Salwanians Stand out for Save Soil Project

Earth Day Posters

Responding to the clarion call by Sadhguru, the students of Salwan Public School, Ghaziabad put in every ounce of effort for  Save Soil Campaign – a Global Movement to invoke a conscious approach to soil and planet in all since the whole world to face the crisis of soil in the coming times.  Under this campaign, students created catchy posters, thought provoking slogans and letters to PM regarding this grim issue. They were also shown an eye-opening video of Sadhguru pertaining to this issue.

Students raised awareness about soil degradation and advocated for bringing organic matter back to agricultural processes. They supported the transition to sustainable agriculture to secure and improve the livelihoods of people who depend on the land, while conserving nature, the quality of soil and protecting the planet.

Salwanians  were inspired by the words of Sadhguru, “start local, involve your neighbourhood, start a vegetable garden, get your hands in the soil – not in the dirt as is commonly said, as soil is not dirty – it is rich, it is our foundation of a healthy life and a safe environment.”

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