Clubs form an integral part of learning. To ensure optimum benefit to a child’s aptitude, the clubs are based on a collaborative approach adopted by all the faculties. The aim of each club is to develop curiosity, in-depth knowledge, and presentation skills of the subject. Workshops and seminars by professionals, presentations by students, and field visits will give them hands-on experience

Clubs will be allotted according to the following criteria: –

(a) Capability of the student (b) Availability of seats (c) Aptitude


Our school facilitates the learning of a new language to make the students a global citizen by introducing the French language as a part of their co-curricular activity.

The French club promotes Francophone culture through various activities. The students are encouraged to learn the language in a fun and innovative way to make the learning effective and concrete. The main aim of the French club is to develop the four skills i.e., the reading, writing, speaking, and listening which is necessary to comprehend any language. 


Theatre provides an opportunity to students to vent out their emotions, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. They can personify as a different person, by experimenting a new role which can help them to understand the emotions and perspective of others. Our theatre club is dedicated to giving power to the students to proclaim their opinion and perspective by providing them with high quality dramatic programmes. It offers the participants a chance to experience the excitement and joy of theatre arts while developing leadership quality, social skills, confidence, and the ability to work with others. 


Our art club allows the students to develop various skills, techniques, portfolio, collaborate with other artists, create a bond with the community through different art forms. The students can learn to make critical judgments as they develop aesthetic perception by interacting with works of art and becoming knowledgeable about history and world culture. The club has taken many activities to enhance the skills of our young artists by giving them ample opportunity to express themselves freely.

Art Forms Description

Mandala, the word derived from Sanskrit, which means ‘circle of life’. It is an art form which is usually a circle and includes various geometric designs. This art form can be both inspirational and therapeutic for students.


Warli is a form of tribal art, originated in the Sahayadri Ranges of Maharashtra, which is traditionally made on austere mud base with designs made with white colour. Many warli paintings depict the wedding procession of God.


It is also known as mud mirror art, a traditional mural craft of Kutch, Gujarat. This art form is a combination of intricate geometric patterns traditionally made over the mud and camel dung base with mirror decorations.


This art form originated from the Gond tribes of Madhya Pradesh, the earliest inhabitants of our country. It usually depicts the tribal life, nature and flora-fauna made using straight lines and dots with bright and beautiful colors traditionally derived from charcoal, soil, plant sap, leaves and cow dung. 

Nrityanjali: DANCE CLUB

The vision of the club is to train the students in Indian classical dance form (kathak) which are generally based on mythological scriptures and tales that helps the students to build a connection with cultural heritage of India, developing self-confidence, and respect for the performing arts. The students are taught:
  • Bhumi pranam and namaskaar in kathak
  • Basic footwork of kathak
  • Guru vandana, Ganesh Vandana and Kavit.
  • Basic tukdas in kathak
  • Hast mudras and expressions

Swarsangam: Hindustani Vocal

The club events are planned to develop skills aiming at honing the musical calibre by training the students in classical and semi classical vocal music and brushing their skills in singing Alap, Raagas, Shlokas, Sufi music and Thumri.

Activities: Presentation of Classical and Semi-Classical music during events conducted in school.


The main aim of our school is to provide sports training to the students and to facilitate them with an opportunity to bring out their best. The aims of sports training: –

  • Improvement of physical fitness.
  • Acquisition of motor skills.
  • Improvement of tactical efficiency.
  • Education and improvement of mental capabilities

Yoga: Yoga helps in self-discipline and self-control, leading to an immense amount of awareness, concentration, and higher level of consciousness. Briefly the aims and objectives of Yoga education are:

  • To enable the student to have good health.
  • To practice mental hygiene.
  • To possess emotional stability.
  • To integrate moral values.
  • To attain a higher level of consciousness.


Learning to live in harmony with our natural world is the most pressing need of our time.

Salwanians are committed to put sustainability into action. While working on various initiatives, the Core Team on Environment composed of students and teachers put every ounce of effort to create better atmosphere.

The students are committed to address ecological problems and hence are demanding a safe environment, conducive to healthy living, from an accountable society.

The school implements all 5R’S and domains of green school programs (Air, Water, Land, Energy and Food).

Some programs identified by the Core Team of students are as follows: 

  • Water harvesting
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging (Paper and Cloth Bags)
  • Recycle E-waste
  • Recycling of books and wastepaper
  • Sensors to control lights and and fans
  • City afforestation
  • Environmental education and awareness 
  • Biogas plant
  • Solar panels
  • Vermicompost
  • Organic Farming

Computer Club: Salwan Wizards & Technos

Exposing students to an array of Digital tasks – Developing websites, Digital imaging,

learning to assemble and program Robots, and creation of Online games, animated movies, app development, etc. Several workshops and webinars are conducted to develop interest among students in new technology and innovations. Some of the important activities included:

  1. AI Bootcamp by StemPedia and Bharat AI Labs: Students were given beginner-level training in developing Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Game Making- Students learned to make games using online/offline tools from
  3. Google CS-First Project is initiated in the school for Computer Club students and those who are passionate to learn computers. Students made Google Doodle Logos after attending online Google Programs and are certified to attend the same.
  4. Exhibition of Working and non-working robots prepared by children during summer vacations computer club.

Western Music: Vocal, drums and guitar

Music is an indispensable part of human society and culture which is considered as the universal language for all. Music not only triggers the emotions but enhances creativity among students by enriching their mind with peace, ideas, and thoughts. Our school club aims to expose students to various western vocal styles, rhythm and provides them training to play instruments like drums, and guitar.

School has a tie up with Rock Band for Instrumental Music Courses. The Club students are enrolled for the two years course and appear for the exam as well.

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