Inspiring Dreams: Career Guidance Takes Flight at Our School

Our Class 10th students soared into a world of possibilities yesterday with a
captivating career counselling session hosted by our very own alumni! These
seasoned professionals now shared their passion and expertise, igniting a spark
of self-discovery in each young mind.
The session resonated with powerful messages: follow your dreams, embrace
your potential, and build a future fueled by your unique interests and aptitudes.
Our Principal Ms. Sunita Madan echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the crucial
role of skill development in today’s dynamic world.
The invaluable support from our school counselor, Ms. Bhavya, resonated as
she encouraged students to break free from social pressures and chart their own
paths. Data analysis, research, HR, PR, designing, and many more fields – the
future unveiled a kaleidoscope of exciting opportunities, leaving our students
brimming with enthusiasm.
So, let the journey begin! We, at Salwan Public School, Ghaziabad, are
committed to empowering our students, one step at a time. Together, we'll build
a future where dreams and skills take flight!


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