Education Exchange Programme……………….. broadening vision, widening horizons

With an aim to promote a sustained and structured cultural connect in the areas of language learning, culture, traditions-dance & music, tourism & cuisine, sports and sharing of best practices, educational exchange programmes always play a pivotal role.

As a part of ongoing Education Exchange Programme, 16 students of Class XI with 3 teachers of Good Shepherd Public School Kerala visited Salwan Public School Trans Delhi Signature City on Thursday 8th December 2022.

The event saw a beautiful conglomeration of music and dance from different cultures. Dance Presentation- Bharatnatyam by the partner school from Kerala enthralled all the spectators. The students of both the schools got an opportunity to interact with each other and ask questions about their education system, culture and ideologies.

They embarked on school tour beginning from School grounds whereon they played a friendly football match. They visited state of art Sports Complex, exciting Shooting Range, Library, Digital Innovation Lab and Language Lab wherein interview session was conducted.

After the visits to multifarious areas in school, children started working to reflect Indian culture through drawings and paintings as per their day to day experiences and tried their hands on mandla art form. They lent an interesting look to it with vibrancy of different hues.

In her address the Principal, Mrs. Sunita Madan reiterated how these interactions  pave way for the young generation to connect with each other and thus accentuate on building a progressive nation with unity in diversity.

These 16 visiting students and 3 accompanying teachers along with few  students and teachers from host school got an opportunity to watch the enchanting beauty of Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple. The boat ride down the ages was the highlight of the visit. The students were in awe of the architecture of the complex and the depiction of the values to be ingrained to become a fine human being, using surreal figurines, animals and plants. The trip was fun and enlightening too.

The exposure, thus, enhanced student’s own decision making and independent thinking skills with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities of the host state.



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