Salwan Public School , Ghaziabad, transformed into a hub of mathematical
exploration and enthusiasm as we celebrated Math’s Week from 17th Dec 2023
to 23rd Dec 2023.

Our week kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony, where the Math’s
Subject teachers addressed the importance of mathematics in everyday life and
ignited the students' curiosity with intriguing math’s riddles and puzzles. The
atmosphere crackled with anticipation as the schedule for the week's activities
was unveiled, which was full of fun and learning.

Class III showcased creativity by crafting a captivating clock adorned with
various shapes, cleverly intertwining minutes and imagination. Meanwhile, the
inventive minds of Class IV unfolded a fascinating flip book, illustrating the
intricate world of fractions. Stepping into Class V, the students engaged in a
hands-on activity, measuring different areas of the school campus, transforming
abstract concepts into tangible learning experiences. Together, these
mathematical adventures not only enriched the students' understanding but also
celebrated the joy of learning through innovative projects and practical

For our energetic Class 6 students, the week began with a journey into the realm
of tangrams. These ancient Chinese puzzles, formed by dissecting a square into
seven geometric shapes, became their companions for exploration. They
unleashed their creativity, constructing everything from playful animals and
majestic ships to whimsical landscapes and mind-bending abstract designs.

Class 7 embarked on a captivating voyage into the mesmerising world of
fractals. These self-similar patterns, repeating on ever-smaller scales, captivated
their imaginations. Armed with paper and pencils, they delved into creating
intricate snowflakes, Koch curves, and mesmerising Sierpinski triangles,
witnessing the magic of infinite detail unfolding before their eyes.

For our Class 8 math’s whizzes, the week presented a thrilling challenge: the
Square Root Spiral. This mesmerising curve, generated by plotting points based
on the square root of their distance from the origin, captivated their analytical

Math’s Special assembly
● Song on laws of Exponents
The assembly delved into the intriguing world of singing in math. It showcased
how music and mathematics are surprisingly intertwined, with both disciplines
sharing common principles of rhythm, pattern, and structure.
● Poem on Mathematics
● Life and learning from Ramanujan's life. Addressing the students in assembly
Vice Principal Mr. Anuj Manchanda mentioned that National Mathematics Day
is celebrated in India on December 22nd every year to commemorate the birth
anniversary of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Ramanujan was
born in 1887 in a small village in Tamil Nadu, India. He showed an early
aptitude for mathematics, but his formal education was interrupted by poverty
and illness. Despite these challenges, Ramanujan independently developed
remarkable mathematical skill.
Ramanujan died in 1920 at the age of 32. Despite his short life, he left behind a
legacy of brilliance and inspiration. National Mathematics Day is an
opportunity to celebrate his achievements and to encourage the study of
mathematics in India.

Math’s Week wasn't just about numbers and equations; it was about sparking
curiosity, fostering collaboration, and nurturing a love for learning. It was a
week where students discovered the beauty and wonder hidden within the world
of mathematics.

The echoes of Math’s Week continue to resonate through the school. Students
are applying their newfound mathematical skills with newfound confidence,
approaching problems with a more analytical and creative mindset.

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