Republic Day and Basant Panchami Celebrations

The 74th Republic Day was celebrated  at Salwan Public School Ghaziabad with a patriotic gaiety and fervor. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood. The event began with the hoisting of the Indian National Flag by school Director Brig. Rajiv Minocha and Principal Mrs. Sunita Madan followed by the National Anthem. This led to a mellifluous composition ‘Jai Jai Bharat’ by the school choir.

The Tableau Exhibition added a grandeur to the celebration and showcased the National Movement, portraying the episodes of Jaliawala Bagh, Partition of Bengal, Quit India Movement, etc. The tableau echoed motivation from freedom warriors, new visions, new resolutions, and self-dependence. The dance performance portraying variegated colours of India was reminiscent of the golden heritage and rich culture of our country.

On this red letter day, the school also marked Basant Panchami Celebrations with a floral tribute invocation to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Saraswati. This was followed by a soulful rendition of the Saraswati Vandana.

The director in his address highlighted the significance of the day, and made the children aware that the future of their country lies in their hands. Hence they need to study well now and inculcate good values in life, which will help them to be good citizens of the country. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal encouraged the students to imbibe in themselves the ideals of Justice, liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Unity in Diversity. They accepted Respect and Dignity as a code for living. The entire programme was a huge success and the chanting of patriotic slogan ‘Jai Hind’ echoed in the entire campus and left an everlasting mark on all.

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