CPD Training

Each teacher is expected to participate in 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for their own professional development, driven by their own needs and choice. – NEP 2020

The Salwan Education Trust has been involved in organizing Training Programmes since 1997 for its stakeholders. Teachers are provided with professional support for updating their pedagogical skills to render optimum benefit to the students. These programs help in imparting core values to meet the following objectives:-

  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Social Responsibility and
  • Commitment
  • Holistic Development
  • Empowerment of Human Resource

Training sessions are held around the year and multiple opportunities are provided to the faculty and the students to participate in conferences, summits, and exchange programs. Experts from various fields are invited and innovative pedagogies are shared to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Heartfulness Sessions for Teachers

From January 9th to 11th, 2024, teachers embarked on a transformative journey at the Inspire: Teacher Training Program, focusing on integrating heartfulness into their teaching methodologies. This three-day event was dedicated to empowering educators with heartfulness practices and practical meditation sessions, aimed at fostering personal growth and providing tools for classroom integration.

The program centered around the Heartfulness Education Learning Program, which was designed to cultivate compassion and mindfulness in educators. Participants delved into various techniques and strategies that promote a holistic teaching approach, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the heart alongside the mind.

The sessions were enlightening and inspiring, creating a shared vision among the educators to nurture heartful individuals. The training provided them with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of how to incorporate heartfulness into their teaching practices. As a result, the educators left the program equipped and ready to make a positive, heartful impact in their classrooms, ultimately benefiting their students’ overall well-being and learning experience.

Webinar Series by Heartfulness Education Trust

INSPIRE Heartfulness, a weeklong webinar series for teachers, was conducted from 4th June to 12th June, 2021 with an aim to equip the teachers with Heartfulness practices and techniques essential for self management, heart-centered learning pedagogy, inquiry-based learning and essential life skills that enable teachers to create joyful activity-based learning in classrooms.

After attending an extensive week long programme, it can be said that ‘No person, no place, and no object has any power over us, for “we” are the ones to design our mindsets. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.’ During this journey of internal networking, participants observed, studied and navigated their own instincts.


  • Teachers learnt to create a Loving, Compassionate Learning Environment through heart-based approach
  • Through regular meditation practices, teachers experienced an expansion in consciousness level.
  • The sessions equipped teachers with Heartfulness practices, life skills and knowledge for quality educational outcomes.

Educators were given a platform to develop valuable skills while acquiring new competencies that will benefit not only the students but also the society at large.

'Mindfulness' Program for Teachers by renowned theatre personality , Feisal Alkazi

One of the most pivotal factors in student achievement is high quality teaching. Yet teachers today report elevated levels of stress due to ongoing turbulent times that can interfere with their ability to form meaningful relationships with students and teach effectively.

Keeping the same in view, an enlightening 3 hour virtual programme on ‘Mindfulness’ was organized on Saturday, May 22, 2021 wherein teachers were encouraged to cultivate compassionate attention and an attuned presence in the classroom. The session was addressed by Mr. Feisal Alkazi , a distinguished theatre director, a notable educationist, an author and an activist.

The aim was to promote healthy relationships between teachers and students by promoting the use of effective teaching and classroom management practices to make classroom transitions easier and gives teachers more time to teach. In the session, Mr. Alkazi focused on wellness and self-care by teaching educators strategies for managing stress and achieving a sense of balance and calm. In this program, participants learnt mindfulness practices for self-care, and discover how mindfulness helps them create safe, effective, and nurturing classrooms.

Innovation Ambassadors Programme

With an aim to strengthen the mentoring capacity of teachers for nurturing innovative ideas from students, the Innovation Ambassador Programme was held on 17th May,2021. This programme was held in collaboration among the CBSE, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education.

Through this programme, around 50,000 teachers were trained from all affiliated schools as ‘Innovation Ambassadors’. Teachers of the school were trained in four modules – design thinking and innovation, idea generation and ideal hand-holding, intellectual property rights, product/prototype development.

The trained teachers under this programme can work as evaluators for national-level idea competitions, and act as mentors for the national level programme on innovation and related activities.

USTADGAH the melody of sufi music

The divinity of Sufism and purity of classical music is always soul- soothing. Singer, actor, curator, Zila Khan revived estuary of Sufi and classical music through webinars on 26th May and 1st June, 2021 Around 50 students from the classes VI-XI participated in the same. She described storytelling as an extremely crucial medium of understanding the origins of both these musical forms to ensure a wholesome experience to the audience.

Through this webinar, students experienced the thrill of exploring varied musical genres in a versatile way. Talking about experiments in

music, they composed couplets and merged it with different music genres. The way the students presented sufi music took them to a whole new level of exquisiteness


S.No Date Teacher’s Attended Workshop/ Webinar attended
1 04/04/2021 चंपा मनराल मानक देवनागरी लिपि तथा वर्तनी
2 4/13/2021 Suruchi 21ST CENTURY PEDAGOGY
3 4/26/2021 Abhishek Jain Classroom Management-Managing Virtual Classes
4 4/26/2021 Bhawna grover Education in a Cross-Cultural setup
5 4/26/2021 Mrinalika Interdisciplinary Projects
6 4/27/2021 Priyanka Rana Learning science from nature
7 4/28/2021 Madhuri Chauhan Happy Teachers create Happy Classrooms
9 4/28/2021 Rahul Kumar local art and how they can be integrated
11 4/29/2021 Anjali Arora Happy Teachers creating Happy Spaces
12 4/30/2021 Kanchana Pandey Library Services for Teaching and Learning - Supporting Enquiry Learning
13 4/30/2021 Anuradha Sharma CRITICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING-Fostering Critical Literacy
14 4/30/2021 Anuradha Sharma Strategies of Effective Annual Curriculum Plans
15 4/30/2021 Vipul Kumar Enhancing life skills - Effective communication
16 4/30/2021 Sandeep kaur learnig style
17 4/30/2021 Sahil Library Services for Teaching and Learning
18 3/30/2021 Mudita Sharma Interdisciplinary Projects
20 5/3/2021 Priyanka Rana Competency Based Education
21 5/13/2021 Madhuri Chauhan Effective Communication Skills
22 5/13/2021 Anjali Arora Effective Communication Skill  
23 5/25/2021 Gotam Tyagi joyful Mathematics  
24 24/5/21 Deepti Focusing on Competency Based Education
25 26/5/21 Deepti Story Telling in Classroom
26 26/05/21 Madhuri Understanding Multiple Intelligence
27 27/5/21 Shuchi Bhargava Experiential Learning in Practice
28 27/5/21 Shuchi Bhargava Understanding Multiple Intelligence
29 28-5-21 Megha Arora Cyber Security and Ethics
30 27.05.2021 Rachna Jindal Role of Theatre and Drama in Classroom
31 30/4/221 Abhijit Mondol strategies of effective annual curriculum planning
32 27/5/21 Nisha Shukla Experiential Learning in Practice
33 7/11/2020 Ms. Nisha Shukla Teaching Strategies,Methodologies in History
34 16/6/2021 Mr.Gotam Tyagi Essential components of lesson plan
35 28/06/2021 Mr.Gotam Tyagi Blooms Taxonomy and its Applications

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