Observance of Road Safety Week

In a bid to spread awareness amongst the students about Road Safety, the school observed Road Safety Week from 17th to 23rd January 2023. It was a great opportunity for all the students to contribute to the cause by taking up activities to promote the concept and be a part of the advocacy campaign for road safety. In the special assembly held on 23rd January 2023 on the occasion of Netaji Subhash Chandra Boss Birthday who propounded the idea, “Freedom is not given, it is taken”, students were sensitized about the road safety guidelines. They were also   provided with an opportunity to suggest measures in the face of road safety challenges.  Road Safety pledge was taken by the students, teachers, drivers and all the support staff.

The poster making and slogan writing explored innovative solutions to challenge this number of ongoing accidents and helped students to think out-of-the-box about being responsible citizens.

To ensure safety and security of the students in school buses, and as per the guidelines from GDIOS, the school organized a special training session for bus drivers and helpers to urge drivers and helpers to adhere to traffic rules and follow the guidelines shared by GDIOS.

The school also conducted  a road safety rally with a well-formed human chain.The students showcased their talents through a mime act and represented real-life situations where people often break traffic rules leading to road accidents. In her address, the principal motivated the students to create awareness among themselves and their parents. The director also gave pertinent points to be kept in mind for road safety.

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