The Salwanians are achieving remarkable feats in all walks of life. The school has churned out thinkers, leaders and scholars in every field who owe their success to the firm foundation laid down by their alma mater.

The Salwan Public School Old Students Association, popularly known as SPOSA, is an integral part of the school community. The alumni participate enthusiastically in all school programmes and render their support graciously.

Our Alumni & Inspiring Interactions

Sumaira Ahmad

Batch- 2014-15

Born into a family of doctors, Sumaira Ahmad was inspired by medicine at a young age. Being a person of clear insight and vision, she chose to take up medicine as a profession as it would allow her to help people. After clearing her intermediate with whopping results, she decided it was time to explore other opportunities and joined Nantong University, China. She says, ‘’for seven years, salwan public school has nurtured me to become a gracious, humbled and optimistic person. It was the sacrifice, patience and trust of all my teachers in me that made me go through all the hurdles I came across in life. They taught me all the valued lessons and helped me acquire all the necessary skills to be the best of myself.’’

 however, as someone who could not restrict himself to just a single specialization, she aspires to be a surgeon that would give her a bigger scope to serve people.

Piyush Dafauti

Batch- 2017-18

Piyush Dafauti has a brilliant academic career. His dedication, hard work and zeal for excellence helped him qualify NEET with outstanding scores. He is a perpetual learner who believes that life is an unceasing process of learning. As he puts it, “my life’s inspiration is knowledge, which I attempt to obtain from all of the sources available during the days of my schooling at Salwan Public School. Piyush is a true visionary who can see around corners and make best use of all opportunities.

Rajesh Prajapati

Batch- 2014-15

Owing to his dedicated efforts in becoming  a software developer at Barclays, our alumnus Rajesh Prajapati completed his graduation from Indian institute of technology, Kharagpur in the year 2020. With a plethora of experiences ranging from leading teams in sports events to performing innovative science experiments, the exposure he got from this school really helped him develop holistically. The confidence that was injected in him during his schooling has equipped him to take up challenging projects and deliver them with a clear head.

An advocate of innovation, he asserts, “essentially, whoever is successful, whoever is going to do things that make a difference, is going to be talked about.” He feels that life is a playing field where everyone gets an equal opportunity to excel.

Manjul Raj

Batch- 2014-15

Manjul’s entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force and the reason behind outstanding success. His selection at IIT BHU provided him with a global perspective and a different dimension towards success. He strongly believes that the only way to succeed in a competitive scenario is through dedicated efforts only. Manjul rose to the leadership position in just 2 years of his professional career and continued to lead as a growth manager in OYO.

Being extremely involved and enthusiastic about driving the growth of the group, he upscaled his portfolio and is currently working as a growth product manager at Apollo, one of the largest hotel networks.

He has been seamlessly taking crucial decisions for ensuring his organization’s continued success, maintain its impressive record of accomplishments, and developing strategies for its rapid progress.

He reckons that a leader’s biggest strength is his team and it is important to nurture, collaborate, and promote the growth of every individual working with him

Neha Garg

Batch- 2015-16

With sincerity, dedication and determination, Neha Garg embarked on her medical field journey and is currently pursuing MBBS from Sharda University. She successfully completed various projects in diverse areas. Her ultimate vision is to start her clinical practice with the aim of providing her patients with the most affordable and up-to-date solutions to all of their healthcare needs and ultimately transform her city into an excellent hub for advanced medical amenities.

Riya Parashar

Batch- 2017-18

Riya Parashar, the alumnus of batch 2017-18 of Salwan Public School, has been a bright student and a confident leader in school. She has just completed her graduation in science from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. She has always been a multi-talented student. She is working with Girlup Organisation, the United Nation Foundation initiative, and is a core member of the campaigns and events team at UNF.

Exchanging Thoughts

Question – What role has Salwan played in your life?

Answer – Salwan was a major turning point in my life. I was already a part of a great institution earlier; I switched and came here to SPS in 11th grade, and for obvious reason was a little hesitant about how things will be in SPS. But on the very first day, I got a clear perspective of the school. At the very first, I got the opportunity to host a ceremony and from there, things changed. I kept on improving my communication skills, learnt from some amazing teachers, hosted a lot more events and since then I have been articulating well.

And apart from this, it is true that I excelled in many areas. My school gave me the strength, opportunity, and sense of accomplishment to push myself out of my comfort zone every day. I learned what it meant to be comfortable with shifting out of my comfort zone.  So, Yes Salwan has played an amazing role in my life.

Question – What is one thing you are extremely grateful for as SPS alumni and is going to stay with you forever?

Answer – I am truly grateful to be a member of SPS, and I am extremely thankful for my mentors. The ones I have are going to stay with me forever, and I always learn from them in every area of my life, be it personal or professional. So, my mentors are always going to be an important part of my life.

I genuinely miss my time in Salwan.

It is my salwan.

Arukshita Tyagi

Batch- 2017-18

Arukshita Tyagi perceives herself not only as an alumnus but ambassador of  batch 2018 Salwan Public School , Trans Delhi Signature City. After twelve years of grooming at Salwan, she moved to Miranda House University of Delhi for pursuing bachelors in zoology. With an aim to hone her skills diversely, she joined National Cadet Corps in the year 2018 at Miranda & being a part of senior wing NCC cadets marching contingent represented the largest youth uniformed organization of the country on republic day parade 26th January, 2020 at Rajpath. A firm believer of the motto service before self, Arukshita with utmost sincerity had served as the senior under officer at miranda house ncc company & president of synapse, the zoology society of miranda house. Being recipient of the science meritorious award conferred by department of zoology, University of Delhi & “Professor Savitri G Burman” award of excellence for exemplary performance in the field of academics; extra-curricular & co-curricular activities she aspires to be an officer in Indian armed forces.

Exchanging Thoughts

Question – Salwan puts it the same way as the Indian army does via its motto of serving before self. How well could you stand up to it ?

Answer – The motto of serving before self is well rooted to an incident that happened back in 1918 during the warm days of July in Kartarpur wherein the buggy of mahant from Gurdwara Tham Sahib would storm into the market, making everyone run. One fine day as usual, happenings proceeded suddenly a sixteen year old boy stopped the carriage by gripping the reins of the horse. Young boy demanded the carriage to be driven slowly and did not budge from his firm will. Mahant soon realised that force would prove futile and succumbed to the demands of a young boy who then introduced himself as Girdhari Lal Salwan,  son of Pt. Mool Raj Salwan. Displaying the qualities of courage & selflessness, Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan ji became an inspiration for the generations to come. As we have read in his biography , “the invincible soul” authored by Dr. Mohinder Singh and dr. Indu Khetrapal , Pt. Ji was a man seized by ambition who embarked on a journey to find his own mission in life. The examples set by our founder father of being a true leader unruffled by nature’s ordeal had set grounds for the motto of serving before self. I believe I stood up well to it by following the path of honesty & kindness in all spheres! My parents had a major role to play here, who made sure that i am standing up to the work assigned then be it in academics or a routine morning assembly and hence I believe three ds that can give you an edge over in life are determination, dedication & discipline!

Question – Having shared about your journey at Salwan, what would be the message for budding leaders?

Answer – to begin by chanting my favorite  lines : हम इससे और ये हमसे है , है गौरव अभिमान । इससे पहचान हमारी है ये है अपमा सलवान। चलते रहेंगे , बढ़ते रहेंगे Salwanians we are Salwanians!

Being a keen learner myself, I would like to highlight the importance of growth in terms of the physical, emotional and mental well-being of an individual therefore stepping out of your comfort zone and earning a few feathers in the cap is the need of the hour! My dear salwanians, as a leader, you will have to stay kind-hearted and humble. Create an aura of a warrior & glorify your life with sweat and blood while you promise to yourself the way PV Captain Manoj Pandey did, “if death strikes before you prove your blood you swear, you’ll kill death” be strong enough to bear the utmost pain you will be subjected to but never shall you be the reason for any amount of disrespect to your nation.

Live a life that you’ll remember!

Yashvi Tyagi

Batch- 2016-2017

Intro- Yashvi Tyagi is a 2016-17 batch alumnus of Salwan Public School. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelors in political science from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Her academic life revolves around working with the policy centre and gender lab along with being a benign editor, a content team of the societies at Miranda House. She aspires to go into the field of research and commit her life to public service.

Exchanging Thoughts

Question – How do you look back at your journey thus far and your association with Salwan Public School?

Answer – The school has played a significant role in terms of tuning me for the possible prospects of life. I was engaged in various spheres of academic/non-academic scout and the school provided me the platform to put myself at experiments and transformed me as an individual. Those 11 years of my life were indeed pivotal. What I can do today, or what I will achieve in future school would be the central tenet for the same.

Question – What do you miss the most about school?

Answer – Everything about school is beautiful. I miss my teachers who taught us with such vigour and love. The dedication for their respective subjects have helped me to develop a brief understanding of each discipline. I miss sitting in the library, fondling in the playground, debating, street play rehearsals and choir recitals. I miss the stage where I did a lot of experiments in the quest of developing my communication skills.

Question – What would you like to say to your fellow Salwanians?

Answer – You all are unique. Acknowledge that. Utilise this time to discover what suits you. Put yourself at tests of various activities and explore your potential. It is indeed the best time to make memories, learn and also unlearn what holds you back. Enjoy this journey, with the best mentors, counterparts and do not forget to read.