Educational Excursion to National Science Centre

The school organized an educational visit to the National Science Centre on Friday, 10 March 2023 for the students of Class VIII as a part of the process of learning through exploration advocated by National Education Policy 2020.

The visit to NSC gave the students an insight into the world of sciences through experiments, models and simulations ranging across the various fields of science both physical and biological. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed the opportunity to explore sciences beyond textbooks.

Students witnessed different types of equipment and gadgets like energy ball, mixing of liquids, mirror maze, rolling balls and string less musical equipment based on scientific rules and principles in the Fun science gallery. The gadgets are based on the method of Keep It Simple- Make It Fun.

Emerging technologies focused on revolutionary changes, in different fields. Space, information, agriculture etc. Models of space crafts attracted the students.

Students jotted down all the important points and shared their experiences and learning among them while returning to the school.


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