Excursion to Amrit Udyan

At Amrit Udyan, students were thrilled to witness flowers in full bloom in the garden. They saw the ‘Herbal Garden’ which had many medicinal and aromatic plants. It was established by the late President Dr. Abdul Kalam. This was followed by a tour of the ‘Bonsai Garden’ where many varieties of bonsai plants were shown along with sharing the knowledge of creating a bonsai. Then students saw musical fountains in ‘Spiritual Garden’.

In front of Rashtrapati Bhavan, students saw a rectangular garden, a long garden, and a circular garden. Flowers were in full bloom. Students were apprised about the upcoming spring season. They were spell bound to see different colours of roses in the rose garden. Tulips presented a spectacular treat to the eyes of the group of students and staff accompanying along. The entire visit was interesting, explanatory and informative.

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