Educational Excursion: Museum of Illusions

An excursion to the Museum of Illusions, New Delhi was organised for the students of classes IV and V. The museum provided an interactive and educational experience, showcasing a variety of optical illusions, sensory illusions, and games that challenged the students’ perceptions.

Upon arrival, the students were welcomed by the museum staff and given a brief introduction to the concept of illusions. They were then guided through various rooms featuring interactive exhibits such as the Ames Room, the Infinity Room, and the holographic installations. The students were amazed by the exhibits and enjoyed trying to figure out the science behind each illusion.

One of the highlights of the visit was the Vortex Tunnel, where students walked through a spinning cylinder that produced an illusion of disorientation. Another popular exhibit was the Mirror Maze, where students navigated through a maze of mirrors, attempting to find their way out.

Overall, the visit to the Museum of Illusion was a fun and educational experience for the students. It allowed them to explore the fascinating world of illusions and learn about the science behind them in an interactive and engaging way. The students left the museum with a new appreciation for the power of perception and the ways in which it can be manipulated.

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