Donation Drive at Asha Deep Foundation

Asha Deep Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to community betterment for the past 41 years. Founded in 1983 by Fr. A.R. Rajamoney, the foundation emphasizes holistic development and strives to positively impact as many lives as possible. Operating in five states across India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh), ADF focuses on education, health, skill training, and placements. The foundation runs over 25 projects targeting the underserved sections of society, including women, children, senior citizens, physically challenged individuals, orphans, and destitute persons, providing essential resources and support throughout their life cycle.

This Drive was initiated by Ms.Gunjan, Ms.Kanchana & Ms.Purnima. The donation drive, was a success due to the collaboration with all other Salwan teachers, was a significant effort aimed at supporting orphanage children on May 29, 2024 . The drive successfully gathered essential items to help the children endure the scorching summer heat. Contributions included a variety of summer essentials such as lightweight clothing, hats, sunscreen, and hydration products. Additionally, summer coolers were donated to ensure the teachers at the orphanage remain comfortable during the hot season.

This collective effort from the Salwan teachers not only provided immediate relief but also demonstrated a strong sense of community and care for the well-being of both the children and the educators. Due to security reasons, we were unable to meet the children in person, as many of them come from sensitive POXO backgrounds. However, knowing that our contributions reached and benefited these children is immensely fulfilling. The drive highlighted the importance of solidarity and compassion, showcasing how we can make a meaningful impact even when direct interaction is not possible.


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