Life Skills

Life skills are a set of personal skills and social characteristics that an individual needs for safe and effective interaction with himself or with other people and the local community.

We focus on imparting life skill education to the students to develop confidence in communication and cooperation skills, provide them with important development tools, find new ways of thinking and problem-solving methods, and provide methods for socializing, making new friends, and identifying behavioral influences. Our teachers and special educators carefully assess the learning of various life skills among students through activities, workshops, and programs organized in school.

Sensory Augmentation through Blindfold Exercises

It is the brain that sees, hears and senses
touch, taste and smell. Through neuroplasticity, we can re-wire the brain
to see with the sense of touch or sound etc.
Brighter Minds reports sensory substitution in children using simple blind- fold exercises. This has been observed to correlate to the child’s improved creative and intuitive abilities.

The response of the students and parents has been positive and students have reported enhanced focus and concentration, greater sense of self-belief, confidence, and inner peace. Special ability among these students to read and draw with a blindfold, using their intuition and sensory augmentation.

Brain Exercises

Students are introduced to a total of 10 brain exercises and were made to practice them daily. With time, their ability to do these complex exercises was reduced and they were able to do them without any error. The exercises were both challenging and fun. Brain Enriching Music and Heartfulness Relaxation
Enriching music helps to increase the level of focus, concentration and sharpens the memory. Children were made to listen to it at least once a day. This can be done while  studying or going to bed. During the Brighter Minds Training Programme, students felt relaxed after listening to the music and  showed enhanced intuitive ability after the
relaxation session. 

Donations to NGO

Embracing the motto “Service Before Self,” the students donate ration to the Asha Deep Foundation, a NGO. Students visited the NGO, interacting with underprivileged children, discussing aspirations, and even visiting their school and residence. 


This initiative truly exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the students who generously donated goods today.



Anubhuti – A Village Panorama Programme

 A day and night camp under “Anubhuti: A Village Panorama Program” for students of
Classes V to VII at the school campus. 110 students and 10 teachers participated in the camp, which aimed to train the students to live independently with enjoyment and recreation by spending time with each other and bonding in a new environment. The adventurous programme was full of fun activities where the children had no targets or competitions in mind. Some of the key  attractions for the kids were a black pottery workshop conducted by Padmabhushan Shivratan Prajapati from Azamgarh, a workshop on candle and soap making, a chocolate making session, team building leadership activities, indigenous games, a bonfire with music and dance, and bedtime stories. Yoga and meditation sessions were also conducted for the children.

Initiatives for student engagement in school decision making process

Involving student council in planning and execution of policies: Being a member of the
Student Council empowers students with the responsibility to establish rules, maintain
decorum, and uphold the school’s dignity. With the purpose of establishing a positive and
collaborative culture among the students, the student council is given exhaustive training
and guidance to take on leadership roles on behalf of the entire student body.

Career in Defence

To acquaint the students with various career opportunities in Defence, a session was organised by Salwan Education Trust in collaboration with Amity Directorate of Science and Innovation for students of class XI and XII on 10th November, 2022. The main focus of the interaction was the Emerging Field of Defence Technology and Opportunities.


While speaking to school students, the cadets gave details about life in Defence. The NDA aspirants were also told that if they were really serious about joining the Army then they must have a strong will power, mentally they should be strong and mustn’t ever give up. They also talked about the salary structure, facilities offered by the Army, the luxurious lifestyle and the way it took care of the soldiers.

Community Outreach Programme

With an aim to serve the community outside the school premises and sensitising the students about their societal responsibilities, we introduced the community outreach programme, which encourages the students to think beyond the narrow confines by breaking the wall of disparity. It enables the students to develop cultural competencies and gain experience by working in a variety of cultural communities. The school conducted a two-day operation for capacity building to disseminate information about the virus. We showcased the informative videos through screen projectors in Primary School, to make people aware of the spread of the virus and precautions to be taken and distributed masks to underprivileged and various migrating workers who took shelter in Anganwadi Schools and nearby villages.

Health and well being

Health and wellness are the basic prerequisites for learning and development. We regularly organise various sessions and activities to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Counsellors and special educators appointed by the school ensure that no child faces a challenge in adjusting with the school environment and provide them the right guidance. Moreover, various activities are organised each year in the school such as World Mental Health Day, International Yoga Day, 



Environmental Initiatives

The school has been a proud recipient of Green School Award for five consecutive years by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) for taking an initiative in making a “pollution free school”.

Our School has taken up various projects and activities to help the students to understand the need of sustainable development. School recently installed a Biogas Plant, Solar panels to utilize the solar energy, paper recycling, tree plantation drives, Rainwater Harvesting System and celebrates Earth Day each year to create awareness for conserving the resources and maintaining them for the future.

Women Empowerment

Education is a milestone in the empowerment of women because it allows them to face challenges and bring a positive change in their lives.

A seven-day empowerment program for girls under ‘Mission Shakti’ on a virtual platform was organized. The campaign, ‘Mission Shakti’’ was launched by the UP Government at the onset of Navratri, symbolizing girls and women as an epitome of strength and vitality. Based on this philosophy, the school is providing them ample opportunities to develop confidence, empathy, communication, and problem-solving skills which empowers them for the future.

With an aim to generate mass awareness amongst the women and girls on protection and prevention from anaemia, we celebrated ‘poshan pakhwada’ on 22nd March 2019 at Chirori village Ghaziabad in response to the guidelines instructed by District School Inspector Ghaziabad.

The school organized a self-defence training camp conducted by the Department of Police, Uttar Pradesh for girls of Classes IX to XII. The aim of this program was to boost self-confidence level of girls and equip them better to fight unexpected attacks.

Cyber Security

During the COVID19 pandemic, the schools are majorly dependent on online classes and because of this the number of children and adolescents using digital platforms has increased for educational purposes. The students were given workshops and sessions to create awareness about cyber bullying and develop ethical cyber decision-making skills by learning cybersecurity. Students at our school participated in the E-raksha competition organized by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in partnership with the Cyber Peace Foundation and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Culture and Heritage Awareness

The school regularly celebrates national festivals and organises cultural and heritage quizzes with students of all age groups.

As a part of educational excursion, our students were taken to Sanauli in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, a heritage site. It aroused the curiosity of the students when they witnessed the Chariots of 2000 BC era which they had never seen or heard earlier.

To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the school has been conducting various activities since the inception of two year long celebrations. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis this year, the weeklong virtual celebration was conducted with a special assembly, consisting of harmonious compositions followed by a plethora of activities for different Classes.

To celebrate the 75th Independence Day, an Inter-House Heritage Quiz Competition for Classes VI to X was conducted virtually on 13th August 2021. The quiz was informative and knowledge enriching for the participants as well as the audience.

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