Award Ceremony for Teachers hosted by IIHM

The IIHM Teachers’ Awards has been a unique initiative over the last 5 years by IIHM in association with the International Hospitality Council, London & Delhi.

Amidst the COVID crisis, the event was held online and attended by awardees including teachers and principals representing renowned schools across the country. In keeping with the school’s spirit of excellence in education, ‘Awards of Excellence’ were conferred upon school leaders, Ms. Sunita Madan (Principal), Ms. Namita Sarbahi(Vice Principal), Ms. Surbhi Monga(Head Mistress), and teachers Mr. Abhishek Jain, Ms. Rachna Jindal, Ms. Suruchi Bhatia, Ms. Sonal Sharma(Counsellor), Ms.Kanchana Pandey(Librarian), and Mr. Sahil(Assistant Librarian) as a gesture of appreciation and recognition of their commitment and enthusiasm towards the school.

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