Salwanians Pay Heartfelt Tribute to the Founder

The school celebrated the 120th Birth Anniversary of Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan, Founder Father of Salwan Education Trust on Sunday, 05 December 2021. All reverently paid heartfelt tributes to the Founder who established strong pillars of education in the country. The programme began with the address by the school Chairman, Prof. Neeraj Chandra who spoke about Founders’ contributions that had envisaged the Salwan Schools to empower the students to be the leaders of tomorrow. On this occasion, the Principal, Ms. Sunita Madan encouraged the students to imbibe the virtues of the Founder in them and get inspired by his commitment to society and nation. In the ‘Hawan Ceremony’, mantras by the students reverberated the atmosphere with serenity and positivity. It is noteworthy that the students willingly participated and were trained by the Hindi & Sanskrit teachers for the conduct of this holy practice.

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