The “FIT INDIA WEEK” was organized from December 4th to 8th, 2023, emphasizing the importance of fitness
and an active lifestyle among students. The week-long event, filled with diverse
activities, highlighted the school's commitment to holistic education and student
well-being. The opening day featured a poster-making competition on “Fitness
and Exercises” for Class IV, sparking creativity and fitness awareness. Day two
saw Class V engage in a Hindi essay writing competition on “Sharirik Shiksha
ka Mahatva,” enhancing language skills and understanding of physical
education. Additionally, a rejuvenating yoga session for Class IX offered a
natural and refreshing experience. The third day involved Class XI in the “Fit
India Pledge” and a Sports Quiz, fostering health awareness and sports
knowledge. Day four introduced traditional games like KHO-KHO and TUG
OF WAR for Classes VII to IX, promoting physical activity, teamwork, and
sportsmanship. The final day concluded with a special yoga and meditation
session for Class XI, focusing on physical and mental well-being.

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