, Gurgaon. The aim of the workshop was to make the students understand the art of puppetry and to support them emotionally by giving them opportunity to interact with puppets.The resource person Mr. Anand introduced the importance of using puppets in story. He taught the art of making Glove puppets with the help of plastic ball, PVC pipes, newspaper fevibond, wool & cloth.

WORKSHOP ON ORIGAMI, 27th – 30th April,2015

To explore Mathematical Ideas with Origami and teaching ratios and geometry with hands on experience, a 4 day origami workshop was attended by two Math teachers Mrs Arti Grover and Mr. Naresh Kumar at SPS, Rajendra Nagar.
The workshop aimed at training the teachers to develop the interest of the students in Mathematics and remove their Math Phobia through different arts and styles of paper folding and cutting such as-

  1. To clear the concept of Pythagoras Theorem, boat making technique was shared with teachers.
  2. To find the value of Pie , the resource person Mr. Shiva Shankar Shastri told about a technique of making 29 cylinders in which 22 cylinders were used for making a circle and the remaining 7 cylinders were used to make diameter.
  3. ‘’Do-Deca Hedron made by regular pentagon’’ and ‘’Icosa Hedron ‘’ techniques were shared with teachers to clear the some concepts of geometry to the students.
  4. Teachers were also instructed about the art of making frisbee.
  5. Teachers learnt to form algebraic identities through paper folding.

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