Self-Defence Training Programme for Empowering Girls

Self Defence Programme

The school organised a self-defence training camp for girls of the Classes VI-XII conducted by Department of Police, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, 21st May, 2022.  It was an initiative wherein 120 girls were trained in easy-to-learn self-defence techniques. The training was conducted to boost the self confidence of the girls and to make them able to act in unfavorable situations. The girls were taught simple ways of self defense and they were also instructed about tackling situations in which they find themselves to be under any kind of harassment. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal Ms. Sunita Madan said, ‘’The safety of the girl child is our first priority and hence the workshop can be seen as a boon to the girls who often have to travel away from their homes for studies or for any other reason.’’

Supervised by officers of the Special Police Unit for Women and Children (UP Police), Mr. Arvind Pathak(SHO), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Ms Rachna and Ms. Renu, the girls were taught techniques like punch attacks, fist attack, finger tips attacks, elbow attacks, palm attacks, blocks etc. in the basic level.

In order to create awareness about the safety of the girls, special focus is regularly given  in the  sports & physical activities to teach basic self-defence techniques  to  train them  and to tackle  real life situations  and protect themselves from anti-social elements. Moreover, the school is committed to the cause of education and has shouldered “Social Responsibility” to educate girl students. Bearing the financial burden by providing Girl Child Concession, the school left no stone unturned in creating homogenous environment and balanced ratio of boys and girls.

Self Defence Programme Self Defence Programme

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