Theatre & Diction Workshop

About 24 students from all Salwan Schools participated  in a Diction & Theatre Workshop which was conducted online from 3rd Feb to 7th Feb, 2022. The 5 day workshop gave an insight into correct diction during dialogue delivery, various theatrical skills and the art of performing on the stage.

The participating students enjoyed the workshop and had a great time with the instructors Ms. Bubbles Sabharwal and Ms. Lushin Dubey. Most of the students overcame their shyness and became more confident with their performances. They learnt various forms of theatre and improvised their body language and voice modulations. Their interaction with the trainers was enriching and the spirit of team work and coordination was learnt at its best during the workshop. It was a new experience for the students as they learnt to make use of digital tools while performing online. Children performed with great zeal and created a memorable experience for everyone. Towards the end of the workshop the children reflected on their journey through presentations including live projection techniques and had an insight of their inner selves. They expressed their appreciation for the trainers and also shared their insights with their teachers. The energy was infectious. The workshop was a beautiful opportunity for our students i.e. Sonakshi Rawat, Pranjal Singh, Kaniksha Tiwari and Avarna Sharma to enhance their theatrical skills and recognize the hidden talent in them so as to consider a future in acting.

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