Report on “Shakti: Igniting the Powers Within”, Program at Salwan Public School, Ghaziabad

On December 28, 2023, an inspiring event titled “Shakti: Igniting the Powers Within” was hosted. This program, featuring students from classes VI to VIII, was a celebration of various forms of strength and empowerment, encapsulated through diverse performances. The event commenced with the welcome address by the Principal Ms. Sunita Madan who defined the theme of Shakti and shared how the school nurtures the strength and potential of each student to make them shine brightly in today’s competitive scenario. It was followed by Class VII C’s presentation “Guru Ki Prerana: Gyan Ki Shakti” emphasizing the enlightening power of a guru. The students portrayed the transformative journey from ignorance to knowledge, highlighting the guru’s role in guiding towards enlightenment. Class VII A’s performance, “Nari Shakti, Samaj Ki Pragati”, focused on women empowerment. Inspired by Goddess Durga, this act showcased the resilience and transformative power of women, leaving a powerful impact on the audience. Class VI B presented “Satya Aur Ahimsa Ki Shakti: Mahatma Gandhi”, a tribute to Gandhi’s principles of truth and non-violence. The enactment brought to life Gandhi’s philosophy and its role in India’s independence, emphasizing peace and moral courage. Class VIII B’s & “Maryada Purushottam Ram: Shakti Punj” depicted the life and virtues of Lord Rama. This performance highlighted the ideals of duty, honor, and righteousness, inspiring the audience to imbibe these values. Class VIII A performed & “Bhakti Ras: Aatmik Shakti” exploring the spiritual power of devotion. This act delved into the soul-stirring power of devotion, connecting the soul with the divine. Class was a portrayal of the Almighty’s creation,
emphasizing the boundless strength and majesty of the divine. This performance reflected the immense force behind creation. The event reached its heights with Class VI A’s presentation on “Guru Nanak: An Epitome of Devotion”, a vibrant portrayal of Sikhism’s core values. The students’; performance was a beautiful amalgamation of faith, tradition, and cultural richness, leaving the audience spellbound.
Class VII B’s presentation, titled;”अनेकता में एकता की शक्ति”(Unity in Diversity), was a vibrant journey celebrating India’s unity amidst diversity. The students took the audience on a symbolic; Unity Express, train journey across India’s diverse landscapes, showcasing the unique beauty of different states and their dance forms. Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Director, Brig. Rajiv Minocha.

The “Shakti: Igniting the Powers Within” program at the school was a remarkable showcase of talent and a celebration of strength in its various forms. It was an event filled with inspiration, cultural richness, and a deep sense of pride in our heritage and values, truly living up to its empowering theme.

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