Pariksha Pe Charcha Event………… an opportunity for lifelong learning

Pariksha Pe Charcha has been part of the larger movement – ‘Exam Warriors’ – led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to create a stress-free atmosphere for youngsters during examinations. In the sixth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha organised on 27th January 2023, the students of Classes IX to XII of Salwan Public School Ghaziabad enthusiastically witnessed the live telecast of the program in school.

In the programme, PM Modi put in his wisdom and intellect together to answer questions on a range of issues, from beating the stress surrounding the examinations to the approach that students must embrace to tackle subjects they found difficult to learn. Besides, the Prime Minister also shared a few mantras and tips with the students as how to enhance their performances for the upcoming board examinations.

Parents and teachers were advised to not pressurize students with the scary image of examinations. PM Modi suggested that exams are not at the end of everything and asked parents and teachers to not exert undue force on children. Sharing the riches from his personal experience, PM Modi asked students to attempt difficult topics first during studies, instead of going with the easier topics or favourites ones while responding to a question by a student who said that he finds studying few topics or subjects difficult.

The event proved to be a masterstroke for board appearing students in the pandemic induced world. Through this insightful event, students were able to set the butterflies dancing in the stomach while pondering over board examinations.

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